Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cyber Stalker #2's Threat to Sabotage Business Outed

This Google Earth depiction measured the distance between the Cyberstalker's residence and the IP Address "GE Mortgage" location as less than 500 yards. The IP was used to visit the Nob Hill Notary site within one hour of sending a threatening comment with an anonymous proxy at 18:54 hours. Cyberstalker #2 hacked into the back end of the site to get to its contact form since there was no home page with links up. The preceding IP address visit was also determined to be from Cyberstalker's residence in his having used the SBC Global network.

I was able to confirm Cyberstalker #2's threat I received on August 21, 2009, was followed within an hour of a visit from an ISP located within 500 yards of his home address. Considering there were only 5 visits to the Nob Hill Notary site all day, this is pretty convincing evidence Cyber had posted the threat within an hour of visiting using an anonymous proxy as he usually does. The other IP address "" was also the Cyberstalker's SBC Global IP address he uses from his home. It is well documented on my other site as well as being one he frequently uses.

I was also able to confer with a former friend of Cyberstalker #2 whose familiar with his blogging techniques and writing style since he was being cyberstalked by him for years. He confirmed I am correct to come to the conclusion cyberstalker #2 is responsible for the blog located at Edmond Wollmann is responsible for authoring the other really nasty blog at Google will be served with subpoenas shortly for the cyber's IP addresses for posts and log in information.

For the name of this vicious, malicious COMPLETE STRANGER who is attempting to sabotage my life with his lies and false accusations visit There visitors can view his anonymous cowardly threat to sabotage my business (I never conducted any business under this business entity) with his fraudulent complaints.