Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Study: Women Blog About Their Private lives

I promised my counselor I wouldn't blog anymore, but just had to post about an article I read on CNN today, Your Blog Can Be Group Therapy.

Edmond Wollmann has continually asserted in his blogs that my blogging was abnormal in how I shared personal information about myself. In my singing blog, Wollmann criticized me for reporting my postponement of my singing event due to having pre-menopause symptoms.

A study has shown that women tend to do just that, share their personal, private lives as bloggers.

"Overeating, alcoholism, depression -- name the problem and you'll find someone's personal blog on the subject. Roughly 12 million Americans have blogs, according to polls by the Pew Internet and American Life Project in 2006, and many seem to use them as a form of group therapy."

The downside about this trend is there are too many kooks on-line waiting to get a hold of your name, especially if you're dumb enough to respond to their deceptive email as I was.

I'm using this article as evidence it isn't considered abnormal for a woman to post her personal life experiences in a blog.