Friday, August 21, 2009

Key Evidence Outing Cyber Stalker #3 Littler Mendelson Law Firm

I'm not too surprised to learn the law firm of Littler Mendelson was cyber stalking me in March this year. When I worked for Morrison & Foerster LLP in 1998, they were referred to there as "Hitler Mendelson". This is an insidious employment law firm that works on behalf of corporate bullies. A MoFo employee told me they play dirty in court abusing whatever means to thwart their adversary. Littler Mendelson is a dirty law firm with particularly dirty bastard attorneys who stalk and malign many hard working people corporations take advantage of.

My visitor log for March, 2009 shows Littler Mendelson visited right after my former employer Kirkland & Ellis LLP during the time I filed a complaint with the Labor Board for working through my dinner breaks without pay.

Why would this law firm be visiting my SongChannels site right following my former employer Kirkland & Ells LLP's visit? This is
evidence of COLLUSION, of how law firms share information and communicate; particularly vicious male attorneys talk with one another to gang up on a woman! This happened because I complained. I complained to Kirkland & Ellis LLP of their promising during my interview to eventually hire another employee to help with the night work where I was the only night staff employee often so overwhelmed I had to work until 2:00 am in the morning. Two years later they still hadn't hired anyone. It caused me to have to work through my dinner breaks without pay many times in violation of the labor code.

This law firm Kirkland had no tolerance for missed deadlines so I worked
hard to meet all of them! After Audrey Wulff at Kirkland & Ellis gave me a hard time about my vacation request while granting two weeks to the day staff TDS, I had left the firm and went to the Labor Board with the dispute. I had put in 150 hours of overtime and they often demanded I work late into Saturday morning and on the weekends.

Anytime you have a complaint about a company or even law firm, it likely will get passed onto the huge law firm of Littler Mendelson that has offices all over the country. This is a particularly vile law firm that deserves its reputation as Hitler Mendelson. They are brutal similar to how animal laboratories are on animals or pet shelters are that put animals down.

Littler Mendelson trespassed on my site because they are clearly cyber stalkers. Did they charge their client for the time they took to visit SongChannels? Or perhaps to read through the cyber stalker's fraud material on me?

I was told by former employees for Littler the firm has huge top notch holiday party celebrations. They have parties on the backs of hard working people like me maligned by unruly legal tactics. Littler is insidiously evil and thinks nothing of violating the law to achieve its objectives. Money is the bottom line for this law firm, certainly not the law.

Had Edmond Wollmann or Cyber #2 "Joel" become attorneys, they would have fit right in with the culture at the law firm of Littler Mendelson. This law firm better hope none of its vicious attorneys typed any "anonymous" messages on a cyber stalker's blog because I will be obtaining the information by subpoena.

One of my former coworkers at Kirkland in the Chicago office recently contacted me about updates to she and another's case against Kirkland & Ellis LLP located at