Sunday, May 22, 2016

Damn Monsanto and the FDA To Hell - Gluten Problem is from Monsanto's Roundup!

I've been gluten free for about a year now and can honestly say it hasn't been fun and I haven't enjoyed the new style of eating whatsoever let alone the costs. When I recently learned Monsanto's behind this problem that the FDA did nothing about, I wasn't too surprised.  Both entities are evil greed to behold.

First, it's important to understand that gluten free food costs consumers so much more and much of the food isn't even that healthy. After my paying $6.00 for a loaf of gluten free bread at Whole Foods, I got so fed up with the high cost I began questioning if I really was gluten intolerant, whether it's really something else like a food allergy since I never went to a doctor.  I really think it's time to reevaluate the gluten free craze. 

The Gluten Free Masquerade - What's Lurking Behind It? 

I've heard many claims that there's no such thing as gluten intolerance outside Celiac Disease.  If that's true then what could be causing 18 million people's intolerance to wheat?  The answer turns out to be Monsanto's Roundup herbicide, namely the use of the poison glyphosate.

Turns out, the reason many of us have to stay away from wheat products is our digestive systems are sensitive to Monsanto's glyphosate.
"Not only has glyphosate been found to be a probable carcinogen by the World Health Organization, but has been linked to a variety of other health issues including depression, diabetes and you guessed it, Celiac Disease and gluten intolerance. This study from 2013 shows that fish exposed to glyphosate develop digestive issues similar to Celiac Disease." Is Monsanto's Glyphosate The True Cause of the Sensitivity To Glutenous Foods? -
In order to provide solid support for my blog article's basis coming to such a conclusion Monsanto's behind this gluten free problem, I'd have to violate copyright law.  I've therefore opted to post links to the articles below.  I'm personally convinced this is really Monsanto's tampering with wheat through its herbicide.

In the interim, be aware the FDA's not our friend being in bed with corrupt companies.  Even candidate Hillary Clinton's in their corner.  I will do my best to stay away from mass produced wheat infected by Monsanto's Roundup, but it won't be easy considering it's used widely across the nation. It's nice to know that certified organic foods won't likely use the poisonous herbicides, but that means we're back to square one since it's the same increased costs.

I never enjoyed any gluten free food much, it hasn't been fun at all. Wheat's in virtually everything, not just bread.  I think we should find a way to sue Monsanto for causing 18 million of us to pay more at the counter for its polluting the wheat crops with a poisonous substance.  Aside from a potential lawsuit, Monsanto and the FDA can go straight to hell.

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Monday, May 9, 2016

NOTARY ALERT: Sabastian Vaduva, Signio and SPAM Contacts

To save notaries time, this is to notify all who received SPAM email contacts from Sabastian Vaduva at SPAM email address **** about he and his alleged co-founder's new start up's scheme for mobile notaries in the San Francisco market.  

First, be aware the email's in violation of the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 that doesn't follow rule's 3 and 4 thus being a violation. You can complain to the FTC here after reading the foregoing. He is in violation of the law by not adhering to the complete list of rules and can be fined $16,000 per violation. I encourage everyone who received unwanted SPAM to report him and forward the violation to the FTC.

In the body of the email, Sabastian mentioned he's with South Africa's Signio Company lying that it's based in San Francisco as a start-up. He didn't provide an address of his location.  He also provided a masked fake number from Palo Alto (that isn't accepting calls). I've come to the conclusion Sabastian Vaduva, whose a foreign based entity, wants to invade the San Francisco market with app technology he envisions will make him a millionaire. 

Though Sabastian Vaduva works through Signio's interface he also uses the email domain while claiming he's a cofounder of a start up in San Francisco. ( is not located in San Francisco either). 

As business owners we do not want to sell out our sovereignty to global based networks who want to enter our market this way.  Please reject all requests to participate in their beta trials and do not hand over your business enterprise for their money making scheme.  

***I cannot lawfully provide his entire email address using this medium.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

DNA Results Are In - Watch Out For My Enhanced Hippocampus!

My 23andMe DNA information is being provided for the purpose of visitors learning the ancestry of me as a blogger. I think all bloggers should provide their ancestry information.

I've learned I'm a 99.8% mixture of Northwestern and Southern European heritage. My primary percentage of nationality is Iberian at 26.8%, which is from the Spain and Portugal regions. The second largest percentage is British & Irish at 21.6%.  I also have .01% of Sahara African heritage and .01 unassigned.

I don't have Neanderthal DNA, a bit of relief since that's a non-human extinct creature.

Other interesting information from my DNA health report obtained through third party sites is I have an "enhanced hippocampus" (see below) which gives me a bit more capacity for long term memories along with 5 teaspoons more of brain matter. Not that it helped much for my age, but if you look into your DNA at a younger age it could help understand more about your potential.

In order for me to obtain health data since 23andMe no longer offers all of their 131 reports from 2013 thanks to the FDA, I've used the following third party sites.

Here's my recent post on the 23andMe forum:

If you want a quick and easy way of running through your RAW data from 23andme for health genetics, this is a BETA site that's free I highly recommend:

If you want an overall more detailed information for $5.00

If you want a very helpful assemblage of information that's continually being updated with scientific research, it will cost a bit more. First $20 fee to get a few basic reports, then you will need to purchase their special app for more info, paid $6 per month.

This "moderately enhanced hippocampal volume" DNA result explains why I can still recall birth dates of kids I attended elementary school with, I have an awesome long term memory. Short term not so much, that's why they call it short I guess.  I looked up a bit more and the data indicated I have "5 teaspoons more of brain matter" to meet the moderate standard. This could explain why my late sister had a high I.Q. based on brain architecture.  As far as my I.Q., it was never actually determined so I really don't know.

This DNA result showed I have the second gene that qualifies me for Hemochromatosis so I'll be looking out for high levels of iron in my blood.

I'd like to caution looking for bad things in your DNA report based on suspected symptoms, many medical professionals have told me it can actually trigger the latent DNA disease to manifest!  I've used my reports more as a means to tailor my lifestyle such as to get plenty of B12 and B6 absorbed into my small intestine because I have a gene that only provides 60% absorption rate.  Keep in mind these DNA results only mean something 20% of the time related to potential diseases. A lot more factors into why diseases actually manifest such as lifestyle, etc.


Sunday, May 1, 2016

BIG SECRET - Global Young Leaders U.N. Group Meeting in San Francisco

They invaded our neighborhood in huge black tour buses in our Nob Hill San Francisco today, with at least fifteen parked at the Fairmont Hotel where I visited this evening to go to my gym. When I asked what it was all about, I eventually learned it was a secretive organization that used a fake logo. It later was confirmed by a woman who I spoke with that they didn't want anyone to know who they were that's why they were being so secretive. When I asked if it had something to do with the United Nations she responded in the negative.

I later uploaded their fake logo into the Google image search engine to confirm how paranoid they are not to even provide a genuine logo.  I saw their meeting minutes that had the term global all over it providing more hints of their identity. The sign above WPM Headshots sounds like it could stand for World Prime Minister.  The logo is generic.

The United Nations will be a tool for the AntiChrist and his one world government.

Why would an organization need to be this secretive do you think?  Because these people are attempting to operate under the radar of their plans for globalization.  Because they have evil plans adverse to the general population otherwise they wouldn't be so secretive. Since this organization was so secretive I didn't want to go around taking photos of their meeting plans or materials being on the hotel property as a gym member, but did get the one shot to check on the logo.

One of the buses indicated it would be eventually going to San Francisco City Hall.  Everything is hush hush. You just don't roll in 15 large buses into a neighborhood and expect to keep everything secret, it doesn't work that way. Don't bring so many of your people into San Francisco and be so rude to deny residents who and what you are. It's just not right.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Cyberbully Paul Drockton Unmasked Brutally Slandering Melinda Jane Kellogg PhD

Cyberbully at Large - Paul Drockton on Facebook Profile 
Paul Drockton used to be a radio host on the Rense Radio Network a few years ago. Once in a while I listened to Drockton's program as someone who presented himself as being one of the highest of character boasting of his many accomplishments.
"Drockton claims he’s quite intelligent.  He states that he is: “One of a Handful in the world to score perfect scores on various, professionally administered, IQ Tests.” Paul Drockton Costs His Readers a Fortune -
At the time I had no idea how delusional Mr. Drockton was as a graduate of Park University. That is, not until I read a story of Drockton getting fired from the Rense Network for his outrageous slanderous activities.

The following used to be on Drockton's website, since removed, having been posted on a popular forum:

Paul Drockton: Why I Left Jeff Rense 
"Jeff Rense has a problem, the details of which I will not go into on this website.  As many of you already know, I was the only vocal defender of Jeff Rense over the past few years. Here are some facts you may not have known: 
1. I donated over $50,000 to Rense from gold and silver sales in just the past 12 months. 
2. I paid $12,000 over the past 12 months to be on his radio network and cover network fees. I turned down paid gigs because of my loyalty to Jeff Rense.
3. My radio program was the second most successful on the Jeff Rense Network. My listenership was double that of any other host but Jeff. I was the second most successful host in the Network's history. 
4. I wrote and submitted numerous articles to Rense without any thought of compensation. 
5. Defending Rense against a former friend of mine, I wrote numerous articles on his behalf. 
6. I wrote articles defending him against attacks two years ago as well. 
7. I wrote articles defending him against a psychopathic stalker with alleged Multiple-personality syndrome. I helped get slanderous material about him removed from around the internet. 
8. I attracted numerous readers and listeners to I have, beyond a shadow of a doubt, been his biggest financial and other supporter. 
The reason I tell you all this is because you need to know why I chose to walk away from all the above. Jeff Rense has the power to shut down the cause of myself and others leaving his network. He chooses not to exercise that option. Instead, he has caved in to the evil forces that maligned and slandered him and turned his back on his most loyal adherents. 
The stalker (aka Rense's latest ex-wife) in question now controls everything about Jeff Rense and She hates me because I have thrwarted her evil efforts to destroy myself and others around Jeff. Jeff could put an end to this nonsense right now by filing a simple restraining order against the nutjob in question. She filed a restraining order against him, yet still calls and harasses him throughout the day, by email and by coming on to his property. He has expressed the fear that she would kill him or his family if he did not try to placate her. He is also afraid that she will publish audios that she has doctored or release other information she has stolen from his". . . .more.

Paul Drockton's Pattern of Malicious Slander

The first hint and evidence of Paul Drockton's malicious on-line slanderous activities came way back in 2006 from this cease and desist letter posted on-line by attorney Matthew M. Durham at Stoel & Reeves LLP for their client Farmers Insurance Exchange.

Click to enlarge
The company even posted the letter on its site to this day to forewarn others of potential future activities.

Drockton apparently lost his mind after Rense fired him that he began viciously slandering Rense's ex-wife whom he believed was partly responsible.  The following's just a small sample of the vicious accusations against an accomplished physicist scholar.

Click to enlarge

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Website link

Click to enlarge

Wikipedia defines cyberbullying as“Cyberbullying is the use of information technology to repeatedly harm or harass other people in a deliberate manner. According to U.S. Legal Definitions, Cyber-bullying could be limited to posting rumors or gossips about a person in the internet bringing about hatred in other’s minds; or it may go to the extent of personally identifying victims and publishing materials severely defaming and humiliating them.”
The above materials, including a blog and website, about Melinda Jane Kellogg, Ph.D. are just an example of Paul Drockton's cyberbully slanderous works. I won't glorify these works by posting them here, but wanted to present their vengeful nature for public scrutiny due to the anonymous coward hiding behind them. Clearly Paul Drockton was seeking for Ms. Kellogg to commit suicide with such a campaign as she struggled to get back on her feet from her divorce with Rense.

There's been virtually no real activity aside from Facebook from Paul Drockton since 2012 when he stopped his campaign against Kellogg but his sinful slanderous materials still remain. A gentlemen would remove such trash written about a hard working accomplished woman in the field of physics. Unfortunately, genuine gentlemen aren't narcissistic full of delusions of grandeur of themselves who wouldn't even bother to write such trash in the first place, at least without an apology such as "I'm sorry, I lost my mind a bit" by removing such materials.

What kind of person posts absolute deliberate lies of another?  Paul Doctrine, that's who. If you get Drockton fired, or he thinks you've gotten him fired, he'll seek revenge against you, just a heads up. Drockton thought he could get away with posting this material anonymously but the evidence he wrote these slanderous materials comes from his own written admission.

Paul Drockton's since been reported to the FBI for this activity.  Should a reader ever have problems with him, it's best to file a complaint and/or put up a cease and desist lawyer letter and link it in the comments section of this blog article.

Paul Drockton = Cyberbully

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