Saturday, April 18, 2015

Dear God: What Does Ken Sachs the Troll Look Like?

"Dear Forum Moderator:  TROLL ALERT:  There's some 71 year old crotchety old fellow who won't stop harassing and attacking me on this forum for no reason. Will you please remove him from this notary forum? He's not even a real notary, but some accountant in New Jersey. Thank you!"
It's so sad there are so many men out of touch with reality these days.  One of the lost souls was busy on a forum attacking me wildly this evening.  Ken Sachs, 71 from New Jersey at D&S Accounting has a lot of time on his hands to be stalking, annoying and harassing me.

As Ken typed wildly on the keyboard in his obsession with me after I submitted a troll alert to the forum moderator, I figured the mentality of this person was that of a well aged individual from an era far beyond mine who had no business accusing me of anything as a complete stranger.

After two cease and desist letter faxes, I hope I finally got through this sinner's thick skull he doesn't belong in my life this way and he best turn to Jesus for his salvation and repent of his sins.  I do
forgive the old goon, I know he can't help himself being a flawed human being in need of God in his life who he has not yet turned to for his salvation.

People get away with too much behind the keyboard these days and it's very sad that when they are clearly outed for their obsession and bad behavior, nothing's done about them because they're men.  I do forgive and pray for them, but they need to have some kind of supervision on these forums because they behave like kindergartners.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Radio Host Michael Savage Comes to Rescue of SF Catholic Archbishop Salvatore

Today's radio broadcast by author and popular radio host Michael Savage was dedicated to those San Francisco Catholics demanding their orthodox Catholic Archbishop be removed due to his disagreeing with their views on gay marriage among other things.
"In an unprecedented move, more than 100 prominent Roman Catholic donors and church members signed a full-page ad running Thursday in The Chronicle that calls on Pope Francis to replace San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone for fostering “an atmosphere of division and intolerance.”  Prominent Catholics Call on Pope to Oust Archbishop -, April 16, 2015
To put it simply, Savage believes it's wrong to demand a religion change its ways to meet the demands of a bunch of leftist bullies, that if they don't like their religion they should leave it for the Episcopalian more liberal version perhaps.  In saying this, Michael went so far as to also claim his belief that Roman Catholicism is the purist form of religion there is and that we should be grateful to the priests and nuns who disregard pleasures in life to be more holy as an example to the rest of us.  These statements certainly made the priests who called into the program very pleased to say the least.

As the radio program went on I could no longer bare to listen to Michael Savage's level of ignorance on the topic. Just to clarify, Michael Savage isn't a Christian being a secularized unsaved unbaptized sinner without the Holy Spirit having no relationship with Jesus. Whatever he says about religion is based in his own lack of genuine study and interest in the topic he clearly trivializes. Savage is a worldly man with a worldly mind who can't comprehend spiritual matters being blind. Jesus isn't in Michael Savage's life and that's clear to any true Christian who listened to his broadcast today defending Catholicism as the "purist form of religion" while shaming those who mock the nuns and priests who also falsely accuse child molestation.

I decided that instead of my writing out the information about where the Catholic religion came from that's rooted in Ancient Babylon, I thought I'd post outstanding videos from The Fuel Project's Know Your Enemy DVD series, that's an outstanding culmination of mankind's history from beginning to end.

I'll put the entire series video at the very end for anyone who wants to watch the 10 hour series on YouTube. It's well worth the time to understand what happened to mankind since the fall from Eden and I'd highly recommend it.  To understand the full evolution of Roman Catholicism, it's probably best to even watch Part 21, Caesar, as well.

Know Your Enemy - Part 23 Roman Catholicism 

Know Your Enemy - Part 24 Catholic Symbols

For those who have a thirst for the truth of the entire story of mankind from beginning to end from the real Christian perspective, this is the video I highly recommend.  

Know Your Enemy Part 1-77 (full HD)

Saturday, April 11, 2015

It's Going To Be A Stoney End for Singers Barbra Streisand and Barry Manilow

"Stoney End" by Columbia Records. Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia.
Over the past several decades I've consumed many things in life from Cappuccino's and Oreo cookies to Barry Manilow and Barbra Streisand's vocal music.  I realize now that time is running out that I can't go on forever like this at the age of 55 into eternity with Jesus, especially when there's no such thing as Oreos, or voices like Barry's or Barbra's in heaven.  How do I know this?

Whatever preoccupied my life on earth that distracted me from God and His will for me couldn't possibly be waiting for me in eternal heaven. Upon this realization, I've begun a list of the final things in life I've done, here it is thus far:

My No More, It's Final List

Oreo Cookies
Coffee, black tea
Pop Music of any kind, including Barry Manilow and Barbra Streisand
Rock Music of any kind
Jazz Music of any kind
Classical Music of any kind
All other music outside of Christian and Jewish vocal hymns
Travel to Lake Tahoe, Las Vegas, Monterey Bay and Los Angeles

What is a Christian to do witnessing talented singers throw their eternal lives away without Jesus? I never dreamed these people I grew up listening to would end up in eternal hell, but that's where both of them, Barry Manilow and Barbra Streisand, are headed.  I don't want this to happen, but there's little I can do when these singers' hearts are hardened by this world that they've been hypnotized and blinded from the truth that Jesus is the only way to truth and eternal life.

Barry Manilow's clearly been taken over by the antichrist spirit 
being a fan and friend of Marilyn Manson even being proudly public about it.

I'm very sorry to say these two talented singers Manilow and Streisand aren't headed to eternal heaven with Jesus, that He doesn't seem to be getting their attention much that He even exists anymore.  They've never make a plug for Jesus ever only about themselves, politics and Hollywood. In fact, Barry Manilow's actually been heard praising the work of Marilyn Manson that they also hang out together as friends.  Now I've heard it all.
". . . And he (Barry) positively glows when he talks of his new-found enthusiasm for Marilyn Manson. The internet was aflutter earlier this year when a photograph appeared of Manilow, Manson and Lana Del Rey cosying up backstage at a German awards shows." Barry Manilow - If it wasn't for therapy I wouldn't be sitting here - U.K. Telegraph - 2012
Other then her infamous 1960's song People, my first exposure to Barbra Streisand was with the song Stoney End that had Jesus in its lyrics:
"I was born from love and my poor mother worked the mines
I was raised on the good book Jesus, till I read between the lines.   
Barbra Streisand vocals, Stoney End (1971)
In 2015, Barbra praises President Obama knowing full well he's an enemy of Israel and supporter of Islam being hostile to Christians.
The starlet, who once compared President Obama to “kings” and “gods,” penned a March 30 commentary in the Huffington Post singing the praises of the president for “creating” so many jobs in the last five-and-a-half years.
The piece, titled, “Have you heard the good news?,” promptly heaps praise on Obama: “In the wake of the financial crisis, President Obama took the helm of a sinking economic ship and help to right it. The unemployment rate is now once again at pre-recession levels – the lowest in seven years (5.5%).” Bab's Unhinged! Babs Sings Obama's Praises - April 11, 2015

Aside from a tremendous earth shaking miracle, there's no eternal hope for either Barry or Barbra Streisand, in their both clearly having made a decision they're against Jesus Christ.  In other words, after Christians depart this world,  there will be no more of these worldly singing voices to hear in eternity, they will have been judged and silenced forever including their recordings.

Video: Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God - Jonathan Edwards
Eternal hell is the only destination for unsaved souls who reject Jesus Christ as their Savior sent by God to save them from going there.

Therefore, after listening to endless song loops throughout my life of these vocalists, I'm placing both of them on my No More It's Final List, meaning I will never willfully listen to their voices ever again on earth.  I have also prayed to God that their voices and music be erased forever from my life that they mean absolutely nothing to me.

Jesus is involved in letting me know these singers are not of Him that I need to make a proclamation against listening to these voices and to especially STOP EATING TRADER JOES GLUTEN FREE OREOS before I develop diabetes.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

A Lesson In Ungodly Counsel -- Therapist Aiden Talbot Guy of San Francisco

"How blessed are those who reject the advice of the wicked, don’t stand on the way of sinners or sit where scoffers sit!" - Psalm 1

I can testify to the fact a psychotherapist at the Progress Foundation, a non profit in San Francisco is making no real progress without God in his life.  How do I know? Because this psychotherapist's been harassing  and annoying me on Yelp. Today I came home from a long day of being at UCSF notarizing a man dying prematurely at the age of 58.  He visited the doctor in late February and never left the hospital due to a rare case of leukemia.  Today was the dying man's birthday and he married yesterday to his long time girlfriend.  It was a very intense hour notarizing trust documents for this poor man.

I spent the day running all over San Francisco providing services only to come home to a nasty review on Yelp on my business having nothing to do with my services and everything to do with a psychotherapist's disagreements with my comments on a YouTube video.

(click to enlarge)
Aiden Talbot Guy's response to my message on Yelp about his review.
Psychotherapist lingo of "thanks for reaching out", "holding up a mirror for you", etc.  This is one of 12 messages he sent.  Even after he took the review down, Aiden threatened with more as if he's my therapist wanting to document everything I do on the Internet.

Aiden Talbot Guy's arrogance in multiple communications thereafter outed him for the only "Aiden" listed in San Francisco who could possibly conjure up so many red flag terms such as "you're playing the victim" he repeated over and over again.  The name "Aidan" is the common spelling of this name, "Aiden" is far less used.  Even with the outing of Aiden, I'm convinced his name is fictional so his patients can't find where he lives.

I planned on coming home to a nice dinner and reading God's Word only to have to deal with a long tedious review of me personally having nothing to do with my business.  Aiden responded to my first message with "thanks for reaching out to me" that is typical of a psychotherapist lure into a ungodlly counsel snare.

(Click to enlarge)
Aiden is just a troll who chose to take things out of context in a YouTube discussion about the Chinese flag being raised above the American flag at the White House. A woman made a comment that she was appalled anyone would care about such a silly thing.  (It's against the law). I commented I understood why it took so long for women to get to vote for such dumb comments and the chaos women are causing in our political system. 

When I later discovered Aiden works at the Progress Foundation, I recalled a former roommate they once evicted there that I submitted her court docs to various entities back in the late 1990's. Ms. Cassells continually called the police on me even when I was working long hours at a law firm off the property I was on the night shift at.  To put it simply, she wanted the lease for herself to a tremendous deal after her previous 5 court evictions.

Here is a sample of Ms. Cassell's case writings against the Progress Foundation in 1989 prior to her moving in as my roommate back in 1995 at the invitation of the leaseholder.

(Click to enlarge)
This kind of patient who stays at the Progress Foundation writes responses to eviction notices like this proving the doctors didn't help.

The degree in which Aiden Talbot Guy has been cyberstalking and obsessing over me indicates he likely was aware of the above mentioned case I forwarded years later to the Progress Foundation about a former roommate.  He has been intensely cyberstalking and gathering data on me to post on Yelp as if he has some authority, self appointing himself as my psychotherapist.

That Aiden Talbot Guy has nothing better to do with his time is clear. He might consider I'm on God's schedule doing what He asks me to do.  Because God's not in Aiden Talbot Guy's life, he has nothing better to do with his time but try to stir up trouble.
"It's very important for every person, especially you ladies, to understand that
the entire American society is against the Bible. UNGODLY COUNSEL is everywhere around us in society! From television, to psychiatrists, to doctors, to colleges, to the police, to the court system, to even many fake churches... America today has serious problems with the Word of God. Psalms 1:1 teaches that God blesses us for choosing His counsel instead of listening to idiots who don't believe the Bible. Ungodly counsel is any advice that is contrary to the Bible. American society is plagued with bad, ungodly, advice. You ladies are idiots if you seek advice on your marriage from pant-wearing hussies who don't live by the Bible. Of course they're NOT going to give you Godly advice. Godly advice comes from godly people, Christians who love the Bible." - Beware UnGodly Counsel - Jesus is
I don't take advice from such people and don't seek their counseling. So sad this guy can't get out of the mind cage he's in to see reality for what it is.  What I experienced tonight was someone of the devil trying to lure me into his mind control plot that God exposed who he was within an hour. Aiden lives a fake life with a fake name and needs to get a life with Jesus Christ.  I'll be praying for this lost man. 

This rhymes:

Aiden = Satan

See also:

Christians Who Submit Their Minds to Ungodly Counsel Lack Wisdom -

Beware UnGodly Counsel - Jesus is

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

God Responds To Obama's Crazy Easter Speech - White House in Darkness

Today I believe God responded to President Obama's attacks on Christians shortly after his hypocritical speech at an Easter breakfast earlier this morning.

The hubris and hypocrisy of President Obama is as clear as day

I believe God took the opportunity to respond to this arrogant so called American President by putting the White House in darkness reflecting its spiritual darkness as well.

WASHINGTON — An explosion at a Maryland power plant is to blame for a region-wide power outage that affected the White House, the Capitol, the University of Maryland and other buildings in D.C. and Maryland on Tuesday afternoon, according to an official.  Outages hit D.C., including White House, Capitol - USA Today
God's alive and aware of everything we do.  Christians pray for President Obama because that's what His Word asks that we pray for our leadership.  When Obama attacks Christians, God hears every word he says.