Friday, April 10, 2009

The Narcissism Epidemic; Living in the Age of Entitlement

A much needed book on recent studies in narcissism by Jean M. Tweng and W. Keith Campbell is about to be released this month The Narcissism Epidemic; Living in the Age of Entitlement.

This topic is of extreme importance to me and anyone who cares about our American culture. I admit I'm not well traveled and have limited experiences of people in life. However, wherever I've lived or worked it seems there is an overwhelming amount of those who only care about themselves while using others as objects to achieve their goals. This is just one facet of narcissism on a broad scale however. This narcissistic illness, as outlined throughout this blog related to a cyberstalker, is an extremely serious matter not to be taken lightly.

What makes this issue about narcissism so extremely serious is those who have the illness always remain in denial refusing to face they have any problem at all. As denoted throughout this blog, I've shown how narcissists have people work on their behalves to cover up their activities. I've had a roommate with this illness as well as a few coworkers and supervisors. My life has always been full of narcissists! They've done a lot of damage in the process while making it seem as if they're normal.

I've gravitated towards narcissists because I was raised by two of them, my parents who were involved in the television music entertainment arena for many years. I've had elements of the illness myself but have been growing out of it for many years. In the process of growing out of elements of the illness, I've allowed other narcissists to sabotage my life in many ways. My goal is to put a stop to it by not allowing them in my life. These narcissists network and invade privacy to obtain their goals of control over their victims.

One of the reasons I noted how destructive narcissism is to our culture is how someone with my level of musical talent could be so snuffed out and denied an opportunity to make a living as a singer. This, while much less talented people who aren't meant to sing as they have extremely limited vocal and musical abilities, network and manage to have some kind of support systems for a career. I've had a few accomplished composers and musicians confirm to me there are many bad singers who flourish due to their friend networks, money and political clout.

Narcissists Flourish in America

Narcissists flourish to make their dreams come true and use people to meet their goals. Real singers such as myself can easily be snuffed out by these narcissistic personalities. Our culture has become totally narcissistic and in love with narcissists like Madonna, Britney, etc. We've witnessed on American Idol how horrendously bad singers think themselves real singers! It's really narcissism rearing its ugly head. Those who really weren't put on earth with any real gift of song think they somehow were. These fraud types, wanting all the glory, abuse anyone who gets in their way.

I Was Supposed to Be Involved in Music

I got a statement on video from a professional jazz performer and composer, Michael Smolens, who said he believed I was put on earth to sing. I've played viola with some of today's great musicians who are playing violin with the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra and on albums who are even are chairs of major musician unions! I've played my viola with some extremely fine talented musicians in my youth at music camps. One conductor said my playing was the most improved of anyone in music camp within just two weeks due to my playing with future professional musicians! I've had scholarships to play with college musicians. I was raised on music.

So why aren't I involved in music anymore? The reason is simple - narcissists! Narcissists who networked early in my life who I didn't stand a chance to survive against. I was bombed a few times to devastate me financially. I was being oppressed by these people. I had a little chance of some kind of singing come back from 2004-2007 only for a narcissist to destroy my name online with severe malicious libel! He was the outgrowth of what an earlier narcissist had laid out the foundation for years prior. So, I learned theses pests network to support their narcissism entitlement clubs.

When people who can't really sing well use gimmicks and all kinds of stunts to entertain people, you realize that singing really isn't valued in our culture any longer. People don't really want fine singers anymore. It seems they want good entertainers like Madonna, Britney; it's all an outgrowth of narcissism rearing its ugly head.

Narcissists are Killing Off Good Singers' Careers!

The sad fact is, without good singers there is no harmony in life, no being in tune with reality. Good singers help us all tune into what's real. They sing in tune for a reason, they've tuned into something to help the rest of us. Our culture doesn't see value in singing in tune anymore! It's all about entertainment as the outgrowth of a shallow, narcissistic culture.

There's something genuinely beneficial to our culture when people sing well and in tune; however this is no longer a valued skill. Many singers have been greatly devalued no matter how well they sing. Such devaluation of good singers is a sign of a deteriorating culture due to extreme narcissists taking everything over. For instance, the late singer Karen Carpenter would have never made it in today's music industry climate as she barely made it back in the 70's to reach the people's ears who truly appreciated her voice and talent.

I had to place a password on my singing site because of a narcissist cyberstalker's activities! This was only the tip of the iceberg from the narcissists who took over my life long ago. Their goal is to always disconnect me from the public's attention to isolate me in some manner where they can have access to abuse me. That is always the goal of extreme narcissists.

Using Simple Logic - The Way Things Should Be

It's just natural for people who were obviously meant to sing, to sing. It's not natural for people who were not meant to sing, having no real vocal or established musical talents, to step all over those who were meant to sing, abusing them, sabotaging and attempting to bankrupt them. Sorry you can't sing well, that doesn't give you a right to sabotage others as you warp and pervert reality to try and make yourself the center of attention all the time.

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