Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sun Exposure to Left Arm While Driving Damages Skin Forever

I haven't owned nor driven a car steadily since 1986. I don't like to nor want to drive which is one of the reasons I stayed in San Francisco all these years. I prefer to walk to my destinations if possible. I have a phobia of driving the freeways and feel vertigo and panic when I'm going at high speeds.

I've noted recently how just a few years of driving in my 20's, way back from 1979-1986 caused so much sun damage on my left arm to this day the damage remains. In just a few years of hanging my left arm out the window of my car whenever I drove, the sun fried my skin so bad the difference between my two arms is remarkable.

My left arm is full of many freckles with a few small black spots and my right arm hardly has any. I'm wondering how many people notice this later in life? Sun really does damage the skin. I was always under the impression you could save your skin by protecting it later in life. It isn't true. I have definite sun damage to my left arm simply because I liked to prop it on my car door while I drove over 25 years ago.

As for years of laying out in the Southern California sun in my teens and up to 1995, damage to one's face can be reversed gradually. I had Intensive Pulsating Light (IPL) treatments that helped improve the appearance of my facial skin. It was expensive but worth it. Of course, I could afford it back in 2004 but wouldn't think of doing such an expensive procedure today. I'm glad I did it when I could afford a $2,000 treatment.