Monday, August 3, 2009

Sock Puppets Go Hand in Hand with Paranoid Schizophrenia

The real mark of a paranoid schizophrenic cyber stalker is the fact they post anonymously and use various sock puppets to smear their targets who they've deemed have wronged them in some way. Often times they will conduct conversations with their various sock puppets to gang up on their victim.

For instance, I've witnessed how these guys set up a sock puppet identity to discuss the alleged accusation the cyber stalker is doing something to someone. In that instance, the cyber stalker will foolishly assume his real name under his professional credentials to post a response "I do not know this person and have never emailed her."

In another example, the cyber stalker will be trying to get out of a sticky situation where he exposed himself under his real name email to initiate contact. Then when he's discovered as a cyber stalker, he will use a sock puppet identity to try and convice the victim it's really the not the cyberstalker, who contacted them.

Five days after the first initial contact under the real name email address goes something like this:

"My name is Edward Ohlmann and I own "_____", not the guy you are writing about."

These cyber stalkers also use anonymous posts from sock puppets to make it appear there's a body of people who hate their victim. The more insane ones actually have their sock puppets talking to one another, which translates to the cyber stalker talking among his various personalities with himself.

I've observed how these cyber stalkers attempt to assume the writing personalities of my former coworkers and attorneys in the legal community to make it look like I was a hated person in comment sections of their blogs. All are under "anonymous" posts. Responsible reasonable people don't generally take anonymous posts as credible thus a cyberstalker's efforts are in vain.

It's so easy for any frustrated male to post libel on a female target especially under a sock puppet anonymously to smear her name this way. These people must be dealt with and not allowed to get away with remaining anonymous. They must be exposed and documented.

As it turns out, I'm a very strong person who has the means and resources to effectively address these cyberstalkers. Dumb criminals usually underestimate their victim's intelligence from having demeaned them for so long. Others without the time or money might fall into extremely difficult situations from these type of defamation activities against them.