Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tortured with Hives All Night

Last night was one of the worst in my life. The hives I have today pale to the ones I had as a kid. I was scratching myself all night, even my scalp. My face swelled up, especially around my eyes. My skin was burning no matter if I scratched or not. I thought I might die if my throat swelled up too.

This morning I called the doctor who responded within 20 minutes to my call. He said I must have had food that caused the allergic disturbance. I told him I didn't eat anything unusual, just the same ole stuff.

Ever since I saw the Hives band video as reported in yesterday's post, I've been commenting on YouTube how much I detest their music. I keep getting people responding to my comments. I write them back I'm suffering from hives and it's very serious. I even did a recording last night about my belief I was going to die.

The doctor said to take Benedryl for now but I may need cortisone. So far the B helped a lot and I slept all morning into the afternoon. The doctor seems to insist I ate something that caused this reaction but I just was eating as I usually do. The only suspect is an old chicken corn dog that's been in my freezer for the past 7 months. Generally frozen meat doesn't spoil that soon.

When I worked at Baker & McKenzie LLP last year I had a horrendous allergic reaction to some of their lunch buffet food. I became violently ill for the first time ever as the worst. I thought it was food poisoning, but no one else got sick. It was right around the time of the tomato recall.

Last night I began panicking that I might have that dreaded skin problem Morgellons Disease I wrote about a few weeks ago where bugs peek out their little heads after they eat through lesions. Then I began to imagine squirming under my skin so I know how people do hallucinate over such things. I'm not saying their condition isn't real, but I could easily imagine sensations of things underneath my skin. I had a couple sharp pains too.

I also have a few symptoms of the big M disease that have been gradually presenting themselves:

3. Skin lesions, both (a) spontaneously appearing and (b) self-generated, often with pain or intense itching. The former (a) may initially appear as “hive-like, or as pimple-like” with or without a white center. The latter (b) appear as linear or “picking” excoriations. Even when not self-generated (as in unreachable regions of babies’ skin), lesions often progress to open wounds that heal incompletely (e.g., heal very slowly with discolored epidermis or seal over with a thick gelatinous outer layer.). Evidence of lesions persists visually for years.

4. Musculoskeletal Effects and Pain is usually present, manifest in several ways. Pain distribution is broad, and can include joint(s), muscles, tendons and connective tissue. Both vascular and “pressure” headaches and vertebral pain are particularly common, the latter usually with premature (e.g., age 20) signs of degeneration of both discs and vertebrae.

Link to my blog article a few weeks ago: