Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Michael Jackson's Father Being Discussed As Extreme Narcissist

Many agree that Michael Jackson had what they refer to in psychology as emotional stunted development that kept him on the level of a child in many ways. Many believe Joe Jackson, his purported cruel and abusive father, is responsible for the stunted development. After seeing Joe Jackson's BET interview shortly after his son's death, it can hardly be more clear why Michael Jackson suffered throughout his life from the damage his father had caused during his childhood.

Many are discussing
throughout various forums, YouTube and on blogs Joe Jackson's evil narcissism in giving a plug to his business venture shortly after his son's death. Since my blog includes many references to traits of extreme narcissists, I thought I'd present a few comments regarding Joe Jackson's BET video interview along with the video itself.

Just within a few days, the video has thousands comments and has been viewed by 400,000+ people who are disgusted with Michael Jackson's father. The specific reference to his "next step" being a record company is at 3:17 on the video but his opening statements also say a lot. Now that Michael's apparently out of the way for him, he can move on to his other business projects

Have you seen all the press surrounding Joe Jackson and his statements about Michael? (Look at the BET red ca
rpet video on youtube, or any of his statements about Michael) People keep saying "evil narcissist" and "psychopath". It's really really sad... but at least the world is seeing him for what he is!

Although MJ was a bit of a nutjob (understatement)... everyone can now recognize that he might have been the product of such a horrible upbringing. Maybe he didn't grow up due the fact that his childhood was completely stolen from him.

When MJ was on Oprah he talked about the beatings, verbal abuse and the sheer fear and guilt he carried around with him. Even recently he admitted to being scared of his father. I wonder what would have happened if MJ would have gotten help and cut his family off years ago??

Perhaps cutting ties with your family will become more accepted as stories like this one circulate. Maybe... hopefully... not speaking to your family won't be as taboo as it has been?