Friday, June 13, 2008

Internet 2.0 Means the Grim Reaper for Cyberstalker Creep Edmond Wollmann

Flash to the future -- It's 2012 and Edmond Wollmann can't log onto the new super Internet highway. Not only can he not afford it due to the infrastructure's higher fees, but he feels greatly restrained from being able to use it as he has in the past. Not only can he no longer post libel in his frivolous attempts to damage people's name's who he targets over disputes he manufactures, but his ISP will be able to track every click, every site he visits and record his keystrokes.

Back to 2008 -- By 2012 Edmond Wollmann would initially be given a space on the Internet modeled after In order to log in, he would need to scan his fingerprint. His fingerprint would also tie into Homeland Security that has a database file of his criminal offenses of 1) Public Nuisance the city of San Diego filed against him in 2003 and Trespassing in 1998. This means Wollmann's true identity would always be known and no anonymous activities will be allowed by the new super highway. The government, corporations and major universities are constructing Internet 2.0, among other reasons, to ward off vermin cyber criminals like Edmond Wollmann. All of this crazy man's posts the past decade will be left to desinigrate and will eventually never be seen again.

The grim reaper anxiously awaits for Edmond Wollmann to do unto him as he's done to untold numbers of others the past decade. Greeting at the Reaper's door will read "It's sure a cut throat world in cyberspace, isn't it Edmond?"

In the following clip, Alex Jones delivers the sobering news in his Part II Death of the Internet series to his fans that the Internet will be completely gone as we know it by 2012, in a matter of four years or less.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Death of the Internet is Nearing

Internet 2.0 is under development which will be high security and eliminate people like Edmond Wollmann from on-line abuses.
Wollmann will need to provide his fingerprint to his computer program in order to log in to the Internet by 2012. He will be tracked, everything he posts and does will be known by the service he's forced to use. He will also be forced to pay heavy fees to access pre-selected corporate sites that will be packaged like cable television channels. The former Internet as we know it is going to be switched off and all of its sites deemed unnecessary by corporations will be gone with it. No one will be able to afford to visit small owner operated sites any longer.

Sometime on or before 2012 the death of Edmond Wollmann's activities on the Internet will be a reality. That's only four years away! I'm willing to give up a little freedom of choice to surf various sites and blogs in order to get rid of people like Edmond Wollmann from the Internet along with all of the sex predators. The Internet has become too dangerous a place. Something had to be done. It's run its life span and I agree that it's time for a change.