Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Death of the Internet is Nearing

Internet 2.0 is under development which will be high security and eliminate people like Edmond Wollmann from on-line abuses.
Wollmann will need to provide his fingerprint to his computer program in order to log in to the Internet by 2012. He will be tracked, everything he posts and does will be known by the service he's forced to use. He will also be forced to pay heavy fees to access pre-selected corporate sites that will be packaged like cable television channels. The former Internet as we know it is going to be switched off and all of its sites deemed unnecessary by corporations will be gone with it. No one will be able to afford to visit small owner operated sites any longer.

Sometime on or before 2012 the death of Edmond Wollmann's activities on the Internet will be a reality. That's only four years away! I'm willing to give up a little freedom of choice to surf various sites and blogs in order to get rid of people like Edmond Wollmann from the Internet along with all of the sex predators. The Internet has become too dangerous a place. Something had to be done. It's run its life span and I agree that it's time for a change.