Monday, March 9, 2009

Preparing for Imminent Economic Collapse in America

Under the theme "our society is rapidly deteriorating" when a parasite like Edmond Wollmann who I do not know, having never met or spoken with, can latch onto me as such, I'll continue to post about America sinking like the Titanic.

I've thus compared the quality of men I've had relationships with in the 1980's, to that of 2007-2009 of a parasitic cyberstalking creep. I've also noted how extreme narcissists in San Francisco have gradually chipped away at my and others' quality of life after years of hard work and dedication at law firms. I've also noted childish, emotionally stunted gays a
nd lesbians and self-absorbed extreme narcissism go hand in hand. They think nothing of perverting reality because their obsessive pervasive sexual acts are a crime against nature. They think they can do whatever they want to anyone because they've formed a cult of fagdom lesdom utopia.

With Large Banks Collapsing, Many Law Firms Will Follow in the Footsteps of Heller Ehrman LLP.

As banks are collapsing along with various other sectors of our economy, so will major law firms. I've been researching the financial health of one of my banks, Wells Fargo, that had lured me with a phone solicitation to open up accounts. In less than 3 months since I took out most of my money from WAMU along with a CD, Wells Fargo appears to be sinking fast. Since WAMU was rescued by JP Morgan Chase, I've since moved 2/3rds of my money back. Regardless, there are some experts who think both banks will ultimately fail.

People always fall back under the belief their deposits are insured by the FDIC. In anticipating the upcoming bank collapse, the FDIC recently requested and was allowed to borro
w billions from the US Treasury, the first time in decades it has ever borrowed as such. This means the FDIC is in debt too!

Imagine if Heller Erhrman (only months ago considered one of the most solid and successful law firms in the country), Thelen Reid (84 years) and even Brobeck (shut down in 2003) law firms collapsed in relatively good times, what will happen when everything really gets bad? These were considered successful law firms with long histories! What it means is when major sectors of our economy begin to go under, larger law firms will most all collapse under their weight. New opportunities will open up for these law firms with the coming crisis, however their infrastructures do not allow them to change quick enough to survive. They would have to morph quickly to the conditions up ahead and I just don't see that happening. Why? Because law firms are dinosaurs. They move slowly in their bureaucracies. Attor
neys have operated doing whatever they want.

Today I'm buying a bottle of fine Champagne I will save until the anticipated day of a few more large collapses of law firms. I will pop the cork and celebrate these greedy, power orgy law firms will be closing their doors, just like Heller Erhman, Brobeck and the other Goliaths have during relatively good times. A few larger law firms often cannibalize and feed themselves off these hallowed out law firm corpse remains. When the big ones fall, it creates a slew of legal work for these other large firms to feed off of. Regardless, in the upcoming economic collapse scenario, eventually the cannibal firms will collapse as well. The gays and lesbians who hoard and nest there will be going down with them.

Let there be no doubt, when a few of these large greedy law firms come down this year and next I will be celebrating! This will be a dream fulfilled.

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