Thursday, July 2, 2009

Paul Davidson's Words for His Masturbation Blog

As I now prefer WordPress to do my blogging (songchannels blog), I've since noted when someone makes a comment to one of my articles it enables me the privilege as the blog owner to go in and edit their comments. Why I've taken note of this is because in 2007 the author of The Lost Blogs, Paul Davidson (Words for My Enjoyment Blog), had the audacity to change the wording in a comment I placed on his blog about Kristy McNichol.

When I let Davidson know I was aware he rewrote my comment, he immediately denied it. At that time I had no proof of blogging software that enabled one to change people's comments. Now I've got proof.
I'm positive this bastard Paul Davidson rewrote my comment to make it seem as though I was demeaning Kristy McNichol.

The diabolical evil nature of seemingly normal men such as Paul Davidson comes to light especially in how they abuse technology. Men who would typically abuse a woman in their personal life, find ways to abuse strangers on-line as the predators they are. Imagine in your attempt to defend someone from this monster Paul Davidson, only for him to go in and alter what you wrote to be demeaning towards that person! That's insidious. Mentally ill people can't handle reality so they have to go in and manipulate it to their liking.

Paul Davidson is married to some poor soul Jennifer and they live two miles away from Kristy McNichol in Sherman Oaks. Davidson visits my SongChannels web site as I've noted his IP on several occasions. Imagine the kind of wife who has no control over her husband she allows to behave like a teenager in high school on-line. Davidson's in his late 30's.

This backstage Hollywood person Davidson is totally unworthy and unqualified to be placed on Wikipedia in any capacity.
His books weren't anywhere near being in the best seller's category nor has be done anything notable to deserve a Wikipedia page. Davidson's not a famous person. Davidson's the kind of guy to do stand up comedy in a local pub, he's not network television material.
From my SongChannels Blog - Sample of Comment editing capabilites:

From Owner of the Venetian Hotel on Sade’s Nine Year Hiatus Ends with New Album # [Pending]

Hi. Owner of the Venetian Hotel here in Las Vegas. About that trip you wanted to take. It's not going ...

ApproveUnapprove | Edit | Reply | Spam | Delete

In 2007, Davidson had someone put up information on Wikipedia in violation of its policies of a future screenplay he was contracted to complete. You're not supposed to use Wikipedia as a public announcement board for your upcomming projects let alone have someone put up info on your behalf.

I'll be sure to post any "upcomming" divorce of Paul Davidson from his poor wife Jennifer. I can't believe these loser women who marry this kind of trash. Women must sure be desparate these days.