Friday, March 27, 2020

Photos of Ghostly Clouds--Dragon and Flying Figures--Taken Above San Francisco March 26, 2020

Clouds Form Dragon (Click to Enlarge)
March 26, 2020
Yesterday on March 26, 2020 I was in my apartment on lock-down in California sitting near my front window that overlooks the San Francisco Bay area. I was praying asking God what I should do with my time since I was tired of cleaning and my laundry wanting something else to do. That's when I began looking out my window with a cup of coffee scanning the sky waiting on the Lord for an answer. I didn't have to wait hardly at all because these strange cloud formations caught my attention almost immediately.

As previous visitors know, I've done a series of unusual cloud formation based posts since 2017 on this blog, the last being from late last year of some funeral procession I saw in the clouds on December 7, 2019 at the Embarcadero waterfront. 

Over time I've been able to deduce and discern  from my knowledge of God's Word, as well as by the guidance of the Holy Spirit, that these unusual cloud formations appear to be influenced into manifestation by spirits known in Scriptures as Principalities of the Air. I've also noted at times God's intervention of these principalities have formed in the cloud formations as well provided on this blog in previous posts.

The photos I'm providing here are untouched except for occasional use of a magnifying glass tool in the iPhone film timeline when necessary. It's important for me to provide the timelines to show progression and changes in the morphing of clouds that tells a story. For instance, in the above timeline photo one can observe the earliest photo of the dragon features and how they morphed into its opening its eyes at some point. I wasn't looking closely at my iPhone just wanting to get as many photos as possible in progression due to the wind changing things so quickly. So when the dragon opened its eyes having clearly been absent in the first photo, I didn't flip out about it. 

The timing of the dragon morphing began with a cloud formation that moved from east to west as follows:

Click to Enlarge
This was the start of this cloud over the bay area morphing into a dragon.

The above photo was the beginning of the dragon morph cloud that caught my attention as an arm raised with a hand and a head looking forward. This cloud formation of a face with hat, raised arm and hand was located at the center of my view over the bay moving East to West.

Click to Enlarge
After the dragon's eyes opened as seen in my iPhone film role, this was the morphed
cloud formation continuing West with a now eroded figure with the former raised hand riding.

Click to Enlarge
Here's a closer photo that shows just how unusual this cloud formation is.
Once again an eroded figure appears to be riding the dragon as previously seen with a raised hand.

The next photos were taken the same day that show a long male figure flying from West to East.  This figure appeared in the timeline after the dragon, not prior to its entry. The male face is on the right of the body and you can see his feet at the other end. The male figure's arms than morph in the second shot to a reaching position.

Click to Enlarge
The feet are seen at left as body extends with face to the right.

Click to Enlarge
The face on the right and shoulder with a reaching arm in front.

Click to Enlarge
A closer look at the face, shoulder and hand prior to extending the arm.

Finally, an additional addendum to the photo shoot that day was a strange incident of my observing two people in air costumes across the street around sunset.  One of them appeared to wear a dragon outfit but it turned out upon closer inspection to be a unicorn!

Click to Enlarge

My iPhone timeline shows the emergence of humans in dragon like attire later that day.

That's the end of my photoshoot of March 26, 2020.  I have a podcast of my commentary on the strange experience I had that day below:

Friday, March 20, 2020

California's Really Prepping For Nuclear Attack Using Virus As Ruse

Mushroom Cloud Formation, March 18, 2020
I've been away from blogging for several weeks now waiting for the right timing to start posting again. First, let me say that throughout this blog there are various posts related to my cloud photography and interpretation of what God may be saying to me. 

Since my near death rebirth bike accident back in 2012, I've discovered the past 7 years that God uses timing and circumstances to often times get through to me about things of an urgent nature to help me understand. Clouds fall under the category of timing and circumstances I can capture and share through photography.

I believe my latest photo series of cloud formations on March 17th and 18th are significant of the times we're living in. I denoted ever since San Francisco Mayor London Breed's lock-down order on March 17, 2020 for three weeks until April 7th that God's been using enormous very powerful looking cloud formations speaking of something very significant up ahead I wanted to share today.

As shown in other posts of how clouds take off into a type of metamorphosis in my photography, here I go again with the progression of photos shown in their entirety that day (below):

Progression morning of March 18, 2020 Mushroom Cloud Photography

The above photo was a progression taken from my apartment window the morning of first full day of the lock-down order on March 18, 2020.  The initial cloud formation struck me as being that of a nuclear mushroom cloud of some sort. 

Let's take a closer look at the details in these cloud metamorphosis taken the day described above.  After the mushroom cloud at the top of this blog post, this is the next cloud photo progression:

I denoted a change in the cloud within 5 minutes of the first photo and this is what it looked like.  Yes, I see yet another man's face again!

Magnified version of the face I saw forming of a man.

The previous day of the announcement of the lock down, on March 17, 2020 I took this shot from my apartment window of a mushroom cloud plume forming.

Photo taken on March 17, 2020 from my apartment window after 24 hour warning notice of lock-down

First allow me to say that I consider these clouds to be unusual in nature. I've been waiting for these kind of clouds a long time in San Francisco to continue with my cloud photo series from last year. My interpretation of these clouds I believe is God's communicating through time and circumstances as follows:

The Corona virus is nothing more than a ruse to transition into a war economy.
"California is actually prepping to be nuked shifting into a war economy using the virus as a ruse." 

My latest podcast San Francisco Lock-Down, Day 3 - Trump Causes Stock Market Crash has an explanation that supports my cloud photography message:

To put it simply, God's letting me know that San Francisco is going to be nuked in the near future and they aren't going to ever end the lock-down until it happens. Therefore if you can, get out of San Francisco and the Bay Area if you'd like to avoid getting caught up in the nuclear plume. 

Please contact President Trump about what you think of his nightmarish plan to genocide America in order to destroy Iran on behalf of Israel.  I'll have a new post on this matter soon. 

Monday, February 17, 2020

Haven't Been Blogging Lately, Busy Working on 4K Videography - San Francisco's Ruins in 2020

My new 4K Videography of San Francisco's Ruins - Aquatic Park
Since I've been working in other mediums such as podcasts lately unable to focus on my blog for the past several weeks now, I thought I'd put up my first 4K video I edited and uploaded today from a February 11, 2020 shoot. The visit was to San Francisco's 100+ year old  Aquatic Park that's now ruins in many ways. 

At first I was going to keep the video private but thought I might as well put something up on this blog to let visitors know I'm not abandoning it. Yes, I've been shooting footage lately and wanted to also add that my new Linux OS configuration enables me wonderful free open source video editing in KdenLive.

Taken February 11, 2020

I use a refurbished 2013 Dell workstation that works well with this 4K format and the Sony Handycam from 2015 was heavily marked down so I got a good deal. 

Thursday, January 9, 2020

What God Showed Me In Demonic Clouds Above San Francisco My Friend Died In A Slow Kill Back Surgery Scam

Back on December 8, 2019 on a Sunday, I was called to The Embarcadero Waterfront in San Francisco near the baseball stadium for a customer who needed mobile services on King Street.

Little did I know what this day really meant that I decided to hold back any related blog article until the Holy Spirit informed me of what this was all about.

What I had initially believed about cloud photos I took that day was that my psyche had been affected after reading about a local ancient tribe from 1,500 years ago, the Rammaytush, on a sidewalk plaque after I parked my bike.

Sidewalk plaque of 1,500 year old local tribe Rammaytush on King Street, San Francisco

I was located on King Street.  Jesus is King so I tried to discern what the Holy Spirit was saying to me back on December 8, 2019 over the past few weeks. 

There on King Street in front of a Divine Yoga business was a plaque pictured above. At first I believed this was maybe about some Hindu leader. The tribe was Rammaytush that had also lost its language to the Spaniards who invaded the area 1,500 years ago. To make a long story short, I finished with my customer and got back on my electric bicycle looking forward to getting back home on the weekend.  I wouldn't get very far however due to my coming across some unusual cloud formations.

The first clouds that got my attention as I was riding my eBike home on The Embarcaderos.

The first cloud that caught my attention appeared in the distance ahead of me like a head rising up below the bridge so I decided to get off my eBike and zoom in to see more detail.

Zoom effect: I could see it looked like some demon with its mouth wide opened with a tongue hanging out! Note that I didn't do any contrast of colors, this was the original aside from magnifying glass. This caused me to look around the area for similar cloud formations.

The photos above are what first caught my attention that the area may be infected with strange cloud formations as I've written about on this blog before. (See below for related links) This cloud caused me to continue to scan over the Bay Area sky to see if there were any further unusual cloud formations. After I searched the sky, I was absolutely shocked to discover the following photos, some that will require an artistic eye to see what I saw. I won't be drawing or typing text on them nor using arrows to point it all out. 

I'll start out with the easier photo first to interpret so you can absolutely observe what I saw.  The apparition photo below appears as if landing on a runway.  It's interesting I interpreted the ghostly figure that way since the definition of Embarcadero I took the photo from is a "landing place".  

Ghostly apparition appears to be making a landing on a runway December 8, 2019

I was riding home on my eBike on The Embarcadero's bike path along the waterfront the day I took these photos on Sunday, December 8, 2019.

Okay, I provided the easier two photos first for the reader to view the nature of what I photographed. The next photos are slightly more challenging to see what I saw. I can say I erred in zooming in with my camera so I couldn't crop them as high definition photos as I meant to.  

The next images are really one cloud in two parts.  The first part is what I saw first in the cloud, a huge corpse up to its waste with a huge head tilted back (at left) on its back with its arms to its side.  The face of the head isn't well defined but I saw a mouth and tongue hanging out indicating it was dead.  

In this cloud I saw a corpse laying on its back with a large head (at left) with a tongue hanging out and arm at its side.

After I took a photo of the huge head and corpse, I saw what followed was like a funeral procession of a  smaller body with hands folded that was wearing a hat of some kind (at left). 

I looked over to the the other part of the cloud, (corpse head at right, new body at left) and zoomed in with my camera seeing a small body with a hat, face and arms folded as if in a funeral procession. You can see on the right of the photo the other large head with its chin, mouth and tongue hanging out.

Just another day in the life of a citizen journalist, right? I just wanted to get back to my Sunday morning cup of coffee, it was cold out there. Later that day I did some research on the Rammytush tribe but the Holy Spirit didn't direct me to write a blog post so I waited all this time since if any further information would come my way. I decided God's timing has to be involved and that I needed some other observation of timing by coincidence to help my understanding of what this was all about.

Discovery of Nob Hill Watchman Neighbor Passing One Day Prior to My Cloud Photographs on December 7, 2019

I learned a few days ago my neighbor and friend, the watchman of our neighborhood, Michael Rawls, 68 had died the day prior to my taking these photos.  Michael had just one year prior helped me leave the Eye Surgery Center accompanying me home.  He died prematurely due to getting back surgery he was ill advised to receive. I did some research to see if the cloud photos I took were near the time of his passing and yes they were the day after he died. I therefore found it necessary to do additional research what the Holy Spirit was saying to me.  

Michael Rawls was scheduled for back surgery on November 18, 2019 at the San Ramon Regional Medical Center over dealing with pain the past year. Michael had waited several months to have this surgery. I researched and discovered this Tenet Hospital owned medical center has many complaints in Google reviews for over billing customers and poor services. You see, Michael had no real back injury just wanting to get rid of the pain. The doctor clearly could have recommended cortizone shots, infrared or physical therapy along with whatever else rather than take a chance of Michael suffering and then dying under such unnecessary circumstances. 

How doctors are pushing the "new procedure" for back surgery, just one small incision much like cataract surgery along with fast same day recovery in some cases.

Bait and Switch 
Bait = Small Incision, Quick Healing Back Surgery 
Switch = Slow Kill Dying 19 days With Infection at Hospital For Huge Profit

Today's back surgery ads are full of the new faster small incision surgical procedure where they claim same day recovery just like my cataracts surgery Michael gave me a ride home from last year. Unfortunately, Michael took the bait and went to this medical center hospital in San Ramon on November 18, 2019.  On December 7, 2019, Michael died from an infection at the age of 68.  Michael's health wasn't good, he drank and smoked and shouldn't have been advised to get back surgery in his condition. Any good doctor wouldn't have provided back surgery under those circumstances.  Had Michael not had back surgery, he'd be alive today with several years left of his natural life.  I'm certain the transfer of wealth from Michael's credit card to the hospital was significant for a 19 day stay at its facilities including related treatments for infection.

My podcast:

The reason the Holy Spirit wanted me to get this information out is doctors are luring patients into these deceptive ads for back surgery as if it's a cataracts one day eye procedure. The elderly are being slow killed in these facilities where hospitals make hundreds of thousands of dollars hospitalizing them until they ultimately die from infection or some other reason.  The hospital medical centers then send patients to the local funeral home where they are put on display, then cremated the next day as requested in their will.  

The funeral procession in the sky I saw was God's way of saying these hospitals plan to slow kill patients this way using the appearance of their age and health to back up why they die and that it's not the doctor's fault.They keep the patient alive as long as possible until they die for the hospitals to get to the deceased credit cards on file.  The surgery is already prepaid by credit card in most cases.  Demonic spirits celebrate their deaths as a victory.

The elderly are falling for this new surgical procedure to relieve their back pain that can threaten their lives. Doctors shouldn't be approving of any back surgery for any elderly person especially in poor health with alcohol and smoking issues who are seniors especially.  

My related Spreaker podcast three days after cloud photography:

My related cloud photography based blog articles:

Saturday, November 2, 2019

The Hive Mind of Palos Verdes High School Alumni Emerging Under Sea Kings Spirit of Leviathan

A raven rests on Neptune's god's head in Malaga Cove Plaza
I just learned that, for whatever reason, Palos Verdes High School alumni of all its reunion classes are putting their heads together so-to-speak in an attempt to form one mind with the trend of the times.

From my experiences and knowledge of God's Word, Palos Verdes Estates is one spiritually dangerous cultish community in Southern California that operates under the Zionist influences of the demonic sea serpent Leviathan. Historically, the PV community's long standing idol is the mythical sea god Neptune, an inspiration of Leviathan, that has greeted visitors at Malaga Cove Plaza since 1928. Consequently, Neptune is just another form of the representation of the demonic serpent Leviathan.  (See Prayer for Deliverance of Leviathan PDF)

Although we know little about Leviathan's work, this chapter and other references definitely connect him with the sea. Undoubtedly he is the inspiration for the various mythological gods of the sea: Neptune, Poseidon, Dagon and others. Straightway Church, pg 4 

PVHS Leviathan CAPSTONE writing manual
I can't count how many times I had images of this sea god ingrained in my subconscious from my youth of Poseidon, Sea Kings, and Neptune. Many who lived or live in Palos Verdes are deeply affected by the demon Leviathan that they even put out a movie showing the curse the demon has on many in PV that drives them crazy. See The Tribes of Palos Verdes film (2017)
"Now the All Seeing Eye at the very top of the CAPSTONE represents Lucifer, the angel of light. This is Satan in his true nature. The Devil deceives mankind, as the Bible teaches in 2nd Corinthians 11:13-15, “For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light." See SoulWinning

The PVHS cult members being under this pagan idol before the Lord Jesus Christ also refer to themselves through the mascot of the Sea Kings under the demonic spirit of Leviathan. I'm not surprised to learn the PVHS alumni organizing body are attempting to form a new age one mind mentality for all graduating classes.  No genuine follower of Jesus is going to participate in these events or behaviors as stated below. If you are, I urge you to repent and confess to Jesus who can save your soul from eternal hell.
"hive mind or group mind may refer to: Shared intelligence. Collective consciousness or collective intelligence, concepts in sociology and philosophy Group mind (science fiction), a type of collective consciousness; Group think, in which the desire for harmony or conformity in a group results in irrational or dysfunctional decision-making" - Wikipedia

Photo c/o Facebook group posted 10/29/2019

What has made Palos Verdes a dangerous cult-like community especially is their attempt to turn it into a pseudo gated community where the gate is all in their delusional heads. Having lived there from 1971-1979 I can say that they're still under a form of hypnosis and is therefore dangerous place to visit where anything can happen to any unwanted visitors at any time. Unless you have a purpose to visit someone who will vouch for your invitation to be in that community, you may find yourself in big trouble brought to court for "evading police" or "reckless driving" in an attempt to keep you out of their imaginary gated community. Neighborhood watch groups might also summon the police to place you in jail bearing false witness.

If you travel to PV, make sure to have a camcorder on you at all times as this journalist did or you could find yourself in deep trouble in a court of law from false witness testimony of these Palos Verdes Police officers. How the accident in this video happened may even be due to PV police involvement that triggered this crazy outcome. 

When visiting Palos Verdes Estates at night especially, I highly recommend bringing a video camera because bully police will bear false witness in a court of law if they don't want you there again.  I understand the community loves their police department and depends on them to keep up the lie they're some kind of a special protected class.  Hence, the recent over the top hive mind group think venture of the PVHS alumni isn't shocking to me at all.

Spiritual Warfare From a Fallen Community Under Sin of Idolatry with a Cult Mindset
The problem is really that these people aren't operating under the Holy Spirit as reborn Christians, quite the opposite under the sea serpent Leviathan in Judaism headed for eternal hell. Naturally, this demonic spirit is going to want to destroy those of us who have formerly escaped the octopus tentacles of Palos Verdes cult members who are all riled up ready for spiritual warfare to complete the ultimate task of destroying all opposed to their cult.

1960's folk song by Peter, Paul and Mary

[Verse 7]

Lived by the sea

And frolicked in the Autumn mist

In a land called Honalee

My latest podcast discusses the next stage of demonic influences evolving out of Palos Verdes, that those who are still affiliated with it need to repent and turn to Jesus Christ for healing.  (See Prayer for Deliverance of Leviathan PDF)

In another podcast a few days ago my hippo campus began coughing up memories from the foul sea demon I encountered in Palos Verdes Estates back in 1992.

In my 20's, gang stalking experiences at my local Nautilus gym and condo complex in RPV and irrational PV cops pointing their guns at me in 1992 on my B-Day.

My hippo campus is unusually large according to my genetic profile so my long term memories are still very strong of experiences in Palos Verdes Estates.  I'm having many ocular migraines lately so my hippo keeps spitting out memories from that geographic area of my youth and young adult life.   See my post DNA Test Results Are In - Enlarged Hippocampus Result.

See Prayer for Deliverance of Leviathan PDF