Monday, December 29, 2008

Cyberstalker Edmond Wollmann Displays Multiple Photos of His Victims

Having the misfortune of crossing paths with Edmond Wollmann on the Internet is similar to what it feels like when you step in a huge pile of stinking dog shit. It stinks as it's hard to get off your shoe and lingers no matter how hard you try to wash it off. Much like a serial killer keeps pieces of clothing of his victims after he murders them, cyberstalking creep Edmond Wollmann keeps all the photos of his victims posting them on his blogs on the Internet. He's proud of his libelous works and wants the entire world to observe them.

A friend I had over for dinner last night told me the latest revelation after he ran a Google on my name prior to coming over. "Wollmann has your latest photo of you posted on his blog, aside other photos he's gathered" my former sound engineer exclaimed. My response was, "I know" even though I don't run searches on my name under the circumstances.

Since May of 2007, a lunatic multi-kook award winning astrologer who has a severe case of Malignant Narcissistic Personality Disorder, has freely libeled my name as if conducting a presidential campaign against me on his behalf. Calling me dangerous, he also contends all of his criminal cases I've posted on this site are faked forgeries. In fact, anything I do is a forgery according to him.

A few I've told don't understand the depth of this man's illness and intensity of how he's stalked me daily on the Internet since 2007, hovering for any bit of information like I'm a celebrity and he's a well paid National Enquirer journalist. A sane person wou
ld have moved on to new interests, but not Wollmann. My friend commented "I thought this Wollmann guy was working with Violet Blue or something." I responded, "he was just her fan." He added, "I was at a party the other night and Blue was supposed to have been there." Violet Blue is an S&M sex journalist who promotes trashy, raunchy sexual topics in her articles in a main stream San Francisco newspaper. People such as myself protest her articles because they are so poorly written and the content is so disturbing.

Edmond Wollmann's Criminal Convictions:
  • Trespassing, 1998
  • Concealed Unlicensed Firearm, 2002
  • Public Nuisance, City of San Diego (one count dropped), 2003
  • Outstanding Warrants in New Mexico 2005
For details and PDF copies of Wollmann the cyberstalking libeling creep's cases, please visit the sidebar.

Here's a great article about the malignant narcissist's disdain for reality posted by Anna Velarious on her Narcissists Suck blog:
Edmond Wollmann's on-line profile strongly points to his being a Malignant Narcissist.