Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Anonymous Impersonating Blogs Should Be Removed from

I really find it hard to believe that some of these middle aged white males don't realize how cowardly it is to post nasty libel about someone who's a complete stranger while doing so anonymously. It only really reflects on them, not the person they're targeting.

There's a fictional version of me on the Internet created by strangers whom I've never met, nor want to meet. They've set up sock puppet discussions, and one of them talks to his various puppet identities to make it appear I'm a topic of conversation on the Internet such as on USNET groups, etc.

These cybers become enraged when you out them as they deem you have no rights. Only they have rights they've acquired from anonymity. You certainly don't have any rights to put up evidence about them they will complain about. I can hardly fathom the madness of some of these individuals who hide like cowards behind anonymous identities believing they can never be identified.

It's clear these cyber stalkers wanted to broadcast distortions and lies about me to divert from their criminal activities on-line they have been outed for by me and others. They are in denial at this point, cowards that they are. They have no shame for what they've done as if their victims somehow deserve it.

No one should be allowed to author an anonymous blog full of obvious hatred for another non-public figure human being. No one! is irresponsible to allow this while WordPress records people's IP addresses so their bloggers can trace any harassment to the source.

The malicious nature of cyber stalkers is really exposed because they can't face they never got over such cruel, destructive on-line activities most of us remember back in our days of junior high school. Like the time we hung a "kick me" sign on someone's back. That kind of childish activity comes from immature undeveloped minds later in life.

If you can't take responsibility for what you've written under your name, you shouldn't be allowed the privilege of operating any blog on or anywhere else. You're nothing but cowards and bullies who never grew up. Your minds are on the level of junior high school boys who pull pranks and torment the weak kid or ugly girl on the playground.

It's really sad when full grown middle aged men don't care what they are doing is inappropriate, wrong and even criminal.