Monday, March 23, 2009

Evidence Immune Assist 247 by Enerfood Got Rid of My Hives

Since the Benadryl ceased to work after 12 hours of taking repeatedly, I decided not to discontinue and try some other remedy. If the remedy didn't work, I was going to call the doctor again.

Last night proved the Benadryl was no match for my hives when I had an intense flare up of my skin burning as if in flames. I decided my immune system was really the problem that I needed to fortify in some way. It was only a few weeks I got a bottle of Immune Assist 247 from Enerfood but hadn't really used it yet. So,
I decided to see if it worked to get rid of my Hives.

Within 30 minutes of taking Immune Assist 247 that contains medicinal mushrooms, last night my hives substantially quieted down. This morning I woke up to mild itching but most all of the rash was gone on my body except around my joints. The rash moved to where my joints were on the back of my hands and knees. They were red like a sunburn, not raised welts as previous. When I took the Immune Assist this morning, the rashes completely disappeared.

I believe my extreme case of hives wouldn't have gone away anytime soon without Immune Assist 247. I tested the Benadryl that ultimately failed when I had a severe attack. Within 30 minutes Immune Assist stopped the burning and by morning the hives were nearly gone. When I took the IA again, it got rid of the remaining rash.

I know this Immune Assist 247 got rid of my hives (so far) because after the Benadryl failed to hold (I took two every 5 hours), the seriousness of the condition worsened. Here's a blurb on the Enerfood site:

"It has been tested as an adjunct to conventional therapy for cancer, for Hepatitis B, for Alcoholic liver disease and it is presently being tested for HIV and for Hepatitis C. The results have been amazingly positive in each one of these studies."
For anyone looking to fight off hives, I'd recommend Immune Assist 247 by Enerfood.