Monday, July 27, 2009

Pacific Heights Horror Flick - Police Investigation to Harass Cyberstalked Victim

In a Pacific Heights thriller movie classic, the psycho perpetrator plots to set up his victims to be harassed by the police and courts. Here's a typical method Mr. Cyberstalker uses in his methods. Mr. Cyberstalker's activities on-line causes him to occasionally get threatening emails. He will choose a particular victim to blame for them, someone he would most enjoy placing under police investigation. Then, he will set up a blog and post about his set ups such as in this post.

I did a little detective work to see the outcome of this frivolous complaint Mr. Cyberstalker used to broadcast I was under investigation by the police.

Turns out the police officer investigated and determined in the conclusion disposition:

"_____" wanted incident documented. Appears threats were sent out to many people as a "MASS EMAIL". Threats weren't specific to "Mr. Cyberstalker".

Meaning, the police officer determined this email was sent out to many people and not directed to Mr. Cyberstalker paranoid schizophrenic. Mr. Cyberstalker had broadcasted all over the Internet in his post on his anonymous blog I was lying to the police during the investigation. Well you can see the evidence for yourself. I got the police summary straight from the police department. Note, the date of the reported incident is a little deceiving. Mr. Cyberstalker actually filed two complaints and they used the first filing date as part of this report which was in mid-2007.

This is just another piece of evidence Mr. Cyberstalker, as he does to his other two victims, attempts to get the police to harass his victims and also abuses the court using such methods of perjury to further attempt to humiliate his victims.
[Anonymous blog post of a coward, bully and paranoid schizophrenic - Mr. Pacific Heights Cyberstalker abuses police services and the court system to harass his victims.]

I'll never forget the time my five time evicted paranoid schizo roommie, now two time bankrupt, kept calling the police on me while I was off the property working late night hours until 2:00 am at Morrison & Foerster LLP. I never called the police on her once, even though she once busted the chain off the front door! She, like Mr. Cyberstalker, wanted to make me out to be a criminal. She accused me of having drug dealers on the property and all kinds of ficitional stuff. She called the police when I had the carpet in the kitchen replaced and over missing rags and light bulbs. She continually wanted me under police surveillance and had no self-awareness of how ill she was.

The ones who are always calling the police on people over petty issues and filing restraining orders are usually the paranoid schizophrenics. You can tell because their victims are the one's always being accused by them of something that appears huge and overblown, when in reality it's nothing. Mr. Cyberbully will jump on any small appearance of harassment to report to the police and make a big issue over it because he's paranoid he will be discovered for his activities. He will make false accusations, lie to the police, lie to the judge because it's just business as usual from his daily Internet sabotage of victims.

It's one thing to write Rip-off reports as I have complaining about genuine rip-off experiences and conflicts with certain people that's under my name. It's quite another to anonymously, like a coward, post deliberate lies and fabrications not taking responsibility for it as yours.