Saturday, June 20, 2009

Why Do People Create Websites and Long Lists About Edmond Wollmann?

In scouring through more of the material written 4-5 years ago by various people disgusted with Edmond Wollmann's activities, on-line and off-line, I came across a common thread of "numbered lists". I will shortly repost the 100 Reasons Why Wollmann's an Asshole list as a reprieve from my last post. That one belongs in its own category of lists.

Why do these people, including myself, take so much time and effort such as on this site and this web page dedication, to document Edmond Wollmann's activities on-line? Here's another example of a poster's list of issues regarding Wollmann under the title "Edmond Wollmann is a Remorseless Admitted Child Killer":

Bull. There's a lot more to say:

1. He's a remoreless convicted criminal

2. He's a remorseless liar.

3. He's not very bright.

4. He's a high school dropout.

9. He is incapable of feeling empathy for others

10. He has burned his own reputation with abuse admins

11. He shows every sign of being a true sociopath
[CM: Something quite often associated with Malignant Narcissists I've suggested on this blog as Wollmann's primary source of illness]

12. He will never sue anyone [CM: In reference to Wollmann's many threats to sue people over the years]

13. He does not have the integrity to back up his baseless accusations

14. He should have been a blow job.

15. He's a poster child for retro active-abortion.

It takes a lot of time, thought and effort to come up with 100 reasons why anyone's an asshole. That kind of time and effort people put into documenting Edmond Wollmann's activities manifests itself due to the particular vile and extremely ill individual Wollmann has repeatedly proved himself to be.

I'll post the 100 Reasons Why Wollmann's an Asshole list again shortly. The list deserves full public disclosure of the nature of the individual whose been blogging, harassing and intensely monitoring me the past two years.