Thursday, August 27, 2009

It's Raining Subpoenas! A Possible Book on the Horizon

A wave of my subpoenas for IP addresses and log in information are arriving at various companies this week. I've got several subpoena requests to such companies as, Google, AOL and others. I'm seeking IP addresses of posts and sign-in information.

I may write a book after this is over about how the average person can battle anonymous cyber stalkers without paying enormous legal fees. The key is getting to the meat of the evidence using subpoenas. When you have evidence of IP addresses, then the case is pretty much over in terms of their guilt.

The whole point is when there are anonymous cyber stalkers, there's no easy way to link the
ir identities. I not only have a good idea of whose been setting up blogs and posting in forums, but I've got both of them in the court system already. Most people have no idea whose cyberstalking them.

These two mentally ill cybers are in complete denial of their problems in which anonymity serves as a "denial cloak" as they project their illness onto their victims.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What Some People Think About Anonymous Bloggers Like Rosemary Port

I'm ecstatic that precedent has been set on the New York State Supreme Court level in its recent decision for Google to turn over an anonymous blogger's identity. After the pathetic anon, Rosemary Port, was outed by Google under court order, she followed up with a childish threat to take her case to the Supreme Court and to sue Google for $15 million.

A few comments:

From SF Gate columnist Zennie62:

"Cyberstalking is not free speech

Some are under the impression that the kind of blogging Port was doing is free speech. Nothing could be further from the truth. Classic free speech is standing on a corner and talking about something using your mouth to blast your voice into public airspace.

A blog is not really public to start with: everything from the web page to the internet service provider is privately owned, so they can control the content that gets out there - it's not the place for free expression. I think what's happened is that the relative ease of blogging has seduced some into thinking that they can write whatever they want, whenever they want, thus believing they have the right to free speech. Not so.

And more and more states and cities are installing their own versions of the law, and police departments are adding cyber crime units, so the infrastructure to stop this behavior is being created. It's about time.

I'm cyberstalked on a daily basis, as I have several blogs and video channels (10 channels with an average of 200 videos on each one, and over 600 on YouTube) and am on and the Examiner and CNN's iReport. I get racist emails, and comments that lie about me, insult me, or threaten me every day.

To say I'm tired of it is an understatement but I'm not going away. In 2008 I was twice the subject of a death message (and got such a comment on this year), leading me to make a video."

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cyber Stalker #2's Threat to Sabotage Business Outed

This Google Earth depiction measured the distance between the Cyberstalker's residence and the IP Address "GE Mortgage" location as less than 500 yards. The IP was used to visit the Nob Hill Notary site within one hour of sending a threatening comment with an anonymous proxy at 18:54 hours. Cyberstalker #2 hacked into the back end of the site to get to its contact form since there was no home page with links up. The preceding IP address visit was also determined to be from Cyberstalker's residence in his having used the SBC Global network.

I was able to confirm Cyberstalker #2's threat I received on August 21, 2009, was followed within an hour of a visit from an ISP located within 500 yards of his home address. Considering there were only 5 visits to the Nob Hill Notary site all day, this is pretty convincing evidence Cyber had posted the threat within an hour of visiting using an anonymous proxy as he usually does. The other IP address "" was also the Cyberstalker's SBC Global IP address he uses from his home. It is well documented on my other site as well as being one he frequently uses.

I was also able to confer with a former friend of Cyberstalker #2 whose familiar with his blogging techniques and writing style since he was being cyberstalked by him for years. He confirmed I am correct to come to the conclusion cyberstalker #2 is responsible for the blog located at Edmond Wollmann is responsible for authoring the other really nasty blog at Google will be served with subpoenas shortly for the cyber's IP addresses for posts and log in information.

For the name of this vicious, malicious COMPLETE STRANGER who is attempting to sabotage my life with his lies and false accusations visit There visitors can view his anonymous cowardly threat to sabotage my business (I never conducted any business under this business entity) with his fraudulent complaints.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Key Evidence Outing Cyber Stalker #3 Littler Mendelson Law Firm

I'm not too surprised to learn the law firm of Littler Mendelson was cyber stalking me in March this year. When I worked for Morrison & Foerster LLP in 1998, they were referred to there as "Hitler Mendelson". This is an insidious employment law firm that works on behalf of corporate bullies. A MoFo employee told me they play dirty in court abusing whatever means to thwart their adversary. Littler Mendelson is a dirty law firm with particularly dirty bastard attorneys who stalk and malign many hard working people corporations take advantage of.

My visitor log for March, 2009 shows Littler Mendelson visited right after my former employer Kirkland & Ellis LLP during the time I filed a complaint with the Labor Board for working through my dinner breaks without pay.

Why would this law firm be visiting my SongChannels site right following my former employer Kirkland & Ells LLP's visit? This is
evidence of COLLUSION, of how law firms share information and communicate; particularly vicious male attorneys talk with one another to gang up on a woman! This happened because I complained. I complained to Kirkland & Ellis LLP of their promising during my interview to eventually hire another employee to help with the night work where I was the only night staff employee often so overwhelmed I had to work until 2:00 am in the morning. Two years later they still hadn't hired anyone. It caused me to have to work through my dinner breaks without pay many times in violation of the labor code.

This law firm Kirkland had no tolerance for missed deadlines so I worked
hard to meet all of them! After Audrey Wulff at Kirkland & Ellis gave me a hard time about my vacation request while granting two weeks to the day staff TDS, I had left the firm and went to the Labor Board with the dispute. I had put in 150 hours of overtime and they often demanded I work late into Saturday morning and on the weekends.

Anytime you have a complaint about a company or even law firm, it likely will get passed onto the huge law firm of Littler Mendelson that has offices all over the country. This is a particularly vile law firm that deserves its reputation as Hitler Mendelson. They are brutal similar to how animal laboratories are on animals or pet shelters are that put animals down.

Littler Mendelson trespassed on my site because they are clearly cyber stalkers. Did they charge their client for the time they took to visit SongChannels? Or perhaps to read through the cyber stalker's fraud material on me?

I was told by former employees for Littler the firm has huge top notch holiday party celebrations. They have parties on the backs of hard working people like me maligned by unruly legal tactics. Littler is insidiously evil and thinks nothing of violating the law to achieve its objectives. Money is the bottom line for this law firm, certainly not the law.

Had Edmond Wollmann or Cyber #2 "Joel" become attorneys, they would have fit right in with the culture at the law firm of Littler Mendelson. This law firm better hope none of its vicious attorneys typed any "anonymous" messages on a cyber stalker's blog because I will be obtaining the information by subpoena.

One of my former coworkers at Kirkland in the Chicago office recently contacted me about updates to she and another's case against Kirkland & Ellis LLP located at

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Should I Bring My Taser C2 to Edmond Wollmann's Deposition or Simply Sing for Protection?

I was thinking maybe I should step up my self protection at the deposition of Edmond Wollmann after having viewed the "Texas Style Deposition" video clip on YouTube in my last post. The nutcase could lunge for me and my throat as I'm asking him uncomfortable questions. Pepper spray may not be enough to deter the infamous USENET Kook of the Millennium award winner whose been obsessed with me on-line since 2007.

I don't want to have to pack a taser on an air flight, so I'm thinking of getting a disposable one in San D
iego. What a great idea for people who generally don't need tasers in their every day life; they could purchase a disposable taser at a vending machine in the court reporter's office. It could be called "Tase & Chuck" (TM).

On the other hand, I also suspect Wollmann is too cowardly to face his victim's questions at a deposition and won't bother to show up. The judge will be informed of any lack of cooperation.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Attorney: Edmond Wollmann's Deposition "Like Making Pizza"

I'm all ready to fly up to San Diego on my favorite Virgin Airlines for a mere $120 round trip to get some subpoena's signed by a judge to send to Google and AOL. Then I'll head off to deposing Edmond Wollmann's pathetic ass with a court reporter.

Attorney's Instructions -
How to Depose Edmond Wollma
"Deposing Edmond Wollmann will be a lot like preparing a pizza for the oven. You will first begin pounding his dough, stretching his meaningless communications thin, while adding gobs of toppings to provide to the Court to devour him with."

If the asshole's attorney so much as asks for a new depo date or time, I will submit a new notice for a VIDEOTAPED deposition of Edmond Wollmann for an entire half a day! The above video is an example of what happens to loony tunes depositions, they end up on YouTube.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Cyber Stalker Impersonates Flugal Hornist John Halbleib on YouTube

Right when I was typing up the subpeona form #SUBP-002 to request a subpoena for a YouTube Member "JazzLover07" from 2007, I get this message allegedly from a former musician who recorded on one of my songs in 2007.

I confirmed a
cyber rat recently set up another fake impersonating account under the "JohnHalbleib Channel" to subscribe to my videos. He also placed my music video as a favorite on his fake channel.

Halbleib is a trumpet and flugal hornist who performed on one of my recordings a few years ago for Gotta Tune the World Out. I let the REAL Halbleib know of my cyber rat infestation situation and apologized for the pathetic individual who has nothing better to do with his time.

Cheryl Meril Filed A Lawsuit Against Edmond Wollmann on June 17, 2009

For those who are wondering, I did indeed file an unlimited jurisdiction lawsuit against defaming cyber stalker Edmond Wollmann (aka Ed Wollmann Community Manager of Villa Knolls Apartments in La Mesa, CA) on June 17, 2009 in San Diego Superior Court that is in its discovery phase. Wollmann's attorney is Randall Dierlam of San Diego.

I will not write about the details of the case except to note Wollmann will shortly be deposed in San Diego and sworn under oath to testify the truth, something I believe he is incapable of doing based on his flat out denial response to my lawsuit.

On July 6, 2009, Wollmann lied to the process server who phoned him in his claiming an Edmond Wollmann no longer worked at Villa Knolls. Later that evening the server determined Edmond Wollmann lived on the property and had lied to him to evade service. Wollmann was later served at his residence which was located behind a gate.

Edmond Wollmann lies like it's normal to lie. He thinks lies can turn into truth as long as they're repeated enough that people will believe them. Such is why Wollmann has invested so much time in his propaganda campaign on his blog.
Wollmann believes if he writes enough lies about me, they will eventually come true, thus vindicating himself as he becomes a member of Linkiden and other network sites.

Mr. Wollmann has flat out denied ever contacting me though there is significant evidence of his extremely serious defamation activities. He has posted "SongChannels" and "BrainChannels" in continual reference with my name in Google as if he is tracking and outing a criminal. He has also associated me with the name "Cheryl Meril" in his blog posts as if he is a detective uncovering information in stalking a fugitive.

Wollmann is no private investigator detective, he is in serious trouble. All of the IP address posts used to post malicious libel against me will be turned over by subpoena. Wollmann has been guilty of these kind of unlawful activities on-line for so long he is blind to the serious nature of trouble he is currently in. This is no longer something he can joke about, its entered the civil and punitive stage. Wollmann's anonymity authoring a malicious blog is about to become a thing of the past.

Whomever has created the blogs at "" and "" is going to have their identity discovered after the subpoena process is completed. Whomever that person is, they will not get away with what they've written. I strongly suspect that person is Edmond Wollmann for blog #1 and have every reason to believe it is him. I am 99% sure it is Edmond Wollmann due to his intensity in visiting my website, posting multiple comments and pattern of writing materials about me on USENET forums.

The second cyberstalker whose posted far less material on me is also facing considerable trouble ahead. Cyber #2 is also in the court system and has no idea what he's gotten himself into. There's a hearing scheduled in September in which he will be facing some serious piles of shit.

Visitor stay tuned! These malicious defaming cyber stalkers are in the process of coming down to face reality. I'm not their only victim, they have multitudes of victims and very angry people! People are willing to fly in from out of state to testify, that's how angry they are.

I will not be updating on the details of the progress of my lawsuit only to say when the outcome is revealed, I will not agree to any confidential settlement.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Liberal Fascism is For Real

I recently read the #1 New York Times bestseller Liberal Fascism and couldn't agree more with Jonah Goldberg's assessment. Some people who claim to be liberal ARE fascists who apply a double standard, one set for them and their friends and another set for the others. Liberals claim to be the side that upholds the First Amendment but I find that not to be true at all. Many only value their own rights of free expression.

I've been accused by cyber stalkers who set up libelous blogs accusing me of being a racist, among other things, simply because I referred to people as "Asians" or "African Americans" in some of my articles. I believe being in denial of people's race and cultural origin is kind of evil in itself. If you can't acknowledge another person's cultural heritage and associated race that comes from ancestral migration from another part of the world, then in effect, that's much like claiming gays and lesbians don't exist either.

All races would be "closeted" under such racial denial for fear of being different from the amalgamated masses. It's like not being able to ask "are you Italian?" because someone has a heavy accent. "OMG, Italian? We're all one! We're all the same, what are you asking me, are you a racist?" What's wrong with delineating a person's cultural heritage and ancestral geographical migration orientation?
Why are fascist liberals trying to make it taboo to delineate people's cultural origins?

Based on cyber #2's assessment of me, I'm not supposed to acknowledge anyone as an African American or Asian in my articles because this denotes a form of racism. I actually think they're racist to be making an issue of it at all. If I were racist, I wouldn't be living in one of the most diverse cities in the world in San Francisco the past 16 years, I'd be out in the suburbs sheltered in such places as Walnut Creek California.

If I were a racist, I wouldn't have lived with an African American lady for three years under the same roof without ever having called the police on her regardless of opportunities she presented to do so. If I were a racist I wouldn't appreciate nor enjoy many Motown groups of mostly African Americans I grew up listening too. Most all of my favorite groups and female vocalists were from the era I grew up listening to are African American. I've had dates with wealthy black men back in the 80's, dated including a film editor for Norman Lear.

The cybers' ridiculous claims I'm a racist comes from their own racist beliefs of which they attempt to politically ostracize. If you can't even acknowledge others' cultural heritage claiming it doesn't really exist, that's a form of denial and racism in itself in my opinion.

My Favorite Judge Milian Video - Kicks Arrogant A-hole Law Student's Ass!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

My Favorite Law Tool of All Time - Subpoenas!

What I love about subpoenas is the fact gender plays no role in their issuance nor standards of adherence. Subs are powerful tools to retrieve identification information on anonymous cowardly cyber stalkers.

I'm about to go down the yellow brick road to San Diego, the land of Oz, with a briefcase full of subpoenas for a judge to sign; one for Google, Inc. and one for America On Line (AOL). These nasty anonymous cyber stalkers should be shaking in their boots because whatever these companies provide will be key to my case which will go to trial if necessary.

The IP addresses of all anonymous sockpuppet posts allegedly from my coworkers or former attorneys I worked with, will also be retrieved from these nasty anonymous blogs. IP addresses and their associated hosts of whoever has been posting some really disgusting libel material on me, WILL BE OBTAINED.

Many women can't comprehend the degree of viciousness of the male species until they're murdered or experience how truly deceptive men can be. Men like these COWARDLY anonymous cybers are looking for strangers to dump their frustrations on, of women they don't know who they can torment and malign. I am familiar with this kind of mischief mentality from having been an adolescent. I experienced it in junior high school from cruel boys, but I also once participated in mischief towards another. Way back in 1971 during an art class another student and I hung a "kick me I'm a les" sign on some poor girl's back. I was 11 and went to the Principal's office for it and my parents were contacted. I was shamed by it significantly and never did anything like it again.

I can't comprehend how full grown middle aged men are behaving on-line like I behaved in junior high school! Many women have no idea the degree of mischief grown men participate in because their blinded by preferred status. When I have this identification information, I will be doing something with it.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Charles Wilson Foundation Poltergeist Demon's Back

I check my's visitor log every so often to see who visits my site, especially when I'm being sent nasty comments having nothing to do with the content of an article.

Some mysterious entity lurking behind The Charles Wilson Foundation IP address in Englewood, Colorado visited my songchannels site again yesterday. (See my last article) This time, the predator didn't leave me any obscene rude comments. I'm glad for that. I hope the bastard leaves me alone.

These cyberstalkers are freaky. They seem non-human
like poltergeists haunting me from another dimension. They remind me of the goons in the Night of the Living Dead horror flick. Nameless, faceless entities who lie and distort reality related to my personal life - monsters!

I used to have nightmares of monsters when I was a kid when my father brought home playing cards that had famous horror movie monsters on them. I dreamed they were under my bed. Back then they really did make a lot of scary monster characters from the 50's/60's movie era. These cyber stalkers are the monsters in my adult life. What a bunch of goons!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Michael Jackson's Face Resemblance Noted on Ancient Pharoah Statue

This is an amazing story, check it out. I remember back in 2001 when I stayed at the Luxor Hotel, they had a small Egyptian collector items store. There they had a replica of King Tut's funeral mask coffin. I remember really checking out that piece of artwork that was selling for $10,000. Years later I learned Michael Jackson bought it. Then, two days after Michael Jackson died, on June 27th, King Tut's exhibit opened in San Francisco. It's the first time since 1978 the exhibit returned from Egypt to the U.S.

Then I saw this video from MSNBC today. Not sure what it all means, it seems cosmic and deep. If I were one of those cosmic New Age thinkers, I might be thinking Michael Jackson was the reincarnation of King Tut in our modern world.

Jackson probably tuned into King Tut's vibe for his Egyptian MTV video "Do You Remember." I'm sure he was facinated with the Egyptian boy king as was most of the world.

The tickets for the museum event are $35, and there's not any coffin this time.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Case Against Cyberstalker Has Only Just Begun

Cyberstalker #2 (not Wollmann), just sent me a nasty message through my songchannels blog site in spite of the fact he has a court hearing scheduled on August 13, 2009. In his message, Mr. Cyber also mocked Steve Tyler's recent fall from stage, the Aerosmith singer who sang the 70's classic "Dream On".

In all his arrogance, this lazy dumb cyber stalker criminal has yet even another hearing on September 3rd to attend. This is only the beginning of a long, arduous legal process. How dare this bastard send me any message as his hearings are pending!

Mr. Cyber's former friend from high school who kept in touch with him later in life explained what his problem most likely is. Mr. Cyber's problem is also being discussed in social circles in his former home town. Aside from being considered a bit of an odd individual by his peers from the very start, Mr. Cyber, who is now 54, was abandoned by his parents in his 30's who flew off to live in Arizona without telling him.

Apparently tired and worn out of their son's problems, Mr. Cyber's parents bought a home in Arizona and just up and left without telling anyone. It's been
speculated Mr. Cyber was traumatized by his parents lack of communication to just up and leave behind their son without a word.

Maybe Mr. Cyber's paranoia most likely interpreted his parent's action as:
"we never loved you" and "you were a huge mistake", "you aren't a valued son", "we don't want to hear from you", "you're a divorcee loser who can't even find a new wife and mortgage." "Leave us alone!"
Since his parents stopped communicating with him, Mr. Cyber began lashing out in all of his hurt and anguish, at his old high school pal and of complete strangers. Mr. Cyber has a deep rage and hatred for his parents' abandonment of him and is projecting his feelings of inadequacy onto his victims. He has gone a step further in his insanity of framing and falsely accusing innocent people, including his former friend, while even abusing police and court services to do so.

Mr. Cyberstalker exploits his girlfriend like a chess piece in his plots to deal with a world that
doesn't appreciate his multiple personality sociopath talents. He'll bring his girlfriend to court and refer to her in his perjury testimony.

Mr. Cyber faces an immediate future of multiple court hearings and of subsequent legal costs to deal with his mental illness and denials. He will eventually find it difficult explaining his case to attorneys who will require thousands of dollars in retainer fees.

Ultimately, the truth will be known a paranoid multiple personality cyber stalker who changed his name in 2007 to that of a popular singer, can't sing nor easily avoid court hearing dates. Mr. Cyber's coma story appears near the top of the Google Search engine, under the search word "cyberstalker". He's made it to near the top, and he will continue to rise to the attention of many others in the coming months and years.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Anonymous Impersonating Blogs Should Be Removed from

I really find it hard to believe that some of these middle aged white males don't realize how cowardly it is to post nasty libel about someone who's a complete stranger while doing so anonymously. It only really reflects on them, not the person they're targeting.

There's a fictional version of me on the Internet created by strangers whom I've never met, nor want to meet. They've set up sock puppet discussions, and one of them talks to his various puppet identities to make it appear I'm a topic of conversation on the Internet such as on USNET groups, etc.

These cybers become enraged when you out them as they deem you have no rights. Only they have rights they've acquired from anonymity. You certainly don't have any rights to put up evidence about them they will complain about. I can hardly fathom the madness of some of these individuals who hide like cowards behind anonymous identities believing they can never be identified.

It's clear these cyber stalkers wanted to broadcast distortions and lies about me to divert from their criminal activities on-line they have been outed for by me and others. They are in denial at this point, cowards that they are. They have no shame for what they've done as if their victims somehow deserve it.

No one should be allowed to author an anonymous blog full of obvious hatred for another non-public figure human being. No one! is irresponsible to allow this while WordPress records people's IP addresses so their bloggers can trace any harassment to the source.

The malicious nature of cyber stalkers is really exposed because they can't face they never got over such cruel, destructive on-line activities most of us remember back in our days of junior high school. Like the time we hung a "kick me" sign on someone's back. That kind of childish activity comes from immature undeveloped minds later in life.

If you can't take responsibility for what you've written under your name, you shouldn't be allowed the privilege of operating any blog on or anywhere else. You're nothing but cowards and bullies who never grew up. Your minds are on the level of junior high school boys who pull pranks and torment the weak kid or ugly girl on the playground.

It's really sad when full grown middle aged men don't care what they are doing is inappropriate, wrong and even criminal.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Sock Puppets Go Hand in Hand with Paranoid Schizophrenia

The real mark of a paranoid schizophrenic cyber stalker is the fact they post anonymously and use various sock puppets to smear their targets who they've deemed have wronged them in some way. Often times they will conduct conversations with their various sock puppets to gang up on their victim.

For instance, I've witnessed how these guys set up a sock puppet identity to discuss the alleged accusation the cyber stalker is doing something to someone. In that instance, the cyber stalker will foolishly assume his real name under his professional credentials to post a response "I do not know this person and have never emailed her."

In another example, the cyber stalker will be trying to get out of a sticky situation where he exposed himself under his real name email to initiate contact. Then when he's discovered as a cyber stalker, he will use a sock puppet identity to try and convice the victim it's really the not the cyberstalker, who contacted them.

Five days after the first initial contact under the real name email address goes something like this:

"My name is Edward Ohlmann and I own "_____", not the guy you are writing about."

These cyber stalkers also use anonymous posts from sock puppets to make it appear there's a body of people who hate their victim. The more insane ones actually have their sock puppets talking to one another, which translates to the cyber stalker talking among his various personalities with himself.

I've observed how these cyber stalkers attempt to assume the writing personalities of my former coworkers and attorneys in the legal community to make it look like I was a hated person in comment sections of their blogs. All are under "anonymous" posts. Responsible reasonable people don't generally take anonymous posts as credible thus a cyberstalker's efforts are in vain.

It's so easy for any frustrated male to post libel on a female target especially under a sock puppet anonymously to smear her name this way. These people must be dealt with and not allowed to get away with remaining anonymous. They must be exposed and documented.

As it turns out, I'm a very strong person who has the means and resources to effectively address these cyberstalkers. Dumb criminals usually underestimate their victim's intelligence from having demeaned them for so long. Others without the time or money might fall into extremely difficult situations from these type of defamation activities against them.