Thursday, September 21, 2017

RED ALERT: Possible FALSE FLAG Operation Underway in San Francisco

For the past few days and especially today I've been witnessing in my mobile business what seems to be some type of INVASION of unusually parked vans, many marked and unmarked vehicles, in the downtown area of San Francisco known as the Financial District.

At first I thought nothing of such peculiarity but then there was added to the mix my spotting a San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) BOMB Squad vehicle going in the direction of the particularly heavy concentration of such vans. The fact I've never observed such a vehicle in all my 22 years in San Francisco is enough for me to post this heads up. Keep in mind some of the vans were marked as electrical contractors I first noted being parked in front of my office building at 50 California Street as well.  Regardless I've noted an unusual amount of trucks and vans in San Francisco over the past few days.

On top of spotting all of these unusual occupation of vehicles, including on my way home on Sutter Street today, I've noted not one customer has phoned or walked in to my office today.  This is very unusual, by 1:30 pm. I usually have a few phone calls by now. Not even a telemarketer has phoned.  I'm wondering if the phone companies have been tipped off what's possibly unfolding as a government approved FALSE FLAG.

I believe it's possible an invasion is being prepared for San Francisco due to the unusual activity of what may be FAKE contractors occupying the city allowed in by the city of San Francisco.  The truth of the matter at hand is President Trump, whose clearly under the influence of Zionist Israel's orders,  may need a FALSE FLAG event to trigger an excuse to strike North Korea.  I wouldn't at all doubt the EVIL the current Zionist enforcement might plant bombs in a U.S. city and blame it on the North Koreans.  I would have never thought they'd go after San Francisco but it may be the less guarded Anti-American city making their operation quit easy to carry out.

I'm sorry I have no photos of what I witnessed today, I didn't want to get involved that way. You'll just have to take it at face value and heed warnings if you live and work in the city of San Francisco,. This is a city heavily embedded with United Nations people the city government welcomes with open arms.

The U.S. government has no interest in protecting its own citizens, they work for their masters the Zionists in Israel! Make sure to say your prayers after asking Jesus' forgiveness for your sins and call upon the blood of Jesus to cleanse you each and every day because no telling it may be our last. Eternal hell is real, anyone living in ignorance of God's Word who crosses over to the other side won't make it into heaven.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Why Any Google Employee Who Claims to be Christian IS A LIAR!

Here's the primary reason why there's no such thing as a Christian follower of Jesus employed by Google.  GOOGLE is an evil company! Though a small few of Google's employees may claim to be Christian, they can't possibly be genuine if they remain working for Google under the growing evidence of its reprobate depraved Antichrist activities.

Through its subsidiary YouTube, Google has censored Christians time and time again spreading the good news of the Gospel while allowing child abuse sacrifice videos to remain up for profit of its advertisers!  I've witnessed a plethora of really good people who put up high quality content the reprobate employees at Google censored while allowing abomination videos such as these to remain.

Its latest depraved video is child abuse for profit, the virtual hanging if an innocent little boy for a rapper's audience entertainment went viral seen by millions within a few hours. See Racial Justice Rap Video Depicts White Boy Being Hanged.

A screen shot of a YouTube video that went viral on 9/12/2017 of
a little boy being virtually hung as race bait designed to outrage.

I'm one of thousands who have flagged the video YouTube's ignored!  Many God fearing people with Youtube channels are being censored with their videos removed all together while depraved evil Satanists are encouraged to post child abuse such as the latest video mentioned above! This evidence proves without a doubt that Google is an evil company run by Satanists who censor Christian content providers while encouraging dark, evil images of attacks on innocent children.

There are hidden Masonic symbols designed to place curses on Google's users.

Google is of the Antichrist!  Google is run by Zionists who own 95% of America's media industries. The fake Jewish Zionists plan on killing off Goya gentiles to bring America into civil unrest and this is why this is happening.  It's the Zionists who are trying to destroy America using various proxy puppets to do their dirty work!  Google's run by Zionist sociopaths who follow the Satanic Kabbalah and Babylon Talmud that's full of vile antichristian rhetoric against Jesus who they hate.  (See Texe Marrs' well researched book Conspiracy of the Six Pointed Star for more info.)

One of the top 5 evil companies of all time!  Godless, soulless, Antichrist, greedy, criminal, unjust, murderous organization far more hideous than the Mafia ever was or will be.

Such is why you won't find any genuine Jesus loving Christian employed at Google.  If a Google Christian employee does still exist, they are being called out NOW from one of the most evil Satanic companies of all time,before God runs out of patience with their willful blindness.  If a Google employee walks into your Bible study as she did mine two years ago and starts telling tales of her daddy instead of Jesus just walk out of the door and never return to their liberal dead head church group ever again.

Here are some things I've done to get away from using Google:

I use Opera for my browser
I use Yahoo and others for my search engine
I don't use Google on my personal computer, only on public computers I have no control over.
I don't download Google apps other than YouTube.

YouTube is too universal not to use but I stay away from evil on its platform and expose it when I'm prompted to do so by the holy spirit.  I highly recommend to stay as far away from Google as possible and if you come across evil, flag it in spite of Google's employees ignoring your request.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Rod Serling's Twilight Zone vs. Christianity Supernatural Gifts

The year I was conceived in 1959 this program the Twilight Zone came into being. I always liked the series but as a Christian today admit it was ghoulish and twisted in many ways. I can honestly say the occult spirit of this program greatly affected me, I was always searching for some deep meaning in life beyond what I thought were others' over simplistic mindset. I wanted a deeper perspective of life this program inspired. Above all, the Twilight Zone always mesmerized and perplexed my spirit.

Today I can observe how the general Twilight Zone concept's still active in my life in many ways but, unlike back then, have God's Scripture to help me understand. Supernatural things of God are only natural for any Christian who has a relationship with Him through the Holy Spirit and Scriptures. Many Christians encounter all kinds of anomalies in our daily lives we often share with each other through Godly fellowship.

The Five Characters in Search of an Exit were all without
God coming to the conclusion they were all in hell.

I wanted to let everyone know who sees this article that if they feel stuck like the Five Characters, there is means to exit and get to safety.  First I wanted to present the current situation we're all facing that is above and beyond an ever growing Twilight Zonish world, that of what's about to take place in the heavens. I'm referring to that of the signs mentioned in the book of Revelation 12:1-4 in particular. This is going to be official as of September 23, 2017,  the first time such an alignment has taken place of the planets in stars in the past 7,000 years!

Here are the kind of things today's spirit filled Christians are addressing in our growing understanding of where we are on the Biblical timeline and what the signs in the heavens are saying to us.

Scott Clarke of Eternal Rhythm Flow was once a homeless musician who
pioneered understanding the Revelation 12 sign from the heavens. 

YouTube Channel Dahboo77 Uncloaked the Revelation Dragon
both NASA and Google tried to hide from the public.

How's that for Twilight Zonish topics these Christians uncloaked like a Star Trek series and defined based on God's Book of Revelation?  These videos are very interesting but not just that, they're about life and death, redemption or damnation.

Dr. Dale Sides, a proponent of Christonomy at Liberating Ministries explains
mathematical probabilities of September 23, 2017

If you want a more vintage version of what Christians understand is happening on the Biblical timeline, I recommend Dr. Dale Sides latest videos and blog as well.  Though they don't seem too exciting requiring patience, the factual information is valuable including mathematical probabilities. To me it's still exciting to hear this information.

You don't want to find yourself in a box without an exit, you'll be wanting to prepare yourself, right? Life's not all about money anymore, the dollar is going to crash!  Rod Serling created the Twilight Zone as just a man who had no desire or ability to think of a better ending to his Five Character's show. On the other hand, Jesus Christ has already written out the script in His Word.  When you read God's Word you can choose what role you want to participate in these end times.  Which role will you take? The choice is yours because God gave everyone a free will.

Also see:

Scott Clarke - Eternal Rhythm Flow

Dr. Dale Sides Blog

Liberating Ministries

Saturday, August 26, 2017

San Francisco Rejected AntiChrist Spirit Today As Patriot Prayer Farce!

I'm sorry to say San Franciscans are largely delusional and undiscerning about so many things and that's what attracted me to this city 22 years ago.  Where I was in my mind back in 1995 is all manifesting here in San Francisco today. The liberals especially want to live life their way.  It's so difficult to break through liberal's programming that all we as followers of Jesus can do is pray and hope God will reveal Himself to their hearts before it's too late.

Today was supposed to have been a huge event of some unknown person from Portland Oregon who obtained a permit to speak at San Francisco's Crissy Field.  Joey Gibson of Patriot Prayer group was promoting what was really an Antichrist based faux peace agenda in San Francisco, a city so utterly delusional and confused it doesn't even know the difference between Christ and the AntiChrist spirit! Ten thousand people were expected to attend and the city was preparing for major riots closing down the Golden Gate Bridge while preparing to use its entire police force.

After listening to Joey Gibson's video (below) yesterday, it's clear this man isn't a genuine Christian but rather promoting an Antichrist fake peace agenda hoping people will welcome his views based on promotion of the First Amendment.  This wasn't a Christian preacher wanting to share the Good News of the Gospel by any means, just some guy looking to become another leader of a  civil rights movement wanting to force his views on San Franciscans.  Why take out a permit to do that?

Joey needs to join a Christian Church and work within it to preach the Gospel if he
wants to be taken seriously.  This video's of the spirit of AntiChrist's false doctrine. God can't bless this man nor his activities under these circumstances.

Joey could have visited San Francisco for the weekend with a group of friends and spoken personally with its citizens instead of forcing himself this way as if he's somebody which he's not. Joey Gibson is a nobody without Jesus and that of an Antichrist operating separately from the Word of God. God doesn't work this way taking out permits invoking violence under the heading of a prayer gathering of alleged like minds.  This proposed gathering was of the Antichrist spirit that would have produced Antichrist results.

Believe it or not, San Francisco therefore made the right decision to shut Joey down. There are many Christian churches operating freely in San Francisco without a problem contributing voluntarily with genuine sharing and love to the city's benefit. This is the way the Holy Spirit operates in people's lives, not taking out permits to evoke violent reactions to bring attention to one's personal ideologies.

After you watch this video in its entirety there's a good chance
you will accept Jesus as your Savior!

Real followers of Jesus address on a personal level those who are brought to us by the Holy Spirit. God gave every one of us a free will and followers of Jesus aren't supposed to force the Bible down anyone's throat who isn't interested in hearing the Good News. Some caring Christians tend to go over board for fear of good people going to hell due to ignorance so therein lies the real problem. Many Christians know the utter horror of what the unsaved are facing, that's why it's so hard to know when to draw the line to stop beating a dead horse.

Time's running out. There's life after death! Our souls cannot die being made by God as eternal! There's only two places to go, heaven or hell!  There's no coming back!  There's no forgiveness in hell nor escape!  God asks so little in return for what He did for us sending His beloved son Jesus to die for our sins to get us back to where we came from.

John 3:16King James Version (KJV)

16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

RED ALERT: The Planned Annihilation of the Gentile Races in Process

Americans are asleep at the wheel having no idea what's happening to their country and why.  A tipping point's happened, a major step forward for America's enemies has occurred opening the door wide open for a nuclear war to occur.

Many concur President Trump's latest staff firing of Steve Bannon means the White House is now entirely controlled by Zionist wealthy globalists. This is important to know because it signals a victory for America's true enemies who are quickly moving towards their plans for WWIII.

Back in 2012 I had a premonition nightmare that spoke to my spirit of some conflict having ended horribly for America overseas that I could feel tremendous terror and fear engulfing the nation. I woke up sweaty with my heart beating outside my chest and intuitively sensed a Communist invasion was happening. I was so frightened that I recorded a video I since took down a few years ago.  I was hoping the premonition nightmare would never manifest just like the tsunami lucid dream I experienced in 1999 near Ocean Beach in San Francisco's Sunset District. I'm sorry to say, it seems the worst nightmare I've ever had is about to happen.

If you really want to understand what's happening to America in its final days of existence prior to its destruction, I challenge you to listen to this powerful video that will answer many of your questions. Listen and learn why America's had its end orchestrated in such a way.

The Planned Annihilation of the Gentile Races

The reason my nightmare's going to happen is Zionists are now completely in control of the White House who have invaded every aspect of our nation's infrastructure. They have completed their power grab and are ready to make their next move using the U.S. military as Israel's proxy.

Christopher Green speaks with frustration over how asleep Americans are to what's going to happen

Those who follow the leader who rises in Israel, whose minds are so darkened they will do whatever he says as their god, only the power of Jesus and the Word of God can set a human being free from such bondage. Prepare accordingly.  I recommend Texe Marrs books.