Sunday, July 27, 2014

Confessions of Former Atheists Who Became Followers of Jesus

Here are some outstanding videos of former atheists (and a Muslim) who came to Jesus. In these videos they witness who they were prior to their conversion to Christianity.

Jennifer Fulwiler's a former atheist whose done a powerful witness video for Jesus.

Rich does many videos while riding his motorcycle on Los Angeles freeways at 65 mph, very interesting including Bible studies that have over a million views.

An experience in the military peeked this man's interest in Jesus

This is Holly Ordway, PhD, author of Not God's Type

This is an amazing witness testimony by a Muslim

Amazing testimony of a former atheist college professor.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Jesus is Coming ! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES From Hollywood, Entertainment Industry!

RED ALERT! RED ALERT! Jesus Christ, King of Kings, Lord of Lords is coming back, time's running out to repent and turn back to Him! 

God's grace has been sustaining fallen humanity throughout history thanks to His tremendous mercy and love.  All of humanity fell from His perfection and grace and Jesus is the only way back to God!  God sent his beloved Son to save humanity from eternal hell, He didn't have to.  What Jesus did was a gift to humanity and those who accept this precious gift will be rewarded forever with God Himself. Those who remain ignorant (it's not bliss!) or in denial of their spiritual depravity without God believing themselves to be good on their own will end up in hell with Satan, the fallen angel and his demonic entities forever.

Cheryl Meril's witness for Jesus testimony July, 2014 - 1 hour.— Cheryl Meril (@songchannels) July 21, 2014

Please, all of you flee from Hollywood, media entertainment, the music industry!  Cut loose because you're all in danger of going to hell without Jesus! You're all in bondage to Satan in those industries and God is going to judge it.


How to Be Saved
  • ADMIT that you are a sinner and have disobeyed God – Rom. 3:10,23
  • REPENT of your sins – Mk. 1:15
  • BELIEVE that God sent His Son to save you – Jn. 5:24
  • ACCEPT Jesus’ payment for the penalty of YOUR sins – I Pt. 3:18
  • RECEIVE God’s free gift of  salvation through faith – Jn. 1:12, Rom.4:3-5
A Possible Prayer of for Salvation

10 Signs Jesus is Coming Back Soon.  

Monday, July 7, 2014

Tools of the Devil - Beatles 50th Anniversary

I didn't realize it was a 50th Anniversary of the Beatles today since their Hard Days Night's album release in spite of my being very aware of spiritual darkness today in San Francisco.  Now I understand why.

They Sold Their Souls (to the devil) Documentary

The Beatles were tools of the devil being admirers of the top Satanist of the 20th Century Alexis Crowley who they put on the cover of their Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band album.  The Beatles were anti-Christian who contributed to much rebellion in America including myself. I thought they were about peace and love, I was wrong,.  The delusion was very strong and took decades for me to finally realize it for what it was.

Sickening trash Lennon - home's in eternal hell.

If you adore this music and honor that time period in American history you are anti-Christ and brainwashed currently on the wide spiritual path in life headed straight for eternal hell. The only reason you aren't in hell at this point in time is God's grace and mercy.  If you die without accepting Jesus, you will most definitely end up where Mr. Lennon has forever and ever with these idols before God. Jesus came to earth as God in the flesh to save us from eternal hell and is the only way back to God. All the rest will be sent to a horrible place where there will be no escape for all eternity.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

People Who Reject Jesus Will Be Very Surprised Hell's Real

An important message from Pastor Francis Chan

People who reject Jesus are going to be very surprised to learn what's waiting for them on the other side when they leave this world.  This world is a temporary place to determine where we go, heaven or hell, based on the Word of God.  

God has plans and for those who don't heed and get on the ship, there's only one place to go.  Time's running out.

I try to get through to Christians to fear God and obey Him as much as possible.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Satanist Edmond Wollmann Loses Gary Bemis Esq., Posts On My Twitter Account

DISCLOSURE:  Satanist Edmond Wollmann has lost yet another attorney, Gary Bemis, Esq., whose withdrawing from his case.  Someone with the Twitter account Edmond Wollmann has since been stepping up his campaign by posting psy-op materials on my Twitter account.

They created a blog on word press as a psy-op because Satan plans on having me murdered with the court and public's approval.  This on-going threat remains that Mr. Wollmann refuses to end his crazy activities because he hasn't accepted the Lord as his salvation.

Satan may win some present battles, but the outcome of the war has already been determined—and Satan knows it.