Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Pal Nancy Gagen from Kirkland & Ellis LLP Filed Lawsuit Against Big Law Monsters

See? I'm not the only one whose had complaints with Kirkland & Ellis LLP's management! My former coworker Nancy Gagen contacted me yesterday, who I had worked with at night from the Chicago office, to let me know she and others filed Federal lawsuits. Another, Tammi Bowden, also filed a lawsuit in 2005. They've both put up the reasons for their claims with links to their complaints on a their website

It takes a lot of courage to file a lawsuit against a law firm. As these coworkers did, I also went to the EEOC in 2006 with my complaint. The guy there told me he would allow an investigation after my hearing but I had to stop there because he said I would have lost. Then I went to the Labor Board about dinner breaks I had to work through that were unpaid due to their intimidation. The guy there also said he would allow the case to continue after the hearing. Once again I pulled back because he said I'd need a lot of evidence from eyewitnesses.

I filed a huge case with the EEOC - Here's a link to my Visual Timeline document I submitted from 2006

Kirkland & Ellis LLP Should Be Ashamed of Itself!

It was a nightmare working for some brutal women in management at Kirkland's San Francisco office. Both Audrey Wulff and Corki Recht, who I've written about previously, were scary to work for. They decided to burn me out rather then let me continue after two years because I was about to get 401k contributions I waited for two years. Everyone prior to me in the position had been terminated within a few months. I worked 155 hours overtime for them and was a lone night staff employee with little support who worked until 11:30 p.m. Sometimes I'd have to stay until 2:00 a.m. They lied to me they'd eventually hire more people and never did. There were 3 1/2 floors in a huge and infamous Bank of America Tower of attorneys and staff I supported for their document production needs. I was the only one in San Francisco but occasionally Nancy Gagen and a few others from the Chicago office would help me with overflow if they had time.

I also suspected Kirkland's female management was spying on me and others there which is why I purchased bug scanning devices to check for hidden cameras and electromagnetic waves. I got a lot of static indicating some kind of activity but couldn't confirm the source.

I'm proud of my fellow former coworkers who refuse to be intimidated as if we're in Nazi Germany by out of control big law firms. Way to go Nancy and Tammi!

The site server for this site seems to have problems. If it's down, keep trying. I viewed it this morning:

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Will the Coming Great Depression Be the End of Edmond Wollmann?

I'm really hoping the Great Depression will put an end to this parasite Edmond Wollmann very soon. I'm thinking within the next 2-4 years Wollmann won't be able to survive and will most likely end up in a FEMA labor camp they're setting up.

The year 2012 is the drop dead date for Wollmann to leave the planet because he won't be able to survive what is to come by that time. Most any American would have to be practically super human to survive beyond 2012 and extremely well prepared with years of supplies and water.
The world's changing fast and Wollmann isn't set to exist on earth for very much longer. His parasitic journey is nearing its long, arduous end.

Under the US Patriot Act, Edmond Wollmann is already considered a terrorist for convictions including a concealed unlicensed gun, trespassing and being a public nuisance.
In fact, anyone with a misdemeanor is considered a terrorist under the Patriot Act. If Obama wanted to, he could order Wollmann held as an enemy combatant without a trial and detained indefinitely.

Possible scenarios:
  • First, Internet 2.0 is implemented that gradually discards and erases all the old material from old sites and blogs (this will happen, but the date's not set in stone yet).

  • Second, food and water shortages force Wollmann into a desperate lifestyle and off the Internet (he wouldn't be able to afford their higher fees anyway)

  • Third, when the worldwide economic collapses occurs, Wollmann will fall into society's black hole and end up in a FEMA labor camp.

  • Fourth, Wollmann will die in a FEMA labor camp, or some bright person will kill him there for obvious reasons.

  • One other possible scenario is Wollmann comes up to San Francisco to pay me a visit where he will leave in a body bag.
Whatever happens, I can guarantee by virtue of the nature of the times we're living in, Edmond Wollmann's life span is limited up to the year 2012. Edmond Wollmann will be dead within the next 3-4 years and for many of his victims and enemies it will be good riddance to the bastard!!

There are a number of FEMA labor camps (blue pegs above) in New Mexico where Wollmann owns a mobile home in Los Lunas. The above FEMA google map shows the nearest one to Wollmann's address in Los Lunas. There are an unusual number of FEMA soon to be converted labor camps in this vacinity.

All world currencies are going to collapse along with the dollar. The world is going into a panic phase within the next few years. Due to his life on the Internet cyberstalking and hacking, Edmond Wollmann is not at all prepared with the necessary supplies of gold, silver, food water and social skills to survive the Great Depression. In fact, his warrant, not to mention his criminal record, would place Wollmann in a F
EMA labor camp under Martial Law. When his "papers" are asked for, and the nature of his criminality exposed to any govt. official, Wollmann will be arrested, detained and shipped to one of these FEMA labor camps. Under the US Patriot Act during times of Martial Law Wollmann can be lawfully detained for having a warrant and criminal record and held indefinitely without an attorney or trial.

Edmond Wollmann will most likely be discarded in one of the FEMA camp coffins designed for terrorists just like him.

"And right now, the federal government — working without a road map, and without a net — is putting together a plan to keep U.S. banks from collapsing." 2/8/09 -

Cannibal Law Firms Gorge Themselves on Corpses

Imagine a group of people who have merged into one entity they identify themselves under the banner of. You would be privileged to work with such a group, at least in their view, as your purpose would be to allow them to consume every minute of your life to the very end. You have no private personal life or talents to these people as they own you as part of their illusory family. They will make sure your every living moment is dedicated to them. That is a good description of my life under these people.

As long as you cooperate in supporting them while denying your own life, they'll reward you in some way but most of the time the reward is nothing but an illusion. After slaving your entire life at the end of it you will have never discovered your true potential or gotten to know any sense of personal freedom. If you're lucky, you'll get a little retirement savings. In scary times ahead, things don't look good for retirement.


I've come to the conclusion these people I've been slaving for a decade are in denial about themselves and lives to the extent they band together an an attempt to overcome reality. That is, the reality we all must face, that we can never know our true potential unless we can do something unique aside from the crowd. These people don't want to know who they truly are or their potential to be independent from the crowd. When reality peeks out its little head, they lie and cover things up. They will do anything to deny reality to avoid the truth. They generally like to believe they are masters of the universe. They will have the audacity to tell you what's real in spite of your basic instincts telling you they are liars and manipulators of facts.

I see a little opening available for me to slip through and escape these people. In the process of doing so I genuinely feel as if I'm dying. I'm not doing anything to cause myself to feel this way. I obviously have been deluding myself that I had a future and life slaving for attorneys at law firms. It was like a drug injection each day that prolonged my life. Turns out it wasn't a life, and it wasn't real.
These people can't tell me what facts are and that I didn't experience things I experienced. When they do that, they are like the government covering up 9/11. When you see these hugely successful law firms collapsing each year, you know their reality isn't true, but for a sustained illusion. They cannibalize each others' firms after the collapses, gorging themselves on the entities' corpses to survive.


Fear runs high at these major law firms. Everyone's scared of being laid off one day or coming in to learn their law firm is closing its doors.
When they tell their employees there is nothing to worry about because they will be gorging themselves on another law firm's corpse, that's when you realize they are a lot like cannibals. One can only wonder if these masters of the universe ever had no food that they might gorge themselves on their employees' flesh as they did by sapping them their entire lives.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Evidence Immune Assist 247 by Enerfood Got Rid of My Hives

Since the Benadryl ceased to work after 12 hours of taking repeatedly, I decided not to discontinue and try some other remedy. If the remedy didn't work, I was going to call the doctor again.

Last night proved the Benadryl was no match for my hives when I had an intense flare up of my skin burning as if in flames. I decided my immune system was really the problem that I needed to fortify in some way. It was only a few weeks I got a bottle of Immune Assist 247 from Enerfood but hadn't really used it yet. So,
I decided to see if it worked to get rid of my Hives.

Within 30 minutes of taking Immune Assist 247 that contains medicinal mushrooms, last night my hives substantially quieted down. This morning I woke up to mild itching but most all of the rash was gone on my body except around my joints. The rash moved to where my joints were on the back of my hands and knees. They were red like a sunburn, not raised welts as previous. When I took the Immune Assist this morning, the rashes completely disappeared.

I believe my extreme case of hives wouldn't have gone away anytime soon without Immune Assist 247. I tested the Benadryl that ultimately failed when I had a severe attack. Within 30 minutes Immune Assist stopped the burning and by morning the hives were nearly gone. When I took the IA again, it got rid of the remaining rash.

I know this Immune Assist 247 got rid of my hives (so far) because after the Benadryl failed to hold (I took two every 5 hours), the seriousness of the condition worsened. Here's a blurb on the Enerfood site:

"It has been tested as an adjunct to conventional therapy for cancer, for Hepatitis B, for Alcoholic liver disease and it is presently being tested for HIV and for Hepatitis C. The results have been amazingly positive in each one of these studies."
For anyone looking to fight off hives, I'd recommend Immune Assist 247 by Enerfood.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Update on Hives - Body Felt Engulfed in Virtual Flames

This is an update on my hives condition. I'm hoping this will help others surfing for treatments. The Benadryl worked well up until the early evening. Then my skin took off with intense burning sensations as if I were on fire. I have refrained from itching all I can to learn itching alone doesn't cause the rashes to form on the skin.

If this keeps up I may have to check into the local hospital's burn ward. I have no control over my skin's surface temperature at this point. It's at remission at this moment but I had a bad attack of being engulfed in virtual flames around 7:30 p.m. I fought it off with some apple cider vinager, an Immune Assist organic supplement and flax oil.

It's unbelievable I got this because I've been taking my great Enerfood protein shakes and working out each day. I have a two year supply of all kinds of health food powders from this company, including coconut milk powder. The shakes are designed to boost one's immune system. I throw in bananas, a joint support vitamin and flax seed oil along with vitamin D gels. I also got hemp powder that's supposed to have great health benefits. I also tried soaking in epson salt bath but that didn't seem to help much. In fact the flare up happened shortly after.

At this moment I'm in remission. I'm hoping I don't have the dreaded Morgellons disease where bugs crawl under your skin and doctors don't believe what you have is real. I take such good care of myself. I don't smoke and I'm only guilty of having wine with dinner. I may drink too much coffee too but that's about it.

Tortured with Hives All Night

Last night was one of the worst in my life. The hives I have today pale to the ones I had as a kid. I was scratching myself all night, even my scalp. My face swelled up, especially around my eyes. My skin was burning no matter if I scratched or not. I thought I might die if my throat swelled up too.

This morning I called the doctor who responded within 20 minutes to my call. He said I must have had food that caused the allergic disturbance. I told him I didn't eat anything unusual, just the same ole stuff.

Ever since I saw the Hives band video as reported in yesterday's post, I've been commenting on YouTube how much I detest their music. I keep getting people responding to my comments. I write them back I'm suffering from hives and it's very serious. I even did a recording last night about my belief I was going to die.

The doctor said to take Benedryl for now but I may need cortisone. So far the B helped a lot and I slept all morning into the afternoon. The doctor seems to insist I ate something that caused this reaction but I just was eating as I usually do. The only suspect is an old chicken corn dog that's been in my freezer for the past 7 months. Generally frozen meat doesn't spoil that soon.

When I worked at Baker & McKenzie LLP last year I had a horrendous allergic reaction to some of their lunch buffet food. I became violently ill for the first time ever as the worst. I thought it was food poisoning, but no one else got sick. It was right around the time of the tomato recall.

Last night I began panicking that I might have that dreaded skin problem Morgellons Disease I wrote about a few weeks ago where bugs peek out their little heads after they eat through lesions. Then I began to imagine squirming under my skin so I know how people do hallucinate over such things. I'm not saying their condition isn't real, but I could easily imagine sensations of things underneath my skin. I had a couple sharp pains too.

I also have a few symptoms of the big M disease that have been gradually presenting themselves:

3. Skin lesions, both (a) spontaneously appearing and (b) self-generated, often with pain or intense itching. The former (a) may initially appear as “hive-like, or as pimple-like” with or without a white center. The latter (b) appear as linear or “picking” excoriations. Even when not self-generated (as in unreachable regions of babies’ skin), lesions often progress to open wounds that heal incompletely (e.g., heal very slowly with discolored epidermis or seal over with a thick gelatinous outer layer.). Evidence of lesions persists visually for years.

4. Musculoskeletal Effects and Pain is usually present, manifest in several ways. Pain distribution is broad, and can include joint(s), muscles, tendons and connective tissue. Both vascular and “pressure” headaches and vertebral pain are particularly common, the latter usually with premature (e.g., age 20) signs of degeneration of both discs and vertebrae.

Link to my blog article a few weeks ago:

Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Demonic Entity Beat Me Up Last Night; Gave Me Hives Too!

For the past several weeks, even months, I've been showing signs of demonic entity attacks. First the bruise came out of nowhere, then the hives all over my body this morning. The photos don't really show the extent of the hives but there are red botches and bumps all over my body. I haven't had hives for 35 years. Back then I got hives because I was running through fields of dry weeds and wild plants.

The bottom line is, the Grim Reaper is drawing near. My body is giving me all kinds of signs and I'm only 49. I honestly don't think I have more then two, maybe three years left on earth. I think I'll be gone by 2012 easily. This world won't miss me one bit, nor me it.

A few days ago I did my holographic last will and testament as I cursed the attorneys who created such overblown language for me to have to write by hand. I added a little note at the end "damn these attorneys!" And I do mean damn them.

Everything's going to The Humane Society of the United States with an emphasis to abolishing puppy mills where they torture dogs all of their lives. The HSUS is also the beneficiary listed on all of my IRA and bank accounts.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Preparing for Imminent Economic Collapse in America

Under the theme "our society is rapidly deteriorating" when a parasite like Edmond Wollmann who I do not know, having never met or spoken with, can latch onto me as such, I'll continue to post about America sinking like the Titanic.

I've thus compared the quality of men I've had relationships with in the 1980's, to that of 2007-2009 of a parasitic cyberstalking creep. I've also noted how extreme narcissists in San Francisco have gradually chipped away at my and others' quality of life after years of hard work and dedication at law firms. I've also noted childish, emotionally stunted gays a
nd lesbians and self-absorbed extreme narcissism go hand in hand. They think nothing of perverting reality because their obsessive pervasive sexual acts are a crime against nature. They think they can do whatever they want to anyone because they've formed a cult of fagdom lesdom utopia.

With Large Banks Collapsing, Many Law Firms Will Follow in the Footsteps of Heller Ehrman LLP.

As banks are collapsing along with various other sectors of our economy, so will major law firms. I've been researching the financial health of one of my banks, Wells Fargo, that had lured me with a phone solicitation to open up accounts. In less than 3 months since I took out most of my money from WAMU along with a CD, Wells Fargo appears to be sinking fast. Since WAMU was rescued by JP Morgan Chase, I've since moved 2/3rds of my money back. Regardless, there are some experts who think both banks will ultimately fail.

People always fall back under the belief their deposits are insured by the FDIC. In anticipating the upcoming bank collapse, the FDIC recently requested and was allowed to borro
w billions from the US Treasury, the first time in decades it has ever borrowed as such. This means the FDIC is in debt too!

Imagine if Heller Erhrman (only months ago considered one of the most solid and successful law firms in the country), Thelen Reid (84 years) and even Brobeck (shut down in 2003) law firms collapsed in relatively good times, what will happen when everything really gets bad? These were considered successful law firms with long histories! What it means is when major sectors of our economy begin to go under, larger law firms will most all collapse under their weight. New opportunities will open up for these law firms with the coming crisis, however their infrastructures do not allow them to change quick enough to survive. They would have to morph quickly to the conditions up ahead and I just don't see that happening. Why? Because law firms are dinosaurs. They move slowly in their bureaucracies. Attor
neys have operated doing whatever they want.

Today I'm buying a bottle of fine Champagne I will save until the anticipated day of a few more large collapses of law firms. I will pop the cork and celebrate these greedy, power orgy law firms will be closing their doors, just like Heller Erhman, Brobeck and the other Goliaths have during relatively good times. A few larger law firms often cannibalize and feed themselves off these hallowed out law firm corpse remains. When the big ones fall, it creates a slew of legal work for these other large firms to feed off of. Regardless, in the upcoming economic collapse scenario, eventually the cannibal firms will collapse as well. The gays and lesbians who hoard and nest there will be going down with them.

Let there be no doubt, when a few of these large greedy law firms come down this year and next I will be celebrating! This will be a dream fulfilled.

Thelen Reid Faces Closure
Heller Ehrman Shutting Down
Brobeck Law Firm Liquidated (2003)
Senate Moves to Loan $500 billion to FDIC
Washington Plans for Big Bank Failure

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Enemies Must Be Quickly Recognized

Something I've been noting lately is how my natural instincts have been emerging confirming what is true and what is not. This could be possibly happening since I got rid of Comcast over a year ago. I no longer watch television I used to average 2-4 hours a day watching.

Somehow many people have been programmed to deny their basic intuitions and instincts through this culture. Criminals often take advantage of our naivety and trust as they hide their malicious intent and ultimate destructive plans for our lives. Many of these malicious people have nothing more than a need for power. Regardless, they're long term meddling can cause serious damages which can prove ultimately difficult to recover from.

First things first, never trust a stranger whom you have nothing to base your trust on with any experiences! That is a flat out foolish thing to do. It doesn't matter if others appear to trust such a person or even if their company appears to be reputable. In this day and age, trust no one as you chalk up experiences with them. If a pattern emerges of their damaging you in any way, get out of the situation they conned you into and reassert reality if you are able.

A few months ago I was doing research on Chem Trails and came across a video of a former boyfriend from the early 1980's. Now a Christian and a Harvard graduate, he spoke in the video of his general belief in people's goodness while discussing his research on health effects of the chemical trails.

This year I've begun placing people under immediate suspicion for having malicious intent and for them to prove themselves otherwise. It was right around the time I ultimately broke with Michael in 1983 that crazy bisexual models were stalking me at my gym. It so freaked me out and I began believing I was a lesbian because of it. I even remember telling him about how these freaky models were stalking me around at my gym.

Things are quite different in my approach to people in 2009. Today I start out with the hypothesis human beings in this day and age are generally prone to evil and they must thereby prove with their actions if they are good. Based on this information, I then disengage or continue with them in some form. One person I initially so wanted to believe was good was a former gay friend. For him, I had actually reversed myself by believing he was good first. Over great amounts of time he ultimately proved me wrong having lied to me several times, even once talking behind my back.

We Have Intuition for Good Reason

The greatest protective mechanism we can have is that of intuition about someone. I've been prone to setting aside my intuition for a long time because everything is so twisted in San Francisco having been turned upside down on its head. In the workforce we are many times forced to set aside our natural inclinations in order to accommodate having to work and interact with someone we don't like or want in our lives. This ultimately trains us to put on a mask and suppress our natural indignation or disgust. Such ignoring of our natural gifts of instinct and intuition causes us to ultimately forget we have such defensive tools at our disposal.

Original instinct:
  • man with man - revulsion no matter who they are
  • woman with woman - depends on the women
Overriding instinct:
  • Supression

My Feelings About Gay Parades I've Seen in San Francisco

Not fun, ugly, embarrassing, dirty, obscene, stupid, dumb, obnoxious, criminal, insane, disgraceful. Gay men in particular are stunted who never grew beyond their teenage years of puberty emotionally.

Moral of the Story: The longer you allow your enemies to meddle in your life in any form, the more damage they will do. The consequences of my allowing gays and lesbians so much of my attention to help form my belief systems has resulted in tremendous damage to my life I must ultimately take responsibility for in the long run.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Danger of Attorneys & Morgellons Disease

I've worked with and for attorneys the past decade under the banner if you can't beat em, join em. I prospered considerably from working many long hours sacrificing a great portion of my life in bringing up my standard of living. Unfortunately, ever since giant law firms such as Brobeck began falling back in 2003 up to recently with Heller Erhmann and a few others, I've realized the reason this is happening is because the legal industry needs a serious overhaul.

I've since come to realize attorneys are much like a parasitic disease in our culture.
There are far too many of them feeding on their host of humanity while warping reality to their desired outcomes. Like the newly recognized pandemic Morgellons Disease (it actually makes one's skin crawl!), they take over the court system eating away at it like worms and parasites, gradually peeking their greedy little heads out of their host they're draining.

Many Attorneys Are Highly Paid Legal Word Processors

Having started out as a legal word processor, gradually my line of work was no longer needed being phased out. At one point, law firms charged their clients for legal document production services from their staff services at a low rate. Ultimately, attorneys took advantage of the clients not wanting to pay for such a fee by implementing the cost into their legal services. This allowed attorneys to become legal word processors and charge their client for their legal services in processing their documents themselves. Attorneys even began doing their own PowerPoint presentations and Excel spreadsheets. They violated the LAWS OF KARMA by doing the work the staff was hired to do, charging their clients for their time as such.

Not Music To My Ears

Much like an amateur musician has no idea how truly awful they are to the ears of a highly skilled professional, attorneys have no idea how bad they are at properly formatting, styling and word processing their documents. I noted as my skills were no longer in demand, how the legal secretaries began hoarding any work they could. In one example, I was hired at night and paid a lot of money only for a legal secretary to remain during my shift typing documents she should have dropped off to me. The politics at these law firms was becoming beyond toxic. Legal secretaries began to become major ass kissers and law firms began mirroring cult like families who protected their own who covered for them.

In attorneys violating the LAWS OF KARMA by doing my work, I have since gotten a legal education to learn the nature of their work. In doing so, I learned much of what attorneys do is a scam designed to protect the interests of their secret society they use the court system to profit by. Attorneys don't like it one bit that I, as a mere former legal word processor, have studied law and have paralegal certificate credentials. They much prefer their support staff remain dumb and pampered rather than educated because attorneys have large egos. Attorneys delude themselves by often underestimating their support staff's intelligence much like corporate media based journalists underestimate the alternative media's impact.

Attorneys Often File Cases Knowing Their Clients Have No Chance of Winning

I can provide numerous examples of attorneys creating cases out of thin air that have no validity, such as the recent Yelp libel case. Yelp and a poster were both sued for a critical post about a dentist. The case had no validity whatsoever anyone in the legal industry could instantly determine, because in order to file a libel case you have to prove damages. You have to prove that you lost significant amounts of money from the libel. Clearly the dentist had not lost any significant business from the post as it is what other businesses have to deal with as there are always detractors. Plus, there's a little rule known as the First Amendment the court system gravitates towards. Another law protects internet service providers from responsibility of the content. Any good attorney would advise against such a lawsuit.

The other thing I've noted attorneys do is warp reality in their briefs. They think nothing of bringing forth perjurous testimony of their clients to damage the opposition knowing there is little recourse or means to prove perjury. When the outcome is determined in a legal arena, it becomes reality. However, the reality is sometimes based on fabrications, distortions and untruth because the god like powers of the attorneys make it so.

Much like a captain on a Star Trek episode, the attorney says "make it so" and so it is. They manipulate reality in their briefs for their desired outcome. They have become too powerful which is why we are witnessing the end of an era of large prosperous law firms as they're being gradually brought down like Goliaths.

To put it simply, attorneys have too much power. We need to flood the court system with pro pers who have paralegal educations, can cite cases, do legal research. The nerve of attorneys to become legal word processors, do my job, charging the client as if it's their legal work! The fricken nerve!

Attorneys - a Pandemic of Creepy Crawly Parasites

I just learned singer Joni Mitchell has Morgellons Disease. It's so sad, like something out of a horror movie. The bugs and worms are living beneath one's skin and eventually peek out in lesions. Scary stuff! The doctors didn't believe it was real for a while accusing people of being delusional. Now they are saying the disease is pandemic in the United States. Entire families have it.

"It sounds like something from a bad sci-fi movie. People report the sensation of creatures crawling under their skin, mysterious moving fibers appear, and finally bugs and worms pop out. Unfortunately, these terrifying symptoms are all too true. The people having them are experiencing Morgellons, the latest and scariest in the series of bizarre diseases appearing in the last few years, seemingly from nowhere. Morgellons is now reaching epidemic proportions in the U.S. and abroad."

Morgellons = attorneys at greedy law firms.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

San Francisco Chronicle's in Danger - What of Violet Blue?

Had it not been for the San Francisco Chronicle allowing its sadistic little slut hedonist Violet Blue to take my email address and place it on her S&M sex blog in May, 2007, I would have never been exposed to cyberstalking creep Edmond Wollmann. Wollmann is a fan of Blue and when he got my email address from her trashy blog, he disguised himself as my fan with the heading "Your Jazz Singing!" terrorizing me ever since.

I complained to the Chronicle what it did in allowing Blue to take an email sent to its SFGate address, to place on her blog outside its newspaper, was unlawful. I've been complaining about Blue and her trashy column ever since and am glad to hear the LAWS OF KARMA have finally caught up with the Chronicle. They've been losing $50 million a year and this year it's set to be even worse. They can't afford to be paying for the luxury of their trashy S&M writer anymore!


Potentially within the next couple of weeks the paper could close its doors and shut itself down completely. Even if it does find a buyer, a new owner would most likely get rid of baggage like Blue who has many detractors who would like to see her go over to the porn industry papers where she belongs.

There is a vast audience in San Francisco that has one of the largest concentrations of Megan's List sex offenders of any city in the country. They all congregate in one particular area (see map). If you do searches of surrounding cities, or even New York, you will find far less concentrations. The perverts come to San Francisco due to the leniency offered them. When you give them a S&M writing whore place on the city's major newspaper it says a lot.

Had it not been for Violet Blue placing my email address on her S&M sex blog, I would have kept singing and people at work wouldn't have been able to pull up crap on me in a Google search. Blue's activities affected me, and I now hope the LAWS OF KARMA affect her.

SF Chronicle in Danger of Closing