Friday, June 26, 2009

Alex Jones' Shocking Hateful Rant About Michael Jackson

I've been a fan of Alex Jones, a documentary film maker and radio personality at, for a few years now. I only recently began to listen to his radio program faithfully since 2008. I admit that sometimes Alex Jones scares me with all the serious stuff he talks about and I know he must become disturbed by it as well.

Today Alex Jones went too far on his Internet radio program, kicking a dead man the day after his death. Michael Jackson never did anything wrong to Alex Jones whatsoever. Frustrated over the media's intensely focusing on Jackson's death, Alex was trying to focus on the serious nature of a bill passed by a narrow margin today under the disguise of climate control. According to Alex, this bill is extremely serious and a final nail into the coffin of freedom in America. Frustrated, Alex began to go off the deep end attacking Michael Jackson while falsely accusing him of some extremely serious things.

Alex's Rant on Michael Jackson is a little at the start and then at 3:20 and 8:25 on this video.

According to Alex Jones, Michael Jackson had the government steal children from Christian families so he could raise them.
Alex also went on to rant about how the government is supporting pedophiles to raise others' children
. Though most of us know the facts Michael Jackson was never convicted of molesting a child in a court of law, according to Alex Jones, he was a "child rapist."

Most of the public knows most of Alex Jones' statements are completely false because Michael Jackson had two children while married to Debbie Rowe, and had the third youngest through a surrogate mother in Europe. Jackson did not have the government steal his children from Christian families. Furthermore, the government did not support Jackson's alleged pedophilia whatsoever since the evidence shows the accusations ultimately caused him years of of legal battles, police home searches and to eventually become in extreme debt with his career harmed. The situation was so serious of Jackson receiving threats on his life, he moved out of the country for several years.

Keith Olbermann's Interview with Michael Jackson's Doctor Friend Deepak Chopra

Alex then went into an uncontrollable rage about Michael Jackson being "pathetic", a "clown", etc. Michael Jackson was not "pathetic" because he was dead at the time this accusation was wielded. When someone dies, people memorialize a dead person taking their entire life into consideration, not just how they appeared in the last years of their life. Alex essentially was kicking a dead man the day after his death and disrespecting the world's appreciation of his life and career. Alex went on to say Michael Jackson's in hell. I found Alex Jones' statements highly inappropriate and ill-timed.

I understand Alex Jones is frustrated and disturbed over what's happening
in our country, but he only hurts himself when he attacks a newly dead Michael Jackson with vicious false statements. If the Jackson family wanted to successfully sue Jones for his libel, they clearly have a case based on what I heard him say today.

One last thing, Alex has no idea the time frame Michael Jackson covers for people's memories in America. Many of us grew up with he and his brothers' music that brought us a lot of happiness. For instance, I choose to remember the Michael Jackson from 1970's up to the early 80's.

Many people will cherish their memories of Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5 until the day they die. On the other hand, Alex Jones offers his audience a lot of hard core reality and fear to deal with each day of a world many of us wish to forget. When Jones attacks a man who brought happiness to a lot of people in their childhood, he's treading on thin ice.