Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Should I Bring My Taser C2 to Edmond Wollmann's Deposition or Simply Sing for Protection?

I was thinking maybe I should step up my self protection at the deposition of Edmond Wollmann after having viewed the "Texas Style Deposition" video clip on YouTube in my last post. The nutcase could lunge for me and my throat as I'm asking him uncomfortable questions. Pepper spray may not be enough to deter the infamous USENET Kook of the Millennium award winner whose been obsessed with me on-line since 2007.

I don't want to have to pack a taser on an air flight, so I'm thinking of getting a disposable one in San D
iego. What a great idea for people who generally don't need tasers in their every day life; they could purchase a disposable taser at a vending machine in the court reporter's office. It could be called "Tase & Chuck" (TM).

On the other hand, I also suspect Wollmann is too cowardly to face his victim's questions at a deposition and won't bother to show up. The judge will be informed of any lack of cooperation.