Saturday, July 18, 2009

My Home Gym Equipment Workout Strategy Failed

Two years ago I decided to see if buying moderate gym equipment for use in my home would do the trick to keep me in the shape I'm accustomed to. I can now say that after two years of using my home based program that it didn't work.

I had six work out items, the arm weights, the large ball, a exercise bike, Suzanne Sumer's leg and arm devices, a stomach cruncher and the total gym platinum. It was cost effective yes, but did it help me keep toned and in the condition I'm used to? Did it make me feel good after each work out? The answer is no.

I'm analyzing why my home program didn't work and I think the main reason why is I never really combined using all of my equipment in one work out sitting like I would at a gym. I found myself using the bike for 20-30 minutes and calling that a work out for the day. My exercise bike was affordable and pretty, but didn't really do much good.

It also was inconvenient to set up the total gym platinum. The tension rope would break every 6 months costing $35 to replace. The equipment wasn't top of the line as they have at gyms today.

I called around asking for monthly rates at local gyms. I told the guy I tried to work out at home and he said everyone always tries that method for a little while and then they go back to a gym. He's right. Working out during my trip at the Luxor in Las Vegas, I almost immediately felt better and my muscles felt stronger after around 4 work outs.

Fortunately for me, it won't take too long to get back in the shape I'm accustomed to after I start the gym routine again. The most important thing I like about working out intensely is that it tends to allow you to eat a few things that might otherwise result in a few pounds.
You don't tend to feel guilty about having ice cream once in a while.