Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Attorney: Edmond Wollmann's Deposition "Like Making Pizza"

I'm all ready to fly up to San Diego on my favorite Virgin Airlines for a mere $120 round trip to get some subpoena's signed by a judge to send to Google and AOL. Then I'll head off to deposing Edmond Wollmann's pathetic ass with a court reporter.

Attorney's Instructions -
How to Depose Edmond Wollma
"Deposing Edmond Wollmann will be a lot like preparing a pizza for the oven. You will first begin pounding his dough, stretching his meaningless communications thin, while adding gobs of toppings to provide to the Court to devour him with."

If the asshole's attorney so much as asks for a new depo date or time, I will submit a new notice for a VIDEOTAPED deposition of Edmond Wollmann for an entire half a day! The above video is an example of what happens to loony tunes depositions, they end up on YouTube.