Thursday, August 27, 2009

It's Raining Subpoenas! A Possible Book on the Horizon

A wave of my subpoenas for IP addresses and log in information are arriving at various companies this week. I've got several subpoena requests to such companies as, Google, AOL and others. I'm seeking IP addresses of posts and sign-in information.

I may write a book after this is over about how the average person can battle anonymous cyber stalkers without paying enormous legal fees. The key is getting to the meat of the evidence using subpoenas. When you have evidence of IP addresses, then the case is pretty much over in terms of their guilt.

The whole point is when there are anonymous cyber stalkers, there's no easy way to link the
ir identities. I not only have a good idea of whose been setting up blogs and posting in forums, but I've got both of them in the court system already. Most people have no idea whose cyberstalking them.

These two mentally ill cybers are in complete denial of their problems in which anonymity serves as a "denial cloak" as they project their illness onto their victims.