Saturday, November 2, 2019

The Hive Mind of Palos Verdes High School Alumni Emerging Under Sea Kings Spirit of Leviathan

A raven rests on Neptune's god's head in Malaga Cove Plaza
I just learned that, for whatever reason, Palos Verdes High School alumni of all its reunion classes are putting their heads together so-to-speak in an attempt to form one mind with the trend of the times.

From my experiences and knowledge of God's Word, Palos Verdes Estates is one spiritually dangerous cultish community in Southern California that operates under the Zionist influences of the demonic sea serpent Leviathan. Historically, the PV community's long standing idol is the mythical sea god Neptune, an inspiration of Leviathan, that has greeted visitors at Malaga Cove Plaza since 1928. Consequently, Neptune is just another form of the representation of the demonic serpent Leviathan.  (See Prayer for Deliverance of Leviathan PDF)

Although we know little about Leviathan's work, this chapter and other references definitely connect him with the sea. Undoubtedly he is the inspiration for the various mythological gods of the sea: Neptune, Poseidon, Dagon and others. Straightway Church, pg 4 

PVHS Leviathan CAPSTONE writing manual
I can't count how many times I had images of this sea god ingrained in my subconscious from my youth of Poseidon, Sea Kings, and Neptune. Many who lived or live in Palos Verdes are deeply affected by the demon Leviathan that they even put out a movie showing the curse the demon has on many in PV that drives them crazy. See The Tribes of Palos Verdes film (2017)
"Now the All Seeing Eye at the very top of the CAPSTONE represents Lucifer, the angel of light. This is Satan in his true nature. The Devil deceives mankind, as the Bible teaches in 2nd Corinthians 11:13-15, “For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light." See SoulWinning

The PVHS cult members being under this pagan idol before the Lord Jesus Christ also refer to themselves through the mascot of the Sea Kings under the demonic spirit of Leviathan. I'm not surprised to learn the PVHS alumni organizing body are attempting to form a new age one mind mentality for all graduating classes.  No genuine follower of Jesus is going to participate in these events or behaviors as stated below. If you are, I urge you to repent and confess to Jesus who can save your soul from eternal hell.
"hive mind or group mind may refer to: Shared intelligence. Collective consciousness or collective intelligence, concepts in sociology and philosophy Group mind (science fiction), a type of collective consciousness; Group think, in which the desire for harmony or conformity in a group results in irrational or dysfunctional decision-making" - Wikipedia

Photo c/o Facebook group posted 10/29/2019

What has made Palos Verdes a dangerous cult-like community especially is their attempt to turn it into a pseudo gated community where the gate is all in their delusional heads. Having lived there from 1971-1979 I can say that they're still under a form of hypnosis and is therefore dangerous place to visit where anything can happen to any unwanted visitors at any time. Unless you have a purpose to visit someone who will vouch for your invitation to be in that community, you may find yourself in big trouble brought to court for "evading police" or "reckless driving" in an attempt to keep you out of their imaginary gated community. Neighborhood watch groups might also summon the police to place you in jail bearing false witness.

If you travel to PV, make sure to have a camcorder on you at all times as this journalist did or you could find yourself in deep trouble in a court of law from false witness testimony of these Palos Verdes Police officers. How the accident in this video happened may even be due to PV police involvement that triggered this crazy outcome. 

When visiting Palos Verdes Estates at night especially, I highly recommend bringing a video camera because bully police will bear false witness in a court of law if they don't want you there again.  I understand the community loves their police department and depends on them to keep up the lie they're some kind of a special protected class.  Hence, the recent over the top hive mind group think venture of the PVHS alumni isn't shocking to me at all.

Spiritual Warfare From a Fallen Community Under Sin of Idolatry with a Cult Mindset
The problem is really that these people aren't operating under the Holy Spirit as reborn Christians, quite the opposite under the sea serpent Leviathan in Judaism headed for eternal hell. Naturally, this demonic spirit is going to want to destroy those of us who have formerly escaped the octopus tentacles of Palos Verdes cult members who are all riled up ready for spiritual warfare to complete the ultimate task of destroying all opposed to their cult.

1960's folk song by Peter, Paul and Mary

[Verse 7]

Lived by the sea

And frolicked in the Autumn mist

In a land called Honalee

My latest podcast discusses the next stage of demonic influences evolving out of Palos Verdes, that those who are still affiliated with it need to repent and turn to Jesus Christ for healing.  (See Prayer for Deliverance of Leviathan PDF)

In another podcast a few days ago my hippo campus began coughing up memories from the foul sea demon I encountered in Palos Verdes Estates back in 1992.

In my 20's, gang stalking experiences at my local Nautilus gym and condo complex in RPV and irrational PV cops pointing their guns at me in 1992 on my B-Day.

My hippo campus is unusually large according to my genetic profile so my long term memories are still very strong of experiences in Palos Verdes Estates.  I'm having many ocular migraines lately so my hippo keeps spitting out memories from that geographic area of my youth and young adult life.   See my post DNA Test Results Are In - Enlarged Hippocampus Result.

See Prayer for Deliverance of Leviathan PDF

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Fighting The Cold War Victoriously With My Silver Edge Micro Particle Colloidal Silver Machine

Grow Vitamins At Your Kitchen Door - Cold War Propaganda
As Fall and Winter approach with extremely cold temps, it's a good strategy to evaluate how to boost one's health immune system with proven and inexpensive methods. Back in the good ole days when YouTube circulated my videos the by far most popular video I had was my homemade colloidal silver machine vid. Since 2011, I've since upgraded to a much better high quality system to the Micro Particle Colloidal Silver Machine I got from Since the upgrade to this new machine, I've since been enjoying the highest quality colloidal silver with access 24/7 as long as I have distilled water available.

I first began looking for a remedy to this problem of having been prescribed generic penicillin each year related to the hack coughing from bronchitis.  Unfortunately it seemed the penicillin antibiotic were having an adverse effect on my gut flora that triggered other health issues! I've since witnessed many times now how colloidal silver really does quickly and gently apprehend thus thwarting oncoming symptoms from colds, the flu and coughs never allowed to fully manifest. As a result, I haven't been sick with bronchitis I used to get every year or so that would take me out a month at a time.

I  now have the confidence my health isn't going to prevent me from providing services to customers, nor will cold temps in the morning cause me to become ill as long as I have colloidal silver on hand. As someone who had walking pneumonia at the age of 11, those of us with these kind of problems especially need to keep our immune systems in check.
"I haven't had any bronchitis, cold, flu or full blown symptoms since 2010 that my home made Micro Particle colloidal silver had clearly obliterated such early symptoms preventing them from taking root within 10-24 hours!" - Cheryl Meril, eBike mobile service provider.

Steve Barwick at The Silver Edge answers questions in this video.

Here's a short podcast I just put up on my witness testimony of how the Silver Edge Micro Particle Colloidal Silver Machine is the best most effective and inexpensive way of stopping bugs in their tracks.

My Testimony of Micro Particle Colloidal Silver Machine's Victory!

Visit for more info.

Friday, October 11, 2019

What's Happening in San Francisco? Possible Sonic Weapon Attacks w/ Sightings of White Luxury SUVs Witnessed On October 10-11, 2019

This post is about evidence I've recorded as well as my own witness testimony provided in two podcasts listed below of what I believe to be likely sonic weapon attacks I experienced in Nob Hill San Francisco on California Street from multiple white luxury SUV vehicles in the area witnessed in the late evening or early morning of October 10th and 11th, 2019.

Just to provide the background information to this post, back on October 8, 2019, Pacific Gas and Electric (PGE) took down the power grid all over the San Francisco Bay area that since caused a major disruption having affected San Francisco's flow of business that's been non-existent for many. For example, I've had no customers the past three days due to the outage. I've also had a cancellation of someone affected by the outage who had booked the appointment two weeks ago who said they couldn't print out their trust documents so they had to reschedule.

In addition to the disruption of business in San Francisco, I wanted to share a few unusual experiences that occurred recently I've recorded in detail in the podcasts provided below. Last night on October 10th I was about to turn in for the evening sometime between 11:45 p.m. or slightly past midnight October 11th.  After I opened the window to check the night's temp, I happened to see many white luxury SUV vehicles driving up and down California Street in the Nob Hill area in front of my apartment building. 

As I began drifting off to sleep I was slightly stirred to hear a vehicle passing my window along with its lights I saw on the transparent curtains. A sudden strong wave of nausea gripped me in sync with the vehicle but as soon as it passed the nausea was cut off simultaneously!  I believe this vehicle was likely equipped with a sonic weapon that caused the nausea, that I didn't have the flu. The proceeding pain in my lower extremities was also denoted as something I'd never felt before, as if a microwave had cooked my organs a few seconds.


My experience with nausea last night was very strange.

Follow-up podcast below that includes my recording of what was a strong frequency tone coming from outside in Nob Hill at around 11:30 a.m that lasted on and off for 20 minutes.  The tone seemed to come from the South side of California Street.


This podcast includes today's follow-up recording of a strange tone frequency that was coming from outside on and off for 20 minutes that followed the previous day's witnessed timing as well.

After I documented and recorded the tone today, I then took a walk outside to see if I could witness a pattern of white vehicles along with what I saw parked near my apartment building. I discovered I was still witnessing an unusual amount of white SUV vehicles with dark windows still driving around, one of them has TCP on it below.

White SUV TCP 12064

Other white vehicles were parked in the neighborhood October 11th I denoted below and I also saw one police SUV arrogantly blocking the crosswalk near a fire hydrant @ Leavenworth & California for several minutes as well:

Parked across the street since yesterday

Parked below my apartment window, a tinted windows BMW SUV w/o plates has a
temp license sticker purchased in Los Angeles (see below)

Temporary license (above) purchased in Long Beach (Los Angeles County)

Across the street, though not a white SUV, it was a silver with an unusual visitor parking tag I've never witnessed during the past 15 years of living in the Nob Hill area.

Finally this post couldn't be complete without a police car at the time these photos were taken located at the corner of Leavenworth and California blocking the pedestrian sidewalk and fire hydrant that remained there a while. 

He's (or she but doubtful) also blocking the crosswalk and could
have pulled up a bit more not to so completely block people's way. 

Oh my, as I type this post the Blue Angel Jets are flying loudly above trying to bring about a headache as my allergy will not stop causing me to sneeze my brains out.

I reported the SFPD violator of two laws to the 311 app. 

It's been duly noted that October 8th is the two year anniversary of the horrific fires that happened in the Bay Area that caused a large disruption in San Francisco as well.  Back in 2017, the amount of smoke lasted for weeks and many people kept their masks on each day.  PGE was later accused of starting the fires, but there's plenty of evidence these were started intentionally through laser technology from above due to the way the fire burned at high temperatures. There was clearly a cover-up of a land grab that ensued and many lost their rights to their property in the interim.

In spite of clear evidence the fires weren't at all normal, various government agencies in on the Agenda2030 plans covered-up and refused to acknowledge these were well planned laser attack based fires for profit to take over and steal the land from its owners. The purpose was to rebuild under Agenda2030 based objectives and the huge profit for those involved. With such insidious evil tyrannical based activity, I'm not surprised there may be sonic based attacks on the population on the two year anniversary of these arsonist from above fires to some degree. 

Meanwhile, I got rid of my microwave a long time ago but apparently not all together has it left.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Why Is San Francisco's Criminal Court Like An Empty Haunted House and SFPD's Operation Like a Skeleton Crew at a Movie Set?

SFPD isn't present much in San Francisco as its courthouse seems haunted.
For anyone who may not have yet noticed, there's genuinely no viable police department currently operating in the City of San Francisco. In fact, from my observations having witnessed their lack of presence in the city, I consider the SFPD to be operating for the  public interest in a ghost-like skeleton fashion. In turn, the SFPD's apparently involved with catching ghosts for dead-head judges who let them go on their merry way haunting all of us all day long with their mischief. See Attack on Woman Caught on Video Camera Entering Into Condominium Atrium, August 27, 2019

The SFPD and criminal justice system isn't acting as any deterrent against
the brazen nature of these kind of people since it's nowhere to be found.

A Dead-Head SF Judge let this ghost go who came out out of nowhere to attack someone entering her building to get away without jail time.  Personally, I think he's the type who looks like a police psy-op actor playing a role to frighten citizens in an attempt to get more taxpayer funds for bad police.

I've obtained much evidence to testify about, not only in my personal witness of many accounts, but also of photos I recently took at the San Francisco Criminal Courthouse.

SF Criminal Court's long empty hallway was creepy like this.
"On Monday October 7, 2019 I was summoned by a customer to notarize a letter for release of records at the San Francisco Criminal Courthouse at 850 Bryant Street. After I arrived at 2:00 p.m., I was astonished to enter what seemed to be largely empty of any activity. Very few citizens were there. When I began taking photos within the building a police officer quietly came up behind looking at my iPhone laughing at what I was doing."  Cheryl Meril, Blogger

The last time I had this strange experience at the courthouse was in late 2018 when I denoted how empty the criminal court building was. At the time I attributed  the anomaly to a 9:00a.m. appointment with a customer. This other recent random visit again provided factual evidence corroborating my recent podcast series Know Your Enemy, that the criminal judicial system in San Francisco isn't really functioning on many levels being virtually absent of its normal operating procedures.

My recent podcast below, Exposing America's Police By Shining Christ's Light Through Prayer:


I felt as if I was on a movie set waiting for the film crew to arrive when I visited the Criminal Courthouse October 7, 2019 at 2:00 pm as follows:

(Click to Enlarge)
After entering the SF Criminal Court building I looked back to
observe there was no one coming in or going out of the building.

(Click to Enlarge)

As I got off the elevator the 4th floor hallway reminded me of the

haunted house entryway at Disneyland. Spooky! At the end the doorway presented my customer like a tiny little person who you may be able to see if you click to enlarge the photo.

(Click to Enlarge)
I arrived at the court records clerk window where the customer wanted to meet me @ 2:00 pm on a Monday.  There was no body in line so we had the clerk all to ourselves to get a letter notarized. 

(Click to Enlarge) 

No one was in line anywhere in the building I could find on the 4th Floor I visited. I didn't see more than two people from the public walking its corridors on the 4th floor.  

(Click to Enlarge) 
The most people I ever saw were on the lobby level near court entry rooms
and bathrooms.  Only three did I ever see!  

The U.S. Government seems to be stepping up the training of its police force as it prepares to implement Noahide laws across the nation.  There's strong evidence to concur the police have withdrawn their traditional roles preparing to shift into coming for those who violate the Noahide laws that have been enacted since 1991 under George H.W. Bush.  See With Whom Are Many Police Departments Training? With a Chronic Human Rights Violator -- Israel.  Amnesty International, 2016

Also see:

Officials Condemn Judge's Decision to Release Attacker of Woman at Embarcadero Condo Complex

Sunday, September 15, 2019

More Photographs of Principalities and Powers of the Air Above San Francisco

While I'm still on the topic of spirits in the clouds photography from my last three posts, I just came across a few additional stray shots from back in May, 2017. I thought I might as well get the rest of the shots documented here along with my interpretation of them.

Remember, just because I see these things in the clouds doesn't mean I like or want to find them, I'm just a type of sky journalist documenting what I see. I try hard not to put my own imagination into them leaving them as clear as day for anyone to see as they are.

The fact of the matter is I see a lot of alien face activity at times indicating principalities of powers of the air as defined in Scripture has something to do with their manifestations to those Christians who have the eyes to see into this realm especially. Just a note, aliens to Christians are demonic entities that are really inter dimensional supernatural beings not from other planets.

In this article by Jack Wellman, What Are Principalities And Powers That Are Talked About In The Bible?, some light is shed on this topic of my spirits in the sky photography:

"As Paul wrote, we’re not really battling a visible enemy but an invisible one (Eph 6:12). It might be easier if we were wrestling against flesh and blood because at least we could see them but Paul was still “persuaded that neither death nor life, nor angels nor principalities nor powers, nor things present nor things to come” (Rom 8:38).
"Why should we not worry about these powers and principalities of evil? Because Christ has “disarmed principalities and powers, He made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them in it” (Col 2:15).We have no fear of any prince of darkness, no power of evil, and not only that, we have no fear of death since we’d be immediately with the Lord at death, no fear of angels (particularly fallen ones), no fear of principalities because Jesus has disarmed them, no fear of things to come, things in the past, or things present. In fact no “height nor depth, nor any other created thing, shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord” (Rom 8:39)
These original photos aren't altered of the original content except brightness or contrast. Only the duplicate copies below are altered with the magnifying glasses to zoom in on the details for the viewer. 

Click to Enlarge
This is what appears to me to be an alien-like figure in the clouds I took walking home on Leavenworth@Pine Streets in San Francisco.  There was a strange line of a jet plane's trail through it as well.

Click to Enlarge
Here's a zoom-in of the face of the alien like spirit I saw in the clouds. 

Click to Enlarge
Taken at St. Mary's Square in San Francisco, I saw three figures with two appearing to look down at me (especially the one on the left). Again, another alien-like figure was present at center. The other figure at right didn't have enough definition of a face but a female body seems apparent.

 Click to Enlarge
A zoom-in of the defined appearance of the two figures, the one on the right didn't have much of a face to capture but the body-like form seemed there.

My latest podcast on this subject:

As much as I have an inclination to put comedy into these photos, these are serious things in Scripture that demand maturity so I will not.

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