Sunday, March 8, 2009

Enemies Must Be Quickly Recognized

Something I've been noting lately is how my natural instincts have been emerging confirming what is true and what is not. This could be possibly happening since I got rid of Comcast over a year ago. I no longer watch television I used to average 2-4 hours a day watching.

Somehow many people have been programmed to deny their basic intuitions and instincts through this culture. Criminals often take advantage of our naivety and trust as they hide their malicious intent and ultimate destructive plans for our lives. Many of these malicious people have nothing more than a need for power. Regardless, they're long term meddling can cause serious damages which can prove ultimately difficult to recover from.

First things first, never trust a stranger whom you have nothing to base your trust on with any experiences! That is a flat out foolish thing to do. It doesn't matter if others appear to trust such a person or even if their company appears to be reputable. In this day and age, trust no one as you chalk up experiences with them. If a pattern emerges of their damaging you in any way, get out of the situation they conned you into and reassert reality if you are able.

A few months ago I was doing research on Chem Trails and came across a video of a former boyfriend from the early 1980's. Now a Christian and a Harvard graduate, he spoke in the video of his general belief in people's goodness while discussing his research on health effects of the chemical trails.

This year I've begun placing people under immediate suspicion for having malicious intent and for them to prove themselves otherwise. It was right around the time I ultimately broke with Michael in 1983 that crazy bisexual models were stalking me at my gym. It so freaked me out and I began believing I was a lesbian because of it. I even remember telling him about how these freaky models were stalking me around at my gym.

Things are quite different in my approach to people in 2009. Today I start out with the hypothesis human beings in this day and age are generally prone to evil and they must thereby prove with their actions if they are good. Based on this information, I then disengage or continue with them in some form. One person I initially so wanted to believe was good was a former gay friend. For him, I had actually reversed myself by believing he was good first. Over great amounts of time he ultimately proved me wrong having lied to me several times, even once talking behind my back.

We Have Intuition for Good Reason

The greatest protective mechanism we can have is that of intuition about someone. I've been prone to setting aside my intuition for a long time because everything is so twisted in San Francisco having been turned upside down on its head. In the workforce we are many times forced to set aside our natural inclinations in order to accommodate having to work and interact with someone we don't like or want in our lives. This ultimately trains us to put on a mask and suppress our natural indignation or disgust. Such ignoring of our natural gifts of instinct and intuition causes us to ultimately forget we have such defensive tools at our disposal.

Original instinct:
  • man with man - revulsion no matter who they are
  • woman with woman - depends on the women
Overriding instinct:
  • Supression

My Feelings About Gay Parades I've Seen in San Francisco

Not fun, ugly, embarrassing, dirty, obscene, stupid, dumb, obnoxious, criminal, insane, disgraceful. Gay men in particular are stunted who never grew beyond their teenage years of puberty emotionally.

Moral of the Story: The longer you allow your enemies to meddle in your life in any form, the more damage they will do. The consequences of my allowing gays and lesbians so much of my attention to help form my belief systems has resulted in tremendous damage to my life I must ultimately take responsibility for in the long run.