Sunday, June 7, 2009

Voice Mail Message from a Typical Malignant Narcissist Personality

I was scouring the narcissism blogs and found this little gem of a voice mail message that's received 400,000+ listens on YouTube. It's appropriately entitled Dimitri the Stud. It's basically a guy who left several voice mails for a woman he spoke with a couple of minutes she gave her business card to. This illness echos throughout Edmond Wollmann's materials as well.

The blog article is here. In addition, this voicemail caller has been made infamous on Wikipedia.

Here are a few helpful podcast clips from psychologist who specializes in narcissistic personality disorder, Linda Martinez Lewi, Ph.D. I'll be featuring this psychologist in another article shortly.

The Narcissist's Deceptive Cruelty

The Narcissist's Brand of Ruthlessness

The Narcissist's Hidden Paranoia

The Narcissist is an Expert Liar

The Narcissist Practices the Fine Art Deception

The Narcissist's Dark Side