Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Decade Ago in 1999 - Manipulator Joyce Cassells Abused Police Services

These are photos I recently discovered on Picasa from my living situation I've written about from 1999. It wasn't public, but I decided to save the album because it shows I wasn't the slob a former mentally ill roommate made me out to be. Manipulative, dishonest and completely lacking integrity, Joyce Cassells abused police services behind my back as I worked long hours at the law firm of Morrison & Foerster LLP. I had received an upgrade to a night coordinator position and my hours were until 2:00 am and sometimes later.

Joyce Cassells made my life extremely difficult costing me $4,000 in attorneys fees with her fraudulent representations to police after the main lease holder moved out. After not paying rent an entire year in which she requested a jury trial for a legal eviction in 1995, Cassells filed for bankruptcy, not once, but twice in 1995 and 2006. Out of her five court evictions, Cassells requested two jury trials for legal evictions.

Imagine what nerve you'd have to have with the kind of history this lady had, to make the police officer believe I was living off of her as if I was an adolescent. I was working long hours while Cassells had a dozen of police incident tickets (not police reports) filed when I wasn't on the property. Police obliged in helping this lady force me off the property, convinced she was being honest due to her flashing her badge she was a teacher at a local university in a PhD program.

Turns out Cassells' 90k student loan was taken out with her having no intention to pay it back in her lifetime. Joyce
Cassells ended up taking over the lease to one of the best deals in San Francisco after her unpleasantness and disruptive living style, obtaining a lease for a 3.5 bedroom, two car garage, backyard 2 fire place unit next to Golden Gate Park for a mere $1,250 a month. This was unheard of during the dot com boom of 1999. A mere studio went for $1,800 in the area and there were long lines of applicants for meager housing.

When Cassells initially moved in, she began harassing the landlord to pay for her supplies to paint her room yield sign yellow. Like these cyberstalkers, Joyce Cassells refuses to acknowledge her perversion of reality as she twisted and manipulated facts to suit her desired outcome.

It's sad police officer Ronald Gerke of the Taraval Station told Cassells he would "write anything you want me to write" on this mentally ill person's behalf about me. Much like how cyberstalkers behave, these men disregard reality to gang up on single women in this manner.

I lived at Lincoln Way from January 1996 to July, 1999.