Friday, August 1, 2008

Edmond Wollmann's Warrants in New Mexico

In the ongoing saga of Edmond Wollmann's criminal problems, a list that began since his unlawful trespass on on private property in 1998, Wollmann's outstanding 2005 warrants linger. This warrant search was conducted on I also confirmed the warrants were still in effect by contacting the sheriff's office in New Mexico listed on the warrant information.

One can speculate based on the patterns and facts of Edmond Wollmann's criminal cases, that this idiot has a significant growing problem with no end in sight. His self-denial of his problems, in which he spends tremendous amounts of his energy and time on the Internet victimizing innocent people such as myself, beckoned the exposure of his criminal cases on-line. His many sock puppets he uses to gang up on his victims in comments sections are pathetic to say the least.

Wollmann's only property ownership in New Mexico is a trailer surrounded by dry brush and weeds in Los Lunas. Based on his on-line profile, one can only imagine what bodies might possibly be buried in such a remote area.

Local law enforcement in San Diego needs to keep a look out for Edmond Wollmann's ongoing criminal activities.

All encounters with a potentially dangerous Wollmann's by anyone who has knowledge of his unlawful activities should be reported to the San Diego Police or the New Mexico police authorities.