Thursday, October 30, 2014

Hell On Earth - Southeast Asia's Brutal Pet Dog Torture Mirrors Eternal Hell

If you want to get a glimpse of what eternal hell will be like for those who reject Jesus as their Savior, the pet dog theft and brutal torture happening in Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand and Viet Nam will give you a hint. 

There are so many injustices in our world today I pray to God about.  Problems that are well publicized aren't what my blog is about, I try and boost awareness of things happening below the radar so people can take appropriate action to learn about and pray and address to solve. 

"I confronted a dog meat trader in Vietnam today over the theft and slaughter of family pets for food – then watched in horror as he had two terrified dogs butchered in front of me and thrown alive into a vat of boiling water. 
The bloody show of defiance took place beside a row of dog meat restaurants just two miles from the center of the capital Hanoi as Mail Online investigated the country's brutal and lucrative trade in dogs for food. 
More than 500,000 people have backed a campaign fronted by Ricky Gervais and Judi Dench to halt the trade in dogs in neighboring Thailand which leads to pets being snatched off the streets to be slaughtered and served up in dog meat restaurants in Vietnam." - I Watched In Horror. . .  - Daily Mail UK

In this article, I'd like to bring to the American public's attention an extremely horrifying industry that's developed of stealing family's pet dogs immediately transported and brutalized into enormous suffering that is beyond belief that not even the ancient Romans did to animals in their Coliseum.  

Please take a moment from watching your television programs to see, listen and respond by signing a petition below in protest of the horror unfolding on earth.  One can deduce from their deliberately cruel actions that these evil Southeast Asian men want to strip pet dogs them from humanity's emotions using torture and extreme deprivation reducing them to being nothing more than a piece of meat.

The trade’s terrified victims, many of them family pets, are crushed into cages and suffer horribly on the prolonged journey to slaughter. 
They are transported to primitive abattoirs that should be called torture chambers. 
There, these poor animals are not just killed. Instead, they are often systematically and brutally beaten, skinned alive or boiled alive. 
These horrors are inflicted because of the barbaric belief that when they are in pain, their bodies release adrenaline that softens their meat.
Terror, torture, then a painful death. This is quite possibly the worst form of cruelty humans could inflict on innocent animals. 
You can put a stop to this. Add your name to the petition now.

I personally believe these are demonic entities working through depraved soulless men as the first step towards the coming tribulation of mankind.  They don't want pet dogs comforting us, they want to bring humanity down into hell and are manifesting as such.  I pray in Jesus name to bind these evil principalities to protect man's best friend from such horrors that effects us all.

You see, these pet dogs aren't like the dogs bred strictly for consumption in Asian cultures, they are often loved and cared for by their families who are then immediately transported to the closest thing to a living eternal hell one can hardly imagine. These dogs do not have to be treated this way, but there's a war going on that some countries want make a statement dogs should not be pets that their purpose should be to feed their countries. 

This is not at all in sync with the modern world and is far worse then even ancient times. Dogs were never viewed as human food, this has become an industry of greed of low class men in Taiwan and Viet Nam to make a living promoting the eradication of man's best friend. These people are not in need of dog meat to survive. Dog meat was originally used to supplement their populations during times of food shortages during the world war.  They no longer need dog meat to feed their populations, let there be no doubt.

Please sign a petition and watch the video

To: General Prayuth Chan-ocha,
Prime Minister of Thailand 
I am disappointed to see that despite numerous arrests and publicity, the illegal trade in dogs for meat and skin continues, both internationally and domestically. 
Because most of these dogs are not vaccinated for rabies and can spread the disease this severely compromises Thailand's commitment as a member of ASEAN to eradicate rabies by the year 2020. 
In addition the people of Thailand should be aware of the dangers of eating dog meat which has been demonstrated in Vietnam and China to be a cause of outbreaks of diseases such as cholera and trichinellosis.  
Smugglers collect and steal dogs across the country and transport them to central holding facilities in Northern Thailand. An increasing number of the dogs are stolen pets. Transporting unvaccinated dogs across provinces within the country, as well as to other countries, is illegal.  
The people behind the trade openly boast that the industry is worth 1 billion Thai baht (30 million US dollars) per year but they pay no tax on the profits, and the industry thrives on corruption.  
As the international community becomes more aware of the trade in dogs for meat and skin, Thailand's reputation as a nation of caring people is being severely tarnished by the actions of a few greedy criminals.  
We respectfully ask that the Government of Thailand: 
  • Stop the trade and arrest those people behind it who are well known to the authorities.
  • Stop the open sale of dog meat and dog products at shops and restaurants in Thailand, none of which operate legally.
  • Provide funding to the Department of Livestock Development to care for the dogs rescued from the trade.
  • Ban the export of dog skin and the manufacture and export of dog skin products.
Please start by SIGNING THE PETITION and sending it to as many people as possible. After signing the petition please be sure to take the option to SHARE on Facebook etc.
You can also donate $25 to buy a billboard to help awareness grow they are stealing family pets and brutalizing them for their greedy industry. - SOI Dog Foundation

Monday, October 6, 2014

This Masquerade - Are Some Internet Trolls Really Cloaked Demonic Entities?

There's a certain person who seems to be inhuman in his actions and words, who doesn't think or behave like a normal human being who I'll refer to here as Mr. Woman.  Mr. Woman has a long history of being a troll on the Internet who I have come to learn through a new spiritual understanding through Jesus Christ that he's really functioning as a cloaked demonic entity.

There's a lady who killed herself yesterday after being outed as a troll.  I don't know the details of what she wrote or what the story was really about but I'd like to suggest this lady was likely under the control of demonic spirits that possessed her spirit to then self-destruct after she was unmasked.  I'm suggestion that once unmasked, trolls believe their folly's over and the host for the demon is discarded as trash for failure to conceal their identity.
"A woman found dead after being accused of trolling Madeleine McCann’s parents had sent thousands of Twitter messages about the couple, it was revealed yesterday. Brenda Leyland, 63, tweeted that she ‘hated’ Kate and Gerry McCann and launched online diatribes about their behavior in the aftermath of their daughter’s disappearance."  McCann Troll Sent Thousands of Hate Tweets  UK Daily Mail.

A certain desperation of Mr. Woman I've encountered indicates someone who believes if he doesn't successfully carry through with his scripted program to complete his mission he will face a similar fate.  I believe Mr. Woman thinks that if he doesn't outright destroy my life he will ultimately be exposed as the troll he is.  Such is why I have been letting Mr Woman know all he has to do is turn to Jesus for forgiveness and repent of his sinful activities on the Internet.  Mr. Woman needs to repent and turn to God before Satan completely destroys him as he recently did this troll woman. He is a possessed man unable to help himself without turning to God for his ultimate salvation.

I believe Mr. Woman is possessed by evil spirits who have cleverly cloaked themselves through his trolling activity under the direction of a Hollywood horror movies effects man whose a clear Satanist.  Mr. Woman has no control over his life, hence his desperation to achieve his goal to destroy a child of God's credibility and life in the process.  He cares not the fool he makes of himself to a court he's using for his vicious troll like attacks. He is not even conscious of how he appears to others in his behavior and writing.

Mr. Woman shows all the signs of demonic possession likely from his participation in the occult and rejection of God since he dropped out of  high school.

The late Pastor Derek Prince's ministry addresses how to understand how Satan's Kingdom operates. In this four part series one can learn the Biblical principles of what humanity's facing and what we need to do to put on the armor of Christ as our protection from Satan's schemes and tactics.

I'm suggesting that the demonic entities controlling these possessed Internet trolls so occupy their victims that he or she no longer can discern their true identity.  Hence the demon possessed souls fear they will self-destruct if ever exposed to the world. Brenda Leyland didn't value her life having given herself over to Satan in the process.

"The believer is helpless against the devil except when he or she is clothed in the armor of God. We cannot defend ourselves against his direct or indirect attacks in our own strength.  It is only as we are "strong in the Lord and in the power of His might" -( Ephesians 6:10) that we can walk in victory God has planned for us. - David Jeremiah - Spiritual Warfare - Nature of Satan Chapter 

Normal people don't kill themselves over such a ridiculous thing that one can only come to the conclusion demonic spirits were involved in trashing their host.

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Saturday, September 20, 2014

San Diego Superior Court's a Tool For Satan Full of Zombies

Long sigh, I received another bi-weekly filing from Edmond Wollmann today.  The San Diego Superior Court is a wicked, evil, corrupt system full of hypnotized mind controlled zombies that enables and empowers paranoid schizophrenic men to rant and rave in court filings three years after a slander case was closed and default judgment issued without my knowledge.

Three years later Edmond Wollmann is still filing multiple documents in pro se with this court falsely accusing me even after he's stolen thousands of dollars from bank accounts earlier this year.  He didn't get enough money and wants to continually complain.
". . . she's a spoiled person having come from Palos Verdes Estates", he writes in a filing on September 8, 2014.  He continues to complain, "she lives in Knob (sic) Hill, a very nice part of San Francisco."  - Edmond Wollmann in pro se, court filing of September 8, 2014
I only live in Nob Hill San Francisco thanks to rent control, otherwise I wouldn't be able to afford living where I've been the past 11 years.  As far as Palos Verdes Estates, I lived there in 1971-1978 in a modest tract-like home and was in no way spoiled. I cleaned houses as a teen to pay for my own moped and stereo.  In 1975 my father lost his job working as a guitarist for Lawrence Welk suffering from depression where he continually sank money into losing music projects.   For instance, he once paid an entire orchestra to record one of his compositions Living Sea that made not one cent.  I was 15  years old when he became unemployed and never got a job thereafter.  I wasn't at all spoiled, and wasn't even provided medical care when I sprained my hand. For my 21st B-day I was called up to P.V. by my mother and presented with an unwrapped shoe box that had some cheap candle inside.

Can you imagine the audacity of the kind of court that would allow this paranoid schizophrenic to ramble on in filings long after a case was closed?  The audacity that it issued a tremendous abnormal amount of money to this complete stranger who clearly has a mental problem?  The case is over and this man is continually accusing me of slandering him. He clearly wants me dead so he can stop harping over it.
"Well yes sir, in my opinion I believe you're a paranoid schizophrenic hybrid crossed with sociopath who switches around personalities, one that writes the court and the others that act with malicious intentions in order to try and keep me in bondage to Satan." - Cheryl Meril 
Edmond Wollmann is still falsely accusing me in legal filings in order to divert attention from the fraud he committed in a psy-op he participated in with Hollywood horror film special effects man Rick Lazzarini who impersonated him. See Bombshell: Rick Lazzarini of The Character Shop Filed Motion to Quash
"How dare I file a lawsuit to expose the criminal psy-op the San Diego Superior Court clearly supported and empowered through a homosexual judge in its East county division. These men are shameful and God is aware of everything they do. The devil's still filing documents after the case was closed in 2011 with continual false accusations."  - Cheryl Meril
The San Diego Court is still allowing this psy-op to continue, allowing its court to be used for bi-weekly crazy filing activities that I have to continually file responses to deny false allegations. These aren't reasonable human beings by any means.

Spiritual warfare's in order here. I already forgave Edmond Wollmann and Rick Lazzarini but this man cannot continue filing things with the Court nor be sending me these documents any longer.

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Friday, September 19, 2014

New Government Study Reveals Homosexuals 1.7% of the U.S. Population

Gay political propaganda of recent years always promotes a large population of gays and lesbians in American culture. However a recent new government study, the first of its kind since the largely discredited Kinsey research promoting the widely accepted myth of 10%, found only 1.7% of the population are homosexual and just .7% are bisexual.

Since the 1970's I've commonly heard 4-5% of the U.S. population, never 10%, but even that was a lie.  So why is there all this media propaganda from a very small percentage of the population that is clearly trying to revolutionize American culture to its own point of view? The answer is, they have rejected God and are proud of it wanting to bulldoze all American traditions.
"Almost 98 percent of the 35,557 survey respondents identified themselves as “straight” or “not gay,” according to the survey by the federal National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS). It also found significant health and behavior disparities between heterosexuals and self-described gays, lesbians and bisexuals. For example, the latter were much more likely to be heavy drinkers than straights." - 10% Myth Dead - Truth About Homosexuality 
The one thing gays and lesbians are unaware of is that the only reason they have any freedom whatsoever is thanks to God's grace and mercy that was granted to all of humanity after the fall.  The only reason any of us aren't in eternal hell right now is thanks to God's loving kindness to enable us to return to Him through Jesus who solved our spiritual problem.

The thing about homosexuality is that it's overwhelming all aspects of American life when it only represents a very fraction of the population.  This teeny weensy large mouth population is trying to dominate all aspects of American life and is always seeking attention for itself in false depictions as victims and martyrs.  I'm thinking that because of all the oral sexual activity of their culture it causes gays and lesbians to over blow things. Instead of praying to God as we're designed by Him to do, gays do a lot of chattering over nonsensical dysfunctional things.

I recall when I believed I was a lesbian I was completely deluded and spiritually blind thanks to the cultural influences of the 1970's during my naive teenage years.  I wasted a huge part of my life believing something completely false about myself thanks to the gay & lesbian media propaganda I had been exposed to through disco music and the liberal culture.

Homosexuality is a cultural thing and people do have a choice not to give into that seedy sinful part of themselves. There is no honor at all for homosexuals, they can act out all they like since God gave us free will, but that doesn't change the fact their actions and false beliefs are an abomination before God and there are serious spiritual consequences for it.

I look back on the twisted 1970's as a teenager an see what a dark period in human history it was, so detached from God's righteousness being out of touch with reality.  The music and entertainment industries had a lot to do with influencing my false beliefs that started in the 1960's with the advent of the Beatles. My parents bought me Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band when I was just 8 years old that I hadn't even asked for, such a sick disturbing piece of garbage and work of Satanists who honored the top Satanist of the 20th Century Aliester Crowley on their album cover.

Satan perverts everything he possibly can in our lives being a liar, a deceiver and a pervert of truth.  The industries mentioned here haven't changed a bit and are only getting worse.  I don't watch television or listen to music any longer and I certainly have corrected my perspective that gays and lesbians shouldn't be paid any attention to, that they are a non-issue from any reasonable human being's perspective. The only reason to pay any attention to gays and lesbians is to let them know that hell's real and an eternal place where they're headed without Jesus in their lives. Real love is letting them know the truth of where they're headed without Jesus in their lives.

When people are starving and dehydrated for lack of water sometime in the future as many predict, gay men will be a complete non-issue, that they will find their sexual orientation will become completely moot as a former symptom of an indulgent depraved culture with too much time on its hands.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Tribute to - 5 Year Project Comes To Close

I'm paying tribute by re-posting the last post entitled Who Is John Galt? of the courageous work of the person who put together This site was the culmination of a five year project to expose the evil in the U.S. political system and government.  The man behind this web site never accepted donations, ran ads or sought attention for himself, simply wanting to personally research to find the truth of what's been happening to America.

"Dear Readers,

5 years ago we launched a simple project. We collected Internet links to selected news articles, sorted them into categories and made them available to the public on our website. We had no idea where this project would take us. Our journey was shocking, unimaginable, a nightmare.

Via our research, we learned:

We initially supposed that shining a light on this situation would solve it, but no more. We have learned, by studying history, the only way to stop this fascist insanity is to stage a multi-million-person, peaceful, sustained siege on Washington D.C., like the one-day protest we attended below. There are more of us than them, and they will back down if enough people organize and peacefully, legally resist. They know this and so they fear us. 

However, with one party control of government and media, we no longer see this option happening in the near term unless a unifying event occurs or uncorrupted leaders emerge with the ability to reach and organize masses. As evidence of this assumption, even the most flagrant, obvious lies and crimes, such as the IRS scandals and Benghazi are effectively ignored by both parties, law enforcement, courts and media, and left unpunished.

There is enough evidence already captured on our website site to cause any reasonable person to see a sustained, deliberate pattern of organized crime on a massive scale and to demand an unbiased, independent investigation, trial and conviction of every treasonous member of Congress and Government involved. Therefore, we are ceasing in our daily reporting and placing our energies on new initiatives. Commercial-free, adware-free, money-influence-free, and political-correctness-free daily news reporting comes to an end, but our website remains to inform our fellow citizens of the Government’s lawless tyranny that occurred from September 2009 to September 2014.

Now it’s time for us to take a new path. We faithfully served our 5-year tour of duty as a reporter in America’s 100-year-old war against Communism without any form of compensation or personal recognition.

Who of you will pick up the flag next? Who will document and help stop our Government’s treason and crimes so we can prosecute the traitors? Who will show us how to restore what they have destroyed when this illegal form of Government is ultimately overthrown in the 2nd American Revolution?WHO IS JOHN GALT?

I am. You are.
Let’s roll.
-- C.B."

Like Yuri said: 'It's not James Bond... It's all right out there in the open."
Wake Up, America! Commies are Running Our Country and It's Time to Get Rid of Them Now!Page Last Updated: Monday, September 8, 2014 8:55 PM 

God bless the man who worked on this website tirelessly who sought after the truth behind the evil of those in power.  The Bible says
"For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places." Ephesians 6:12
The answer to picking up the next baton in how to address these problems is to recognize they are born of spiritual problems since the fall of man that the god of this world, Satan, is working through his minions and demonic entities to bring about the nature of what we're observing.

The Bible has all the answers to address these issues through the Lord Jesus Christ and we are to take up our full armor as outlined in Scripture in spiritual warfare to address these urgent matters, pleading before the throne of God, that He has promised to answer our prayers if they fall within His will and that we need to urge our nation to repentance first and then come to Him for healing and prayer so that He might heal and strengthen us.

Here are some videos (above part 1) from the late Pastor Derek Prince that best describes the nature of what we're facing today that only Christians will have the means to defeat the enemy through Jesus.

To those at, thank you so much for helping to expose the darkness with light of truth. The baton is now passed on to those who have spiritual solutions through Jesus Christ and His Scriptures.