Friday, July 17, 2009

Back From Sizzling 117 Degree Las Vegas

I'm back from a mini-vacation in Las Vegas to say I lived to tell the tale of 117 degree weather. I left Monday morning and got back a few hours ago Thursday night. I wanted a "real" vacation since my last business visit in June when I had a tight schedule. Las Vegas is the cheapest vacation around and easily accessible on my favorite airlines Virgin America.

When I got into my hotel room, it was nothing like the Luxor advertised, an alleged Spa Package with a jacuzzi with a view in my room. They advertised luxurious surroundings like a top of the line suite. The room was nothing short of a dump! I mean, it was really depressing. The furniture was worn, torn and pathetic. I mean really tacky looking furniture with marked up walls. The bathroom looked like Motel 6 and also showed wear and tear.

The bed decor was nothing like in the ad, just the typical standard room style. The extra room they advertised was poorly furnished. I asked for an upgrade and they gave me a far nicer suite that had 750 sq. ft and a great view high in their West Tower, for the same price of $120/night. Plus it included a free all you can eat all-day buffet, free drinks, free Starbucks credit and free use of the gym.

I got a nice facial and did the spa thing too. I had a pretty good time and got a lot of reading done. There were no signs of a faltering economy in this place either. It was really packed all the time unlike in 2001 when I last visited the Luxor when it was quite dead and they paid half of my airfare and only charged me $39/night. I don't think I'll ever be returning to that hotel again.

I stood waiting for the airport shuttle in 117 degree heat. My greatest fear wasn't fainting from the heat, but that my expensive cosmetic serums and cremes would evaporate in the heat in the luggage compartment. It felt like a furnace. I've never been in that kind of hot weather before. It's quite an experience. I don't know how people can work outdoors in that kind of temperature.