Sunday, August 31, 2008

Edmond Wollmann's Antisocial Behavior Rooted in Narcissistic Personality Disorder

The above excerpt from Malignant Self Love describes Edmond Wollmann's exhibited on-line behavior patterns and criminal history with great accuracy.

Above is a nomination of a USNET award named after Edmond Wollmann in 2005
"named in honor of the greatest of all Christmas Day kook-outs."
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The following excerpt is from another fine book, What Makes Narcissists Tick?

The late author Kathy Krajco's blog post in April 2008
"Yet even this "excessive" narcissism, as unlikable and inconsiderate as it may be, isn't what we're talking about here. It isn't malignant. It isn't a personality disorder. It isn't even a character disorder. It's just a personality trait.

Malignant narcissism is perverted self-love. A malignant narcissist doesn't just exalt himself: he tears down others as a way to seem to exalt himself.

Tearing down others harms them, either materially or morally or both ways. Since tearing down others harms them — and for no natural or even real motive (i.e., self-defense, retaliation, or competition for the last loaf of bread on earth) — this desire to bring others low is a desire to harm them. That is NOT goodwill; it is ill will, malevolence = pure, unadulterated malice.

Sorry, there's just no getting around that fact." -Kathy Krajco, author.

This comment is from someone theoroizing as to why Kathy Krajco, author of What Makes Narcissists Tick, died unexpectedly of alleged "natural causes" in mid life. Is it possible narcissists find ways of killing people undetected such as with Sandy Schnoll M.D. as described in my earlier post?

Note: The author of the above mentioned book and quote, Kathy Krajco, died on May 9, 2008 of alleged "natural causes" in mid-life. For more info: See Her Last Blog Post and Cause of Death