Friday, June 5, 2009

The YouTube Big Freeze

I've been noting how all of my videos seem to be frozen for view counts for a few weeks now. I did some research to discover the problem is widespread as discussed on the YouTube forum.

After a bit of on-line abuse from cyberstalkers, I naturally began to think YouTube might have had a complaint and thus froze my videos from a larger audience. Fortunately, it wasn't personal.

I have the inside word from the Alex Jones radio program at that Google is planning on dumping the "You" from tube. In other words, the people's videos are going to be shelved in favor of high quality commercial corporate videos.

Though YouTube hasn't admitted it outright, they're apparently freezing viewcounts perhaps in an attempt to discourage people from uploading videos. It's no big deal to me. People feel entitled to free YouTube marketing services they don't pay for but I don't.

ednibroc (1 day ago)
Add me to the list of frozen view counts. My have been frozen for several days.

TheLadyAlphaDale (1 day ago)
Some people like to watch videos over and over and stopping view counts because of a few view hogs is not fair to the normal user and their videos. This is unfair practices and also violates freedom of speech and activities.

tughard1 (1 day ago)
my new vid has been getting comment and rating but the views has been at 361 all day .there is no spaming on this vid . whats up with youtube if your not a partner you can't get your views ?

Idapidapuff (1 day ago)
Have the same prob and I havent done anything wrong... /watch?v=VaGWOXgUkW4...when can you fix this?

skater4life1000 (1 day ago)
Just Fix it youtube~!

PianoGamer64 (1 day ago)
I watched some of my vids a couple of times yesterday after uploading, then the view count was frozen. I was just checking for bugs I didn't try to manipulate srsly

ZipZapTV (2 days ago)
Mike, Please check: =f6zkmRMXZVc&feature=relat ed

NikolaiRaged (2 days ago)

My video's frozen at 319 views. I know it's not a 'catch up' issue, since by my count considering the number of comments/ratings I got in just a 4 hour span, I should be well over 1,000 views by now.

I have a few low end videos for the sake of putting something up. There are plenty of video sites available that my favorite player can hook up with. I think YouTube surfers will survive without watching my beef jerky making vids. I think many can do without checking up on my inventory of canned goods in my pantry too.