Friday, July 10, 2009

Alex Jones Demonstrates He's a Big Bully and Hypocrite

Since my last post declaring my personal moratorium on listening to Alex Jones's radio program, so far so good. I've been able thus far to successfully resist my former daily dose of Alex Jones's commentary on the state of our country and culture.

After his Michael Jackson funeral mockery, I made a pledge to abandon my interests in Alex Jones who has taken up a great deal of my time and even money the past two years. I actually paid a few hundred dollars to obtain a DVD copy tower in order to replicate his movies for free distribution to the public and through my SongChannels site. I have also donated to the program along with purchasing a great deal of his DVD's since 2006 I since gave most away to the local library in San Francisco.

It became increasingly clear as I listened that Alex Jones can be a little too crazy for his audience in many of his rants. He was also becoming too overtly aligned with Christians who called into his program often to recite the Bible. The last straw was his complete loss of inhibition in shamelessly mocking Michael Jackson along with his family and fans during the memorial service a couple days after his scathing accusation Jackson was in hell. Alex Jones sounded like a bully in a school yard mocking an alleged weakling and, even at times on the level of Hitler, in his referring to Jackson as "degenerate", "weak", "pathetic" and "trash", typical slogans the dictator used.

A Former Alex Jones Rant Addict Has Had Enough

It's clear that Alex Jones has gotten a little too confident with himself the past couple of years. For instance, he clearly has no right claiming Michael Jackson's in hell. I became addicted to Alex Jones' rants and the nature of his alternative news stories. I realized a few days ago since Jones' declared "all was lost" and it was "all over for America" that he can no longer possibly have the New World Order on the run as his program advertises, so there's no valid reason to listen to his program. The basic concepts of "don't accept any forced flu vaccinations", "don't use fluoridated water or products", "don't take any computer chip into your body", "protest any Federal ID card", "stock up on food, water and precious metals", "be aware of [blank, blank and blank]" has all been hashed and rehashed that makes it pointless to listen any longer.

Alex Jones declared on his radio program a few times in recent weeks that America has been lost to off shore criminal banking cartels and it's all over. He goes on to repeatedly mock Americans as "slaves" along with the culture out of his frustration. It takes a tremendous amount to convince Alex Jones America's lost which he fought for years to save. To me, what Alex Jones's acknolwedgement of declaration of defeat really means is there's no real point to listen to his radio program which is why he's resorting to crazy obnoxious behavior to entertain his remaining listeners.