Thursday, June 18, 2009

Poster Four Years Ago "Edmond H. Wollmann Chronic Liar and Cheat"

Four years ago in 2005, one of several engaged in a typical dispute with Edmond Wollmann suggested Wollmann's "quite probably a sociopath". The poster adds "what really happened to your real estate license?"

The poster is telling the truth that Wollmann lies about his criminal record as he did with me during his initial email exchanges in 2007.

Wollmann Obtained Two BA's from SDSU in the 90's

The one thing I know isn't true that is repeated about Wollmann, is that he does not have degrees. Wollmann does have two degrees from SDSU, a BA in psychology and art. Posters probably thought his behavior was so outrageous, he couldn't possibly be degreed. Or, perhaps Wollmann claimed one additional BA in psychology that's included in this poster's information from this post string "Why is Wollmann an Asshole?" three years ago in 2006:

100 Reasons why Ed Wollmann is an asshole!

1. You spammed from AOL and lost your account.

2. You tried to get back on more than once and got thrown each time.

3. You lost your school provided aznet account due to complaints about your behavior on Usenet.

4. You have a criminal conviction (misdemeanor) which you lied about.

5. You've had to file bankruptcy. [Note: I couldn't confirm this on LexisNexus- CM]

6. You're an asshole and still haven't apologized for your mistreatment of Pam.

7. We've heard a rumor that you did something with deposit money that you shouldn't have while you were in real estate.

8. You've earned both Kook of the Month and Kook of the Year awards.

9. You're a bully that can't handle criticism.

10. You're an MCP: "First day on campus! AAAAAiiiiiiieeeeee! 30,000 femininas! So little time!!!!"

11. You've sent hundreds of bogus complaints because people have posted contrary to what you like.

12. You've threatened lawsuits over and over again. None have been filed.

13. You've lied over and over again in your posts.

14. You've borrowed money from women and at least one of them wasn't paid back.

15. You've sent complaints to my ISP falsely accusing me of criminal behavior.

16. You wrote a *terrible* book that you had to publish yourself because nobody else was stupid enough to touch it.

17. You lied on your web pages about having two degrees in psychology. [I can't confirm since I refuse to visit his website - CM]

18. You lost two accounts at Pacbell for posting a threat of violence.

19. You've posted other threats of violence.

20. You called Pam "slime" just because she was polite to anonym.

21. You've admitted to violating federal law by molesting falcons.

22. You've posted disgusting attacks on women you've known.

continued even after being told they didn't care about your problems.

24. You've made a complete fool of yourself with your posts.

25. You've canceled other peoples' posts.

26. You set yourself on fire once and now brag about it.

27. You don't have much hair.

28. You've mail bombed ISPs because they wouldn't do you bidding.

29. You are a high school drop out.

30. You've used sock puppets to support yourself.

31. You're still mad at your sister for licking your ice cream.

32. You said you'd never been sued but court records show that to be false.

33. You have a cardinal grand cross and a Saturn/Pluto/sun fixed t-square in your chart.

34. You thought Tau Ceti as in Taurus.

35. You think you are some kind of 4th dimensional alien from Arcturus!

36. You think the Earth and the Moon formed together even though currently available evidence doesn't support your hypothesis.

37. You've used cross-posting as a form of entrapment.

38. You appear to be discussed at narcissistic.html

39. You've compared yourself to Donald Trump.

40. You've whined to the FBI because people posted things you don't like.

41. You think discovery is for a criminal case.

42. You post insults when you have no logical argument to support your silly theories.

43. You've repeatedly posted your Big Fuckin' Number even though you have no idea where it came from or what it means.

44. You've repeatedly posted other babble.

45. You attack science because it doesn't support your silly babble.

46. You take words out of ISPs' to put in your complaints in a vain attempt to get them to listen to you.

47. You continue to email ISPs even though they've told you your email is not welcome and is being filtered.

48. You whine about aznet filtering email from you even though it was your own actions that caused them to do it.

49. You claim to have defeated arguments when you have done no such thing.

50. You harassed Pacbell by phone until they threatened to call in the police if you did not stop and then whined that they had threatened you.

51. You used Marsha to enhance your phone harassment campaign.

52. You've called people "spin doctors" when it is actually you are the one that fits that label.

53. You once talked on the phone with jfred.

54. You claim to be a counselor and to use psychological methods but you have no certification of license.

55. You appear to have no license for the music you have on your web pages and the RIAA is investigating.

56. You are powerless.

57. You don't know when to use a comma even though you've "published" a book.

58. You posted a prediction that anonym would "pay" you in August.
August is long over.

59. You don't own

60. You plagerize.

61. The indices in your book are abundant and useless.

62. You failed to give credit for pictures in your book that aren't yours.

63. You think you are an artist when you are just a hack.

64. You think you were a "hoodlum biker".

65. You've posted fake reviews about your book on

66. You've whined to to get the real reviews censored.

67. You have an incredibly amusing fascination with Arthur.

68. You think you are "quite respected and well liked" but have no idea what the reality is.

69. You brag about having had a government security clearance but fail to say what it was really for.

70. You think your something special: "I am unlike anyone you have ever met and ever will". In reality you're nothing.

71. Your web site still says "Astrological Cons" months after it's been pointed out to you.

72. You thought Orion was a star.

73. You've lied about "leaving usenet forever" but your also post "IIII WWWIILLLL NNNNEEEVVVVEEEERRRR SSSSTTTTOOOOPPPP NNNNNOOOOOWWWWW!!!!" and "I will never stop".

74. You think you are good looking.

75. You can't keep a girlfriend even when you clean up her dog's shit.

76. It's been said you tried to tip a valet with food stamps.

77. You lied about anonym being kicked off Pacbell.

78. We heard that you put some panties on your head.

79. You think you have something useful to say.

80. You think you're going to show us all at AFA 2000.

81. You attack women.

82. You invited anonym to the Octagon but won't tell him where it is.

83. You've claimed to have spoken to units of the San Diego Police that don't exist.

84. You said your motorcycle was new when it wasn't.

85. You've supported BDK and Peat.

86. You've been obsessed with attacking Pam even when she is nice to you.

87. You harass people and deny it: "I AM NOT HARRASSING ANYONE, you lying MFers!!!!".

88. You think "a camping trip to look at the real constellation of Scorpio" is something special.

89. You don't know what "integrity" means.

90. You think you have a career.

91. You try to censor people but have no power.

92. You label posts with fallacy definitions that don't apply.

93. You use the phrase "ad hominem" without acknowledging that you learned it from Sherilyn.

94. You've obsessed on the fact that Sherilyn is a transvestite.

95. You think an eclipse lasts 6 months.

96. You think you are perfect: "I have never been incorrect."

97. You claim to have predicted an earthquake but say astrology can't be used to predict the future.

98. You think you have allies: "We will not tolerate this abuse."

99. Noel Tyl thinks you are creepy. Many agree.

And number 100:

We know you are an ASSHOLE!


It doesn't take much to get a degree from San Diego State University these days. I've been told the standards of this college have slipped dramatically over the years. It was known in my day as a party college and hasn't lost its reputation as a stomping ground prior to any serious consideration of a higher education.

SDSU has often been thought of as a high end junior college that middle class teens attend prior to getting serious about their education.