Thursday, December 31, 2009

My Legal Documents Stockpile Arsenal

Two mentally questionable, delusional vindictive strangers began writing nasty blogs about me in 2007 as if they knew me at one time, or as if they were even former boyfriends or disgruntled coworkers. As a result, two lawsuits have been filed and both blogs are gone. Depositions were conducted, subpoenas were issued, court hearings were and continue to be conducted.

Google recently provided the IP records for the blogs.

Cyber #2 at deposition:
"Did you create the blog? A: no comment"

People reading this blog who are considering any further mischief should really consider I have gathered a tremendous template of legal documents to work with in a lawsuit should I ever run into this problem again. A few are very sophisticated legal instruments that deal specifically with cyber stalker, defamation issues.

Here's a few document templates I have now:

Motion to Compel Response to Subpoena DECUS TECUM (includes Memorandum of Points & Authorities, Declarations)
(this legal instrument really works in getting major corporations to respond with records. Google immediately coughed up partial records after I forwarded them the draft)

Ex Parte Motion to Transfer Instant Case to . . . . . ." (for when they try to file a case in the wrong venue from where you filed the lawsuit)

Motion for Petition for Injunction.. . .. (w/Memo of P&As")

This is only a small few of what I have and will have.
I'll soon have other documents to counter another's vain attempt to squirm out of the lawsuit. I'll have a full arsenal of legal documents to use again should I require them.

The person on the other end, not being an attorney or legal professional, will be forced to pay out as little as $20,000 to defend their case.
I also have fairly good skills at conducting my own depositions, asking the right questions and submitting interrogatores.

So, I guess the message here is don't mess with me because I'll come after you with a case you'll have to spend thousands of dollars to defend yourself from.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Life Strategies for Dealing with Bullies

I was at the gym on the treadmill yesterday and happened to see Dr. Phil's son Jay McGraw present his new book Life Strategies for Dealing with Bullies. I began to think about the prevalent theme I've encountered with problem people has been their bullying me. Bullies started for me way back in grade school and, to make matters far worse, my mother was a huge bully.

Here's an example. Let's say a bully gives you a hard time a very long time in school. You finally stand up to them and they end up running crying to the teacher! They make it so any resistance you offer is destined to get you in trouble one way or another. That's the level of mentality I'm referring to. They don't see their behavior as a problem, as in their mind everyone loves or should love them, and it's all nothing but a game to them.

The game extreme bullies often play with me is always trying to make it look like I'm victimizing them in some way for standing up to them. I noted Cyber #1 tries to make it look like everyone on the Internet's victimizing him all the time. I have evidence he put up an extremely vicious anonymous blog on me claiming I'm a forger, criminal under investigation and all sorts of crazy false stuff. This, while he's hiding behind this "victim" image he fabricates on a USENET astrology forum. He's playing the role of a victim as if everyone's stalking, impostering and is out to get him due to his great importance.

Bullies are prevalent in our society at all levels, especially in government. They lie, cheat and most always manipulate reality to suit the outcome. The bottom line is they don't care what you think or how you feel, while attempting to dominate your life on any level available to them. The worse bullies are sociopaths and/or pscyhopaths unwilling to acknowledge the bottom line is you don't like them and don't want them in your life. They make your rejection of them a huge issue they must win to show it's you, not them, who has a problem.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Too Many Greedy Incompetant Attorneys Like Pamela Lauser

My 50th Birthday will be spent pleading before a Small Claims Court Judge over a greedy attorney's attempt to steal my money.

I'm going to take this opportunity to complain here abo
ut a greedy attorney, M. Pamela Lauser in Martinez, California, who has attempted to steal a lot of money from me for non-representation. I paid a $2,500 retainer for representation at two hearings, one in Walnut Creek and the other in Concord. (I had one case transferred to Concord originally from Walnut Creek.) I'm writing this after having asked for a partial refund only to receive a rude letter from Ms. Lauser full of lies and misrepresentations to justify her stealing my money.

This case was initially about someone from Vancouver Washington sending a note to Cyber #2 letting him know he had his name change legal document and was going to take appropriate action for their on-going dispute. I was summoned to court over their dispute for the convenience of Cyber #2 who could not do so for someone out of state. Here is the basis for the nature of the dispute I was summoned to a Court out of my jurisdiction for:

This lazy in pro per (self represented) individual scribbled some note submitting it to his small community judge about something post marked from Vancouver Washington he accused me of sending. He had no police reports, no evidence whatsoever to justify his claims I harassed him. I have never contacted this man nor emailed him but once in 2006! Since he couldn't file it against that man due to out of state jurisdiction, he chose to make me a scape goat costing me $2,500 in attorneys fees among many other fees.

Ms. Lauser failed to represent at either of the hearings, didn't perform any litigation, nor did she or her assistants fill out any forms on my behalf, except a substitute attorney form over someone who didn't represent me. I submitted all the paper work and pleadings to the Court. One day I will upload the pleadings with redacted names but I'm not quite ready to disclose the information yet.

I had asked for a partial refund for non-representation and Ms. Lauser responded she wrote off $4,000 in her attorney fees for simply reading through my pleadings and evidentiary materials! Before my full disclosure of this matter, I'd like to point out what went wrong to allow this mishap to occur so others might learn from my errors:

ATTORNEY CHOOSING TIP: Prior to choosing an attorney, don't just assume because they have a State Bar Number that gives them a stamp of approval for ethics or that they are automatically good attorneys. It simply means they are good at passing law exams and nothing more. Neither should their having no complaints against them posted on the California Bar Association's site be any reliable confirmation of their being good attorneys.

During her initial consultation, Ms. Lauser told me there were prejudiced postings about her on the Internet due to her being a kick ass take no prisoners attorney who stood up for her clients. As a result of her claim, I didn't bother to check the complaints. I do not generally take what's been written on the Internet about someone as genuine in this day and age after having suffered at the hands of cyberstalkers myself. However, had I read what appear to be genuine complaints on, I would have reconsidered retaining her services.

Here are just a few of the comments on a lawyer's complaint site:
Ms. Lauser has no range in court. She rubs the Judge the wrong way and ends up getting scolded which is painful to watch. As a result she lost a crucial and costly case for her client that should have been a slam dunk. I can only assume that she went in assuming she would win and thus didn't prepare. The other lawyer ended up walking all over her. It's basically the lawyers who win or lose a case for you. Just ask O.J.

I have read all of the comments on this site even the ones that were written by her staff to counter the honest ones....take it from someone who knows her intimately, if she likes you she will be tenacious but there has to be something in it for her ..... she trained with albert turnbaugh who is a major billing machine .... pam charges as much as gloria alred neither are worth that rate .... well pam isn't worth that billing rate .... judges do not like like her because she is pushy ..... be all things to all people pam and leave your ego at the door, the far door.... ego (edging God out) .... lastly her paralegal is a wiccan (pagan) and pam is a christian? .... that in and of itself is enough to hire elsewhere, hypocrisy before God means bad fruit for the client .... this the truth ... can a tree bring forth good and bad fruit and be good, no way ....

I would NOT recommend having Ms. Lauser represent you in a court of law. Her lack of experience mainly works against her!

Highly recommend to NOT use this lawyer. It cost me $400.00 for 1 hearing, she was schooled by the judge and court clerk how to fill out an after hearing judgement, used the wrong date on the form and put down the wrong name for my soon to be ex-wife. I have left a message everyday this week for her and she got back to me today and told me it is a little error and I should appreciate the work she has done and just look over these small facts. I think it might be time to go back to law school for her.

This poor woman does not understand the legal system and can cause a client great grief. She attempts to compensate for her lack of skills with a obnoxious loud performance in court. It doesn't go over well with the Judge. Do yourself a huge favor by not putting your legal problems in her hands.

She took a lot of time to understand the case, but brought witnesses to testify at a case managemet conference!!! The judge would not allow the testimony. She seems to not understand the legal process.

In over her head. Her case was dismissed because it was filed in the wrong court. She was scolded by the Judge. That's not good at all.

She is new and does not know what she is doing. Judges cannot stand her

ERROR NUMBER TWO: I assumed Ms. Lauser was a seasoned attorney since she was a partner at her own law firm, had a nice office and several employees. She had also mentioned wanting to be a judge one day. This was an "illusion" since I later learned Ms. Lauser as a 50+ woman had only been an attorney since 2006 making her very inexperienced.

Here's another attorney tip: Law schools don't teach attorneys how to deal with the real world in their practices, only how to pass law exams. Most good attorneys are trained and seasoned at major law firms who learn from seasoned veterans. Ms. Lauser appears to have went from law school directly to her own law practice thus missing early apprenticeship from veterans. What Ms. Lauser charges and expects for non-representation/non-production is indicative of her being delusional about her status as a three year attorney.

ERROR NUMBER THREE: I neglected to check on the nature of Ms. Lauser's education, which was at relatively low level university and law school for her field.

ERROR NUMBER FOUR: I believed Ms. Lauser was bound by the terms of her retainer agreement. Ms. Lauser did not follow her own retainer agreement to notify me of any major expenses, such as her claim of spending $4,000 worth of her time reading through my submitted litigation materials and evidentiary information. In her not following the terms of her retainer agreement, I have to take Ms. Lauser to Small Claims Court to prove she violated its terms.

ERROR NUMBER FIVE: Ms. Lauser initially introduced herself as someone who a particular judge hated and initially declined to take my case. I did not follow through to check other's on-line comments that it wasn't an issue with just one judge but others as well. After the case was transferred to a new jurisdiction, Ms. Lauser accepted the case and a month later failed to appear leaving me to represent myself with two witnesses, one who had flown out all the way from Vancouver Washington.

Here's the problem. Ms. Lauser's short notice of her forthcoming non-appearance gave me no real choice but to represent myself. Because she wanted to charge me, Ms. Lauser had an associate attorney call me with 24 hours notice prior to the hearing. This was unacceptable as I did not feel comfortable, nor did I believe the attorney was competent or knowledgeable to represent me after I spoke with him on the phone. I only agreed for him to attend the hearing in case there were any technical law issues and as moral support.

One Hearing - Non Legal Representation

The associate attorney showed up one hour prior to the hearing and sat for 1.5 hours awaiting other cases to finish, then spent another hour standing next to me in court with my witnesses, but he did not represent me or present my case! I agreed to pay him for his time, but later learned Ms. Lauser still wanted $300/per hour. He didn't have the answers to some of my questions, including a particular statute I requested that governed my case. As he sat for 1.5 hours, the associate attorney didn't bother to call the home office to provide me with the language in the statute.

When this associate attorney spoke at the hearing to the judge to claim Ms. Lauser had an emergency and couldn't attend, he introduced me as a self-represented person. When the judge said something to him, his response was "that's news to me" about a particular statute governing another issue. For the rest of the hearing this associate just stood silent before the judge the entire time as nothing more than silent moral support. Ms. Lauser's law firm wants $300 an hour for that?

Maxed Out Retainer After One Non-Represented Hearing

After this associate attorney hinted my retainer had been maxed out prior to the second hearing, I terminated Ms. Lauser's law firm's representation. Ms. Lauser hadn't even bothered to arrange for a meeting to discuss my case. I had only a 20 minute initial consultation with her and a few minutes with her on the phone of her arranging for me to pay her and sign her agreement.

In my Small Claims Court case, I agreed to pay this attorney $200/hour (6 hours), as well as to read through my case even though he didn't represent me. I agreed to pay for the copying and case management costs, etc. I believe I was very generous in offering to pay $1,500 for non-representation, non-production to this law firm at one hearing. This wasn't enough for Ms. Lauser, she wanted to keep my entire retainer.

After I terminated her law firm, Ms. Lauser had the audacity to send me a rude letter claiming she was kind in waiving $4,000 in her fees. She didn't even bother to formerly apologize for overbooking her schedule causing me the emotional trauma of being without representation.

My 50th Birthday To Be Spent in Small Claims Court Pleading My Case Against Attorney Pamela Lauser Before a Judge

A Small Claims Court case has been filed in Concord against Ms. Lauser I have to appear to plead before a judge on my birthday in February.

So you might wonder, what is this all really about? To reiterate, my being chosen as a scapegoat for Cyber #2's mental problems and dispute with an out of state person. He admitted at a deposition to be on medication, to having memory issues due to being a diabetic who was once in a coma. He was obviously just looking for anyone to blame for the problems he believes he's had on the Internet.

The restraining order was issued against Cyber #2 in Concord, California after pure hell of what Ms. Lauser put me through to only steal my money. This is an example of how greedy attorneys work with a corrupt court system to make money for the local legal community over extremely petty non-case First Amendment Rights issues. (Pamela Lauser Page)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

My Discovery Results Are In For Anonymous Google Blogger

Voila! After much strenuous prodding and pulling of Google's legal department, I finally got the partial results from my subpoena request for its malicious anonymous blog poster I've referred to throughout this blog as Cyber #1. It's about the now defunct blog at The person was writing extremely malicious material posting hundreds of articles and copyrighted infringement photos of me since 2007 accusing me of being everything under the sun.

The IP address Google provided is within 350 miles of the defendant's home and smack dab off the main highway artery in between the defendant's other home in Los Lunas, New Mexico.
This isn't exactly a smoking gun, so I had to really sit down with Google Earth to figure out what really happened.

The evidence shows the major artery highway that hooks up with La Mesa, CA, is one of two and the most logical highway path to get to Los Lunas, New Mexico, the other home of the defendant. On that day I'm alleging Cyber #1 took the most logical route while stopping in Tuscon Arizona for a possible overnight stay or perhaps lunch. There he planned to create his vicious blog, hoping the IP address wouldn't implicate him should any lawsuit be filed.

So, I guess I should show the map of Cyber #1's little trip in which he stopped on the way to start his vicious anonymous blog:

The latest defamatory post I show was in June, 2009 prior to the lawsuit that was filed. I'm also asking Google to provide that
IP information as well through a Motion to Compel because they've given me some excuse.

This evidence, when combined with accumulative and other
corroborating evidence, is strongly convincing. The defamatory postings in February, March, April and June 2009 fall well within the Statute of Limitations about my having allegedly forged documents as a public official among other things.

I wish this person would just sign my Settlement Agreement and agree to pay his own legal costs. I'm not asking for a cent (but if it gets as far as to trial I certainly will)! I would gladly then convert my blog to a new format. All I want is for this person to leave me alone and not post anything more under my name. He insists he's innocent and that I should pay his legal costs, something a court would never grant for a non-contract case.

For now, I'm celebrating because it is convincing evidence that falls within the Statute of Limitations of postings in 2009 since I have evidence of recent defamation in June.

The slam dunk is straight up ahead set to come from the new subpoena I served on America Online on December 23, 2009. That subpoena asks for the sub accounts of the defendant's admitted main account in 2007. This will be the slam dunk case sealer for sure if my hunch is right sub accounts were used from the main account in 2007.

All you have to do is show a jury or judge that the guy lied several times under oath and that he omitted relevant facts. Certain conduct can be analyzed such as "if someone was impostering you, why wouldn't you want to know the identity of such person who caused this lawsuit to be filed against you? Instead you, such and such.

My Favorite Most Useful Service Provider in 2009 - Zip Car!

I love the convenience of having brand new model cars within a block from where I live, while not having to pay for gas, insurance or parking, all thanks to Zip Cars!

Zip Cars are now located across the country in many major cities. Zip allows you to do small errands around town for as low as $8.00/hr and have hybrid electric cars available if you're green. Their service agreement only requires a $50/year fee and use of hourly rates all year with no minimum requirements.

Aside from not worrying about gas and insurance costs, the convenience of using Zip Cars is they provide an assigned scan card to access the vehicles for immediate use. You can be in one of their cars within 30 minutes of needing to go somewhere! I have several Zip Car stations available in my area so there's no problem accessing transportation. Zip's on-line system enables you to reserve a car of your choice instantaneously. My experience is there is no problem booking a car on the weekday within 30 minutes of requiring one.

I've used Zip Cars several times now and have only needed to fuel up once due to a low tank. Zip car provides a gas card to use.

Cars used to be a problem for me, not any more thanks to Zip Car.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Pope Tackled By Woman On Christmas Eve!

What a shocker, a lady jumped the ropes and practically tackled the Pope to the ground! For those who don't think highly of the Catholic Church, this is a nice Christmas Gift the world has rarely seen.

The Church has been a source of much oppression of the world throughout history. It's done more harm then good in many people's opinions.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Darn, Spending B-Day in Small Claims Court!

Geez, I sent someone to file a small claims court case on my behalf in another county and she came back with my birthday as the date I have to go present my case. It's not fair!

These attorneys are such scum sucking criminals. They're greedy and will keep your entire retainer if you let them. They'll concoct ways to get to your retainer even when they never represent you!

What sleaze! I did all the work, the attorney didn't even represent me in court and she took $2,500 of my money.

So, for my 50th B-day I'll be spending it in Contra Costa County before a Judge pleading my case against a sleazy greedy she devil lawyer.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Innovative LiveScribe Pen

I've been waiting for electronic paper a while now. The LiveScibe Pen system appears to be the closest thing to it for now. I'm very busy but I thought I'd drop this information into a quick blog post. This pen is packed full of innovation. Check it out.


Friday, December 18, 2009

Scary Dogs Scare Me

So one afternoon in October, 2009 I'm walking up the street from the store to my apartment. I happen to have a sore ankle because I wore the wrong tennis shoes on the treadmill at the gym. I note a 30's something short blond haired woman walking towards me with a gigantic mean looking unleashed dog trailing 4 feet behind her. When bipedal, I imagine the dog would be taller than myself, that's how large it was, and quite muscular unlike the poor similar critter shown here.

As the lady approaches with her dog following behind, I begin to slightly freak out and say something really polite like, "you should get that big dog on a leash!" My fear in having to pass an extremely large unleashed dog accelerates as I know I'm in a vulnerable position where in a split second the dog could possibly maul me to death.

As the dog passes, I note it has taken notice of the exchange of words I had with its owner. I feel a rush of panic as the dog stares at, then begins lunging after me. I raise my voice in panic asking the owner to call her dog off and she has to grab it to prevent an attack. As she struggles to control the dog it's obviously riled up trying to squirm away to come after me again.

A few moments after they begin heading down the street I express my displeasure over being placed in such vulnerable life threatening position with, "your dog is
a lethal weapon and you need to get it on a leash!" Once again, the dog reverses its path and starts towards me again, coming as close as 3 feet. On its owner's command the dog quickly reverses itself on a dime demonstrating this time that it's really a well trained attack dog.

So what do you think the lady would say to me after it's all said and done? Does she apologize since she had her dog unleashed? Nooooo! What this lady says after bringing a few moments of terror into my life was "You're just jealous!" By the time she uttered such ridiculous mind blowing cruel words, she was way down the street at which time I pointed at her and said "you're in big trouble! You're dog's a lethal weapon!!!"

After it was all over did I think about calling the police? It did cross my mind. What prevented me from calling the SFPD is how utterly useless they are. They must be the worst cops in the entire country from my experience. SFPD cops seem to be on the side of the criminals in many respects. After all, without criminals, or the politicians who need limo motorcycle cops, they'd be unemployed. I didn't know if this lady lived in my neighborhood or how I could possibly locate her to file assault charges. Yes, assault charges. I was scared for my life. Visions of my being mauled to death by a big black dog seemed very possible.

Turns out someone had witnessed the little tiff, the street watchman who often stands out on the building patio checking out the neighborhood. I spoke with him shortly after the incident and he said he recalled another incident where the big mean dog lunged and nearly attacked someone. The victim was yelling and scared to death. The watchman said he knew where the lady lived and I found a couple who lived in the building who gave me a heads up to her unit number.

Anyway, back to my dog story. After the lady departed around the corner with her dog, I was still reeling from the encounter. I told everyone I bumped into about it, "this lady with a huge big black unleashed dog nearly attacked me with her dog and then said 'you're just jealous'!! People were truly appalled.


After I was able to get the lady's address through someone who knew where she lived, I sent her a letter. The letter was about my having witnesses, my asking for an apology while offering release of damages agreement. After 25 days I never heard back. I then decided to enter phase two, does she have a history of attacking people with her dog? I looked up the lady on the Internet to learn she had been arrested in 2002 for siccing her dog on someone it chewed up a little and I knew I was on the right path. The lady sued the city complaining of being tortured by the Sheriff during the short incarceration.

This next part has been lifted from the court briefs of the class action lawsuit filed against the City of San Francisco in 2004. The ". . . ." is the names of individuals which I've redacted.
described how the Asian males had to run inside Geary Street in order to seek protection from . . . and her attacking dog, and that . . .and another had to to seek protection from . . . . .and her dog from entering that building. After . . . . turned away and walked away from the door, . . . went outside. But . . . turned the dog to face . . . shouting "It doesn't matter if your black, Asian or White" and sicced the dog on . . . .. The dog bit . . . in the left hand injuring him.
.........was arrested on July 19, 2002 because her dog allegedly bit a man. She was taken to County Jail 9 where she was booked and instructed to disrobe in the presence of a male officer. When she refused, male and female deputies dragged her into a safety cell, forcibly removed her clothing and left her naked in the cell for approximately 12 hours. First Amended Class Action Complaint, at ¶ 20. She was awakened every 20 minutes by pounding on the door by a male officer who observed her naked.
Yes, the same lady who sued the City of San Francisco in 2004 under a Class Action lawsuit nearly attacked me with her big black unleashed dog, then uttered the kind words "you're just jealous!" The community's at risk as long as this lady continues to disobey leash laws with that kind of attitude. Imagine if a little kid was walking past this dog and made a wrong move.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Here Comes 2010 - So Where Are Flying Cars?

I've been waiting a long time for electric cars to appear since the mid-1980's because I can't stand the smell of gasoline nor the continual rise of the price per gallon. Other more futurist visionaries have even been waiting for flying cars! Apparently, even flying cars are a strong possibility on the horizon.

When I was a kid in the 1960's I remember being shocked at witnessing a car drive into the lake at Lake Tahoe California. They had driven their amphibian convertible into the water that then became a mini boat! I couldn't believe what I had witnessed at the time. How much fun would that be to take a nice scenic drive at Lake Tahoe then into the lake for a boat ride.

I'm continually getting jolts of culture shock from the fabulous new technologies that have appeared recently. One of my favorites is Sirius Satellite voice activated radio. Though I don't own the technology yet, I've seen it advertised where a driver of a vehicle simply states what they'd like to hear and the song plays instantaneously! The other feature I've noted in satellite radio is the digital display of the artists name, song title and perhaps year the song was released.

These new music distribution systems are all mind boggeling for those of us who grew up with turntable record players, not to mention commercial radio. It's too bad people couldn't have all this fabulous technology back in the 60's when there was a lot more talent and quality music producers. If you really think about it, it's truly amazing how far technology has come within our lifetimes. Why, back when I was in high school in the 70's, they didn't even have VCR's, ATM's or fax machines yet!

Then of course, there are the truly revolutionary Star Trek like beam me up flip cell phones! I had a briefcase model mobile phone way back in the 1980's when I was selling young technology. Back then there were very few cell base locations for the transmitters to signal to and calls were commonly dropped. It wasn't until the mid-1990's that the cell phone technology finally took off. I was one of the few in the 90's to have my own Sprint Cell phone, but it wasn't a flip phone because they hadn't developed to that level yet. Then, I rebelled a while from the cell phone craze until I was forced to get my first flip phone for business needs. I've grown into the technology and use my cell phone quite frequently now. I don't know what I'd do without the convenience of my phone and I'm sure others feel the same way.

Getting back to the topic of cars, I am certain we all could have been driving electric cars by now had the oil and car companies not deliberately stunted the industry. Why, we could have even had solar powered cars by now, or cars that run on other kinds of fuels. As for the potential arrival of flying cars, I honestly don't believe there will ever be a mass market appeal to such dangerous small vehicles.

Monday, December 14, 2009

You Learn Something New Every Day

I was at the court clerk's office today and a nice attorney was standing in line I managed to get some interesting information from. First, he was in pro per because he injured himself at a hotel in Taiwan a year ago. He was on a little push scooter because his foot was injured very seriously and still healing after a year.

What the attorney told me was it is extremely rare that courts ever award a prevailing party the other party's attorney fees. He says it is something the courts just don't do. I mentioned how strange that was since such a threat is always used to prevent frivolous lawsuits from occurring. He said it's a total fallacy. What this means is sue happy people can sue to their heart's content and never be charged another's attorney's fees if they lose. Wow!

There's some strange man who is under the illusion he can possibly get his attorneys fees awarded should some miracle occur and he get his case dismissed or win at trial. Fat chance.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Botfly Removed From Woman's Scalp Who Visited Belize

There are many hazards associated with being an adventurer traveling to foreign countries. This is just one example.

Friday, December 11, 2009

A Look Back at 2009 - Highlights on My Fav Products - Edgestar Dishwasher

I've had my Edgestar Dishwasher (countertop) for nearly a year and it's still going strong. I absolutely love this machine and I'm not the only one who feels this way about a mere machine. It has saved me so much time while getting the dishes sanitized clean.

Here are a few reviews I agree with:

This Dishwasher Changed My Life

"All in all, I love this dishwasher more than I ever thought I could love a kitchen appliance. It works brilliantly and has made such a difference in my life. I cook more, my husband and I never argue about the dishwashing chores, and I don't have to move to a new house!"
Best Gift I Could Have Gotten
"I LOVE my dishwasher. It has been positively life changing. I HATE doing dishes and so I admittedly waited till the sink was FULL of dishes before I rolled up my sleeves to wash dishes. It was easy to install. I use the sink adaptor. I DID have to go to ace hardware to get a fitting (an inch thick) and some plumbing tape to make it work. But that was 5 bucks and took me 30 mins. You might need someone who is st..."

A Dream

"Having a busy schedule makes it difficult to hand wash dishes and pots. In addition, living in an apartment building where a full capacity dishwasher is out of the question makes it all the more harder for us busy city folks to maintain a clean kitchen. However... this dishwasher is a dream come true. It is quite powerful, not only cleaning dishes but pots and pans as well. I'm truly satisfied with this product and would highly recommend it to those of us who desire convenience without sacrifice!!!"

Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Look Back at 2009 - Highlights on My Fav Products - Ecoloblue28

Earlier this year I purchased an Ecoloblue 28 water generator. This miraculous machine extracts moisture from the humidity in the air turning it into pure drinking water. I've been very pleased with the quality of water especially.

Though at times it's slightly a pain having to deal with the manual to learn how to conduct a simple 20 minute monthly maintenance regimen, and was even more annoying having to set the thing up it was well worth it. I've got pure drinking water and as long as I have access to electricity, there won't be any problem having access to water during droughts.

The filters are inexpensive and you can buy them in bulk specials offered by Ecoloblue. The filters need only be changed once each six months and their membrane filter is replaced once every two years. Their ultraviolet light is also replaced every two years. Disclaimer: Don't take my word for it however, make sure you either read the instructions or call an Ecoloblue tech specialist should you purchase the machine.

Ecoloblue ocassionally offers specials and recently offered a dropped price from $1,200 to $999. Sometimes their specials include a one year supply of filters.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Look Back at 2009 - Highlights on My Fav Products

By far the greatest value I found in a product this year is Five Star Soaps by Cal Ben Soaps. Cal Ben soap is pure and they've been in business since 1947. Early this year I purchased their $150 bulk soap (pictured) package that included enough soap products to last me several years.

Their laundry detergent is highly concentrated and does a great job. Their hand soaps are high lather, with a mild almond oil scent I just love. Their shampoos are wonderful and high lather as well.
These are chemical free, pure soaps at 85% off vs. the store bought soap products. They provide a load of dish liquids as well. If you went out today and tried to purchase all these products at the store, it would cost hundreds of dollars easy!

Purchasing the Five Star Soaps' $150 bulk soap package is the best value you will ever find. Their dishwasher soap isn't as cheap as the rest, but still is a great value. Cal Ben also sends out a very inexpensive sampler to sample their products - for just $20 that includes:
One month supply tote pkg. Only $20.00
Four Samples includes the following
4-Bars Complexion Beauty "Pure Soap"
16 oz. "Five Star" Shampoo
16 oz. Dish Glow
18 oz. "Seafoam" Laundry Powder

This Cal Ben Super Star '1200' Soap Collection will last several years. I'm convinced their laundry detergent will last me at least the next 5 years because it just takes a small scoop to clean a load of wash.

This is really a great value every family should consider buying direct from Cal Ben.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What Ever Happaned to . . . .

I've been researching on what some of my former Palos Verdes High School alumni from 1978 are up to 31 years after graduating. As I looked around a bit, I wanted to present a few results. But first, I happened to catch someone on one of the forums as recently as 4/2009 asking what ever happened to me along with a few others from an orchestra class and it gave me the shivers.

In the the interim, Perry La Marca, the PVHS infamous pianist who we all thought was destined for greatness one day has done quite well and still is seasoning himself as a film composer. He's following in the footsteps of composer John Williams a former teacher and mentor. One of his latest films is THE MORGUE now out on DVD. I'll have to catch that one for sure.

Perry and I worked on a couple music projects after high school but he was far above me in musical development and left me in the dust so to speak. Looking back, I should have never gone the path of music and could have saved myself a lot of time and heartache. I should have been a nurse in my opinion. Back then it wasn't cool to be a nurse though. Okay, next up. I'll save that for another post.

Monday, December 7, 2009

I Don't Know What I'm Doing Here Your Honor

A certain defendant in pro per came to a Case Management Conference last Friday and made a complete fool of himself. He uttered such ridiculous things as "I don't know what I'm doing here your Honor" as if he was transported from the holodeck of a star ship of delusional insanity to a court room based in REALITY. Yet, the court room was REAL and so was the judge.

The judge, obviously aghast, responded it was the inappropriate hearing to request a dismissal and proceeded to set a date for a REAL TRIAL to determine the innocence or guilt of the defendant.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Monday, November 30, 2009

Fraud Al Gore Sued by 30,000 Scientists

As previously stated in a former blog post, I believe Al Gore needs to be placed under serious analysis for his mid life crisis since his former loss to President Bush. The man's become a nightmare to the world disguised in philanthropy for environmentalism. The latest news is that 30,000 scientists have sued Al Gore for promoting his scientific fraud to promote his various companies' billion dollar profitability.

Now, 30,000 scientists, including the founder of The Weather Channel, have come forward to sue Al Gore for fraud. Al Gore has made massive profits in the promotion of the global warming mythology, and he played a key role in getting the 'Cap and Trade' legislation passed. Perhaps this lawsuit will finally give the thousands of 'dissenting' scientists a voice again.

The Founder of the Weather Channel is leading the way of the lawsuit. He's interviewed in this video:

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Laser Pointers Have Certainly Evolved

Along with my colloidal silver generator I received my very first laser pen. I was testing the laser pen to see how far I could cast the dot outside my window to realize how truly powerful, and even dangerous, these things really are. When I realized I could see a dot on a very far away building I absolutely freaked. I could virtually land the dot on anything I pointed to, near and far. And this was even through a window where part of the light was refracted!

I realized there MUST BE LAWS to deal with the potential dangers and violations of others with these laser pens so I looked it up on the Internet. Low and behold, there were serious sentences for people who have done such dumb things as attempt to disable an airline pilot's sight by flashing one into the sky.

I read up more on these pens to learn some of the more powerful ones can point out objects with their beams into the universe. I really don't understand why we don't hear about people being rescued from boats based on flashing their lasers into the night sky. If they could figure out a way for SOS to be conveyed, I think these laser pens or laser flashlights could be used for rescuing people lost at sea or the wilderness.

Green lasers are the most powerful of all beams I understand. The top beam travel is 100 miles.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Grapefruit Seed Extract Really Works

I know I posted a while back about getting a colloidal silver generator, but it turns out I returned it for a refund. Not only was it expensive, but defective as well. I'll give you one chance to correct the problem, maybe even two but don't expect me to go in and repair your expensive device myself. They apologized and sent me something free to make up for the inconvenience so I won't be naming them on this blog.

In finding another solution, I was since told there's a far cheaper way to deal with my recurring bronchitis issue. Since I've been taking a liquid form of the Grapefruit Seed Extract, I've been feeling much better and noted a distinct improvement in my health. I've been taking 8-10 drops three times a day in my fruit drinks and I really have been feeling back to normal.

At one time I would have thought a small bottle of this stuff at $16.00 expensive. After paying $450 for a colloidal silver generator, it suddenly seems dirt cheap. Sure, I wanted to trip on breathing in silver particles using a cool portable nebulizer but it doesn't seem it was meant to be.

Oh, and the climb of GLD on the stock market has me feeling like I missed the boat because I was about to put all my money into it before I "forgot" on a Sunday night before it began its steep climb. Since it's gone up every day practically to about $15 a share, I've been feeling really horrible about missing that opportunity because I would have made thousands of dollars in a matter of a few weeks.

Even after GLD stock started catapulting I decided not to go in even at that point because my experience is it can fall just as fast as it rises. The second I'd invest my money it would drop another $7 a share or something like it did last time. I just can't afford to be gambling right now. But I sure wish I would have done so at the perfect time. I'll probably look back the rest of my life and realize I missed a huge opportunity. I tend to do that a lot.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Traitor Al Gore Transported by Holograph to Speak in Tokyo

I saw this happening many years ago and finally its come true. I saw a time when people would be transported by holograph technology to speak by telephone conference and specifically for famous people to present themselves to crowds of people. I saw a time when boring wax museums would turn into holographic imaging of people after they die to speak with the living. This is much like Star Trek's holodeck technology idea. I saw a time when famous musicians would record themselves for future generations in holographic form. Even holographic ightclubs would feature these famous musicians!

In this video, Al Gore is presented in holographic form in Tokyo. Check it out. I've had many conversations about this technology and even presented my idea to an Intel chip designer back in 2000. Obviously they made it come true and it will most likely be the wave of the future.

Al Gore sounds so canned and fake. He's a traitor to America.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Morrison Planetarium Fulfilled My Life's Dream

Last Sunday we checked out the new Academy of Sciences in San Francisco. The place was amazing and well worth its $24 ticket that included entry to the largest all digital planetarium in the world, the Morrison Planetarium. They opened up the design of the new museum to have large spaces not being so dreary and cramped. It even has an indoor stream and see through water walk ways.
The Morrison Planetarium is the largest all-digital dome in the world with a 75-foot diameter projection screen tilted at a 30 degree angle. Thanks to immersive video technology, the dome seems to disappear when imagery is projected onto it, creating an experience more like flying than watching a movie.
First, as someone whose been to the Monterey Bay Aquarium twice, I can say the museum's Steinhart Aquarium aquatic section is nearly similar. It was obvious the planners took cues from Monterey in building their own. They had a tremendous sea horse tank that made my jaw drop, and many jelly fish tanks too.
Steinhart Aquarium is home to 38,000 live animals from around the world, representing more than 900 separate species. Come nose-to-beak with an African penguin, watch sharks and stingrays cruise beneath your feet, check out the set of teeth on a piranha, and learn about the critical, life-sustaining role that water plays on Earth.
There was so much to see, we missed the tropical forest bird section preferring to check out the world class Morrison Planetarium. We weren't sorry because it was a once in a lifetime experience! We were among the first crowds to see the planetarium's latest new show the Journey to the Stars.
In the new Morrison’s second show, travel through time and space to experience the dramatic lives and deaths of stars. Witness brilliant supernova explosions, dive into the heart of the fiery Sun, and watch it transform into a red giant five billion years in the future. Narrated by Whoopi Goldberg, Journey will help you discover the deep-rooted connection between humanity and the stars.
They took digital images from the Hubble Telescope coupled with their digitally generated universe to make it seem we were flying through space and galaxies like on Star Trek. One really did have the feeling of being suspended in space, viewing the earth, sun, planets, and far away galaxies while traveling through space and time in order to see the birth of stars. It was awesome and breathtaking.

After the planetarium show, it made us feel like we had experienced something the entire human race would like to see at least once in their lifetimes along with all preceding ancestors. It was that spectacular! It's something I recommend everyone see as a once in a lifetime event. My life is fulfilled after that experience; it fulfilled my dreams in every way. I've always wanted to go into space and visit galaxies and witness the birth of stars.

For $24 we got to see an incredible museum full of human history milestones like a moon rock, asteroid we could touch and amazing fish in natural environments, rain forests, and traveled through time and space. The cost was a great value and I'm definitely going back because I couldn't possibly see everything in a matter of four hours.

Once again I have another reason to be proud to be living in San Francisco that has transformed itself to a world class city in 15 years since I moved here from Los Angeles.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Global Warming Fraud - Hackers Expose Al Gore Scientific Fraud

Alex Jones is having another hernia, this time a celebrative one, over the disclosure of white hat hackers' hacking into a British University's database to expose the global warming fraud scam perpetuated by Al Gore, the Rothchilds and others who plan to profit off enormous taxes and infrastructures. They are even trying to make Global Warming a new religion of sorts.

The San Francisco Science Academy is really promoting this global warming fraudulent scientific data from what I could observe. I'll have more on that later.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

San Francisco Academy of Sciences Visit Today

Am I ever so fortunate to live in San Francisco that has totally upgraded itself from 18 years ago when I first moved from Los Angeles! The city has brought me such wonders as the Pharaoh Hatshepsut who I had previously studied and placed on my web site in 1999, and most recently tremendous artifacts of King Tut. Today I'm going to the newly restored and remodeled new Academy of Sciences in San Francisco. I waited a while after it opened so they could work out all the bugs of their beta version.

The former Academy was a really outdated relic from the early 1900's (it actually was started in 1853 but had to be rebuilt a few times due to earthquakes). It included a small tank that held a dolphin and s
eals for decades. They would swim to each side continually as if in type of Mobius Strip (Loop) unable to escape. I visited 25 years later from way back in 1970 when I was just ten years old and remember seeing the dolphin way back then! Some of the eels had been in their tanks for 30, even 40 years.

What's really exciting news is the museum also boasts:

The Morrison Planetarium is the largest all-digital planetarium in the world. State-of-the-art projector and software technologies allow the planetarium to produce the most accurate and interactive digital Universe ever created.
San Francisco has significantly upgraded its city since I first moved here in 1995. They completely rebuilt the De Young Museum and built a large Asian Museum as well. When I arrived the main library was about to open that is really a stupendous building. Today many homeless people use the library and make it rather unpleasant for the public. Security does nothing whatsoever to protect the public because it's a political issue in the city.

Around the time I
arrived in San Francisco they had also restored the Legion of Honor I visited last week. At the time I had thought it was brand new until I saw an Edgar Hitchcock movie that featured the museum in its background. I still haven't gotten around to visiting the Hall of Flowers that houses all kinds of hard to find exotic plant species.

San Francisco has so much to offer and I don't for one minute regret living here. The San Francisco International Airport has also been redesigned and is completely state-of-the art in every way. For local travel I can catch a ferry ride across the bay to visit Sausalito for $8 and there's all kinds of other nature areas to get away to. Everything I need is within walking distance. I love to walk and it only takes 30 minutes to walk to Fisherman's Wharf. Other spectacular places are the domed Westfield Mall, the rather new Apple Store and the newly restored Ferry Building Clock Tower shopping mall.

I got out of my car fetish a long time ago. In Los Angeles when I departed with my sports car it was a horrifying traumatic experience as if the world was coming to an end. In San Francisco I don't need a car and can save a lot of money using the Zip cars occasionally. The underground Bart train enables inexpensive visits to surrounding cities.

From where I live within one block is the Nob Hill Masonic Auditorium that features some top names in the music industry. Two blocks away is the historic Fairmont Hotel that has hosted many historical figures throughout history and is also where the United Nations was formed in 1945 (not quite a good thing from my point of view, but it is historical nonetheless). I'm very fortunate to have lived long-term in one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in. San Francisco is a historically transient town.

The building I've lived in since 2003 is in the heart of San Francisco and was built prior to Amelia Earhart's infamous flight. It even has the same glass cut door knobs from the 1920s.

Mobius Loop on Wikipedia

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Donny Osmond Really Looked Like This!

After 30 years I forgot what Donny Osmond used to look like back in the 1970s. He was so adorable! Times were so different back then as the bad boy syndrome hadn't presented itself in main stream yet. This clip is cute and worth watching featuring Rodney Allen Rippey at the Grammy awards with Michael Jackson and Donny Osmond. I hope he's doing okay today, these child actors go through hell having fame so young in life.

This video is interesting as Donny talks about his former friendship with Michael Jackson. Donny's a very intelligent guy and communicates well.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Cyberbaby Blamed Me For Another's Posts and Letter

Watch dogs don't care whose made the noise, they just bark and bark and attack whoever happens to be there. Such is how Cyberbaby #2 made the big mistake in accusing me without due diligence or knowing for sure. Cyberbaby had an issue with someone in 2005, and that person contacted me in 2006. I wrote very little on this blog about this cyber and whatever I put up on the Internet wasn't significant to warrant such baseless accusations made under oath.

So what that I put up the cyber's traffic record and merged pages in a PDF from rip off reports? I wrote about 3-4 articles on my blog in 2 years.

Something I've learned and come to the conclusion about is men in this day and age are big babies. Big, big babies.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Red Alert on Internet Criminals? On Second Thought. . .

About my last "expose the frauds" post, I've since reconsidered my intention to expose such individuals on this blog. When you're dealing with criminals who will stoop so low as to con people out of $1,000 on the Internet while not providing any services, I don't think it's a good idea to go around "exposing" such people outside the criminal judicial system.

After having acquired a little experience in the area by now of exposure of underhanded individuals (uh hum) it kicked in yesterday it's really unnecessary. First, many people have already complained about them and the word is already out. Sure, this blog could help expose them a bit, but what good would that really do? They'd probably pack up and leave town for a new con business.

The right way to deal with guys like this is to report them to the FBI's Internet fraud division because they're outside California. Charges could be for wire fraud and a freeze could be placed on their bank account as well. The FBI must have its hands full dealing with all these Internet con artist crooks.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Big Red Alert Story Brewing

I'm nearing certainty that a service company that allegedly takes $1,000 of people's money and doesn't provide any services is criminal. I'm itching to expose these frauds but am being patient. I'll give it another few days before I blow the lid off these possible frauds. If it's true they're criminal, they are really low life scum and unbelievable Internet con artists.
You might think you can spot a con artist because he's someone you instinctively "don't trust." But the term con artist is short for confidence artist -- they gain your confidence just long enough to get their hands on your money. They can be very charming and persuasive. A good con artist can even make you believe he is really an old friend you haven't seen in years. How Stuff Works

These guys better not be scamming and conning people because wire fraud and all kinds of things can land them in prison in no time. Anyone who sets up a bank account to receive funds is subject to close scrutiny needing to provide social security numbers, drivers licenses, etc. This is also one of the kind of situations you can report to the FBI as a legitimate complaint based on commerce being done across state borders.

In the interim, I'm happy to report I'm officially severed from my AT&T land line. I now use Magic Jack™ for all of my personal phone calls via the Internet for just $19.95 a year (plus the cost of the USB device). You can buy it at Radio Shack for $35 including the one year access fee.