Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Amazing Barbra Streisand Doesn't Practice, Read Music, Perform in Living Rooms

I was amazed to learn Barbra Streisand who has one of the greatest singing gifts of her generation, claims she is a totally self-taught singer who never bothered with lessons, scales, and vocal exercises. Moreover, Streisand never bothered to learn how to read music. She speaks in this interview as being so shy, she'd turn her back to people in her earliest performances.

In this interview, Streisand claims prior to her recent performance, she was just "praying" her voice would sound good since she hadn't sung since last year. I was absolutely amazed her singing is based on total faith in her gift to remain miraculously having nothing to do with practicing, rehearsing and doing typical vocal exercises most every singer uses. It appears based on her statements that Streisand believes singing is a gift from God and her faith.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Get Your Metal Vaccination Bracelet and Flu Shot or Go to FEMA Camp

The government has plans in place to vaccinate Americans by force all over the country. Oklahoma has already passed a law everyone must be vaccinated. Imagine the dollar signs in the vaccine manufacturer's eyes!

The logistics are in place that everyone will be provided with a permanent metal bracelet with an RFID chip denoting the vaccination was taken along with other personal information. This is obviously the first step of the ultimate computer chip implant.

Apparently, the FEMA camp and coffins are for the dissenters who will be dying in the camps. They plan on carting off Americans who refuse to take the vaccination to these FEMA compounds we've been hearing about the past couple of years.

The vaccination is considered a soft kill weapon which will be a slow death for many Americans according to several sources.
If you really think about it, this is the way to kill off a large part of the population and imprison the rest while making millions of dollars off of poison vaccine production. Sources say the swine flu was manufactured in a laboratory for this purpose.

For those who wonder why the government wants to kill off its population, it's due to the coming orchestrated dollar collapse, lack of manageability of the population as such, and a means to enforce a computer chip implant program by scaring the hell out of everyone.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Perjury Games About to End - Male Domination Issues Exposed

A fictitious George Orwell sent me an email this evening reminding me of an upcoming hearing on October 15, 2009. I had requested the hearing to correct an injustice committed against me by a fraud - Cyber #2 who was recently given a three year restraining order on September 23, 2009. Someone flew out from Vancouver Washington to testify they sent something I was accused of sending postmarked from there. I originally believed sworn affidavits were enough but it turned out only an appearance is considered real testimony.

Since I obtained a restraining order against Cyber #2 with much effort of having to have two witnesses, it was rather pathetic the ease of which this fascist walked into his small town court with no evidence in failing to meet the statutory requirements. Without any counsel, Cyber #2 falsely accused me of stalking his ugly girlfriend 18 times. His evidence wasn't any police reports, since he didn't have any, but his perjury testimony. His other alleged evidence was what he scribbled on a piece of paper as follows:

This was the pathetic complaint of a mentally ill person of an alleged "threat" sent. This lazy note caused a slew of legal documents to be filed and of people to testify. The outcome is still pending of the initial filing.

Attorneys make money on this kind of thing and apparently the court is trying to suck innocent people into the system with virtually no evidence. It's a real shame they think nothing of trying to ruin someone's life over a Pacific Heights type of nutjob's false accusations. I live in an entirely different county of this person and knew nothing of his girlfriend.

I recently learned Cyber #2 had the audacity to go file a police report against the process server who he chased out to his car after he was served. This is the server's declaration affidavit.

A process server's declaration statement will be held with greater credence then Cyber #2's recent fraudulent criminal complaint accusing him of vehicular assault.

An attorney's letter was drafted on June 22, 2009 addressed to
Cyber #2's former name. When we learned there had been a name change it delayed
the letter's delivery weeks.

This is an evil game men play. It's interesting the extreme extent they go to cover-up their being rejected by a woman to make her look crazy and like a Glen Close Fatal Attraction character.
This man had no evidence of my ever contacting him because I hadn't. An attorney from Parker Stanbury LLP had even drafted a cease and desist letter. Unlike Cyber #2, who committed perjury and covered up his cyber stalking activities as such, I was following the law all the way.

Now I have some nutjob George Orwell sending me more emails. The fact is, I am innocent of this vicious man's false accusations. He is a mentally ill Pacific Heights character role who two witnesses, including a former friend, can attest to as such.

So this is the perjury game this vicious individual Cyber #2 plays. Perjury is common in the courts. You have to present hard evidence, like depositions and IP addresses, etc., to prove your case over perjury these days.

Cyber #2 believes he can do anyone wrong he so pleases that he's above the law and he can lie and get away with it. . . ..for now.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Interesting Videos Comparing Obama to Hitler

Imagine being a kid being forced to sing this garbage in praise of the President in your local public school. It's pretty shocking stuff.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cyber #2 Gets Restraining Order - Witness Flies from Vancouver Washington

For anyone who thinks because they use an anonymous proxy server service they can get away with sending threatening, rude and annoying emails and comments to blogs, think again! I was able to get a three year restraining order against Cyber #2 yesterday in Concord Superior Court. An outstanding judge listened attentively to two witnesses, a former friend and victim of Cyber #2, and the second a victim who flew all the way out from Vancouver Washington to testify.

The hearing began with information my attorney couldn't make the hearing having been held up at a trial so I had to represent myself. An associate attorney was sent who was very helpful but he couldn't represent me there since he didn't really have all the information. I had to present the case and evidence to the judge myself.

In addition to having two strong witnesses who explained their experiences with being victims of Cyber #2, I had also conducted a deposition prior to the hearing which proved helpful. Cyber 2 is the guy who chased the process server to his car I wrote about in a former post. My attorney gave me good advice it was worth the extra $400 to get the transcript rushed for the court date. The deposition made a huge difference as I was able to provide evidence of Cyber #2 admitting to certain key things, and evading certain questions with "no comment" that clearly pointed to his guilt of authoring Blog #2 of me.

The blog was authored by Cyber #2. Its full of malicious libel and misinformation. The vicious man who wrote that blog now has a restraining order. His latest emails and other malicious activities threatening my now abandoned business were reviewed by a Judge who agreed there was cause for a restraining order. This RO includes emails and any kind of means of electronic harassment.

Note to Cyber #1: Any anonymous and ficitious name harassment I get from the USENET board due to your writing about me and my case there, can be construed as your harassment. Take note of it and leave me the hell alone.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

High School Drop Out Brings Son Nathan Wollmann to Deposition

I just discovered Edmond Wollmann is writing materials on the USENET forum about my deposing him on September 15, 2009 showing how insecure he is. If his lawyer views this article, he should instruct his client to stop writing about his case on forums because I'm continually getting harassing emails about it forcing me to respond in this manner.

First, a little about Wollmann's appearance at the deposition. Edmond Wollmann is bald, overweight and pasty pale white, all very uncommon for those who live in the great weather and sunshine of San Diego. People who live in San Diego are generally there because they enjoy the weather tending to spend time outdoors jogging and enjoying the sunshine. Edmond Wollmann looks like something out of the Munsters television program. He struck me as fitting the characterization of an underground mole.

Mr. Wollmann insinuated someone has impersonated him on-line and he did not own the email address "" on May 23, 2007. The long stri
ng of evidence points to otherwise. He also claims he's never posted anything on USENET other than under his own professional signature. I'm currently working with an attorney to have a subpoena accepted in Virginia's court where AOL is located, in order to obtain the account information.

I can't imagine any man who would exploit his own son by asking him to be the videographer for a deposition in which he admitted to:
  • Having criminal convictions for trespassing & public nuisance
  • Having never graduated high school
  • Lying repeatedly in covering up his crazy behavior cyber stalking, harassing and abusing a woman on-line.
Any man who would invite his son, Nathan Wollmann, to videograph his deposition in which he repeatedly lied and had to admit to criminal behavior can be construed as indecent and immoral. The shame of involving one's son in covering up for one's self and involving him in videoing the plaintiff during questioning doesn't register with such a pathological individual.

So for the record, Edmond Wollmann, 55 was a high school drop out. Back in those days of his generation, being a high school drop out was an indication of some serious problems of an individual. It was the real stamp of a loser unless the individual had a military family. Being a high school dropout is where Edmond Wollmann's great insecurity with himself apparently began in which he feels it necessary to lie about and smear people on-line.

The Huge Divide Between Myself and Edmond Wollmann

There's a huge difference between myself and Edmond Wollmann that he's too delusional and pathological to recognize. Compared to Edmond Wollmann I received the following awards from one of the top high schools in the country I graduated from in Palos Verdes Estates, in 1974-78:

  • Outstanding Freshman - PVHS Orchestra '75
  • U.S.C. Music Camp Scholarship - PVHS Orchestra '76
  • Outstanding Stylist - PVHS Jazz Choir '78

When I was in grade school I was playing viola
with some of today's top musicians in youth orchestras in Hollywood, CA and later as a teenager at music camps.

I'm continually receiving harassing anonymous emails about Wollmann's posts on USENET and all kinds of crazy stuff.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Edmond Wollmann Embarrasses His Son at Deposition Admitting Public Nuisance Conviction

It would be difficult having any father who lacks common sense not to know when enough is enough. It takes a lot of stupidity in this day and age for a non-homeless well fed clothed educated person to get a public nuisance conviction in San Diego California. Such a person who received a public nuisance conviction was Edmond Wollmann in 2003. Wollmann actually had two counts against him as one was dropped.

A normal son of such a person might think the following to himself watching his father have to answer questions he was also asked to video tape at a deposition for him:
"Yup, that's my dad alright, the criminally convicted public nuisance. He's been convicted of trespassing and obsessively writes crazy things on USENET that's gotten him various kook awards. He calls Pluto a planet and the constellation Orion a star in his historical (i.e., hysterical) writings. He writes his own shining Amazon reviews for his self-published book. He'll even file a Google copyright violation for posting his email as if you've copied a literary giant's writing material. Yes, my father is quite desperate to save face and impress me." - Family Video Series #1
It's no wonder Edmond Wollmann is very sensitive to what his son, Nathan Wollmann, thinks of him that he feels a need to obsessively personally attack and lie about others on the Internet for his honor. "My son's my best friend" Wollmann writes. "He video taped the Merrill deposition." No, Mr. Wollmann, it wasn't the Merrill deposition, it was the Wollmann deposition. You were the one deposed, not me. Your recent publicly stated written opinions of me during the deposition have absolutely zero relevance in the matter other than adding to my discovery.

Wollmann's personal insecurities with saving face with his son have been unlawfully transferred onto me in this matter. He needs to stop sending me anonymous accusatory emails and posting his libelous garbage on USENET trying to beat up on a woman on-line.

Here's a glimpse of a typical email I get from a perverted sick man:

I get several dozen anonymous rude emails like the one above each month many of which I believe are generated by Edmond Wollmann.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Google Didn't Force Me - I Volunteered

I recently received a typical accusatory email and wanted to respond I voluntarily removed links to Edmond Wollmann's conviction cases on this blog. I don't want his crimes searchable on Google linked with my music site.

The PDF files were stored on songchannels and Docutur kept getting hacked into as the other place I stored them. I decided to simply no longer list the cases, especially since I have Mr. Wollmann's statement under oath now admitting he was convicted of trespassing and public nuisance. His concealed firearm charge was apparently dismissed.

I was performing analytical tests on my site's searchability and discovered people who weren't searching for music were coming to my site. Google picks up PDF text in its search engine and I don't want's searches to produce results for such key words as "San Diego Superior Court" and other similar related searches that have nothing to do with music. So, I took down the cases from songchannels voluntarily along with several others.

As far as Wollmann's Google copyright DMCA complaint about my posting a copy of this email in a blog article, I'm challenging it as erroneous and waiting for Google to give me the okay to repost it.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Los Angeles Airport Still a 1950's Relic Piece of Work

Last night I discovered there was no Bart train going to the San Francisco Airport early enough for my Virgin America flight to Los Angeles that left at 7:10 am. I had presumed a train would be available on Saturday morning prior to 6:00 a.m. in vain. So I was forced to hustle in trying to find an alternative which required I wake up at 3:45 a.m. to catch the appropriate shuttle bus. A taxi ride is around $40 to the airport these days so it was worth it, since the fare was only $3.50.

I arrived at the Transby Terminal in San Francisco at 4:45 a.m in the morning to discover homeless people sleeping in the terminal and hanging around wit
h cups of coffee. I got on the shuttle and arrived at the airport at 5:50 a.m. I walked on the entire other side of the airport to the gate assigned to the Virgin aircraft and got a cup of coffee. Luckily as I approached the security check line I discovered in time Virgin America, as usual, had changed gates last minute to the entire other side of the terminal requiring me to walk what would amount to several city blocks.

When I arrived Virigin America wasn't ready for the passengers. It took a long time to check us all onto the plane due to what they claimed was an aircraft change. We sat on the plane for another 35 minutes waiting for catering to finish up loading the plane with food. We were already 30 minutes late in the flight, then waited for the runway to clear about another 15 long minutes. Since I had a conference to attend early in the morning I was totally pissed.

When we finally arrived in Los Angeles LAX, we were 40 minutes late. I told the Virgin crew on my way out it was the worst flight I had ever had in my life. The airline hostesses were shallow and dumb and no one seemed to care how late they were to get us to Los Angeles. The pilot rarely checked in with us to update status on arrival time.

At LAX, the taxi driver they assigned to me at the terminal didn't even know where the hotel was I asked for.
He brought me to the wrong area and then delayed my arrival another 15 minutes. We drove and drove as is typical of LA getting nowhere and I was reminded why I had left; Los Angeles is pure hell! The driver used his special virtual dashboard map and was completely ignorant of where the hotel was I needed to go to.
Because Virgin America had limited flights back to LA, I had to leave the conference early, meaning I had flown all the way to Los Angeles for a mere 5 hours of conference time.

On the way back I met a very cool architect with his own architecture firm. He was sitting next to me and we talked about so much stuff from architecture to the economy.
Speaking of architecture, the LAX terminal hasn't changed since I last visited, it was a real piece of work. Apparently they were working on it again, but it still looked the same as the day I left LA in 1995. It looked just as it always had and I was shocked; utterly shocked LAX hadn't redesigned itself. The entire airport is outdated and pathetic.

I think SFO is one of the nicest airports in the world compared to some I've recently visited including Las Vegas and San Diego. SFO is thus far the nicest airport I've ever been too.
I think I'm going to go travel to Italy and Rome next.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cute Guy Raymond Clark III Turns Into Brutal Murderer Overnight

Raymond Clark, III, 24, had a bright future ahead in life with a good education, fiancee and a love for his dog. Witnesses said he was a nice man and his former peers remember him as a comedic clown in class. So, let's face it, this guy doesn't fit the stereotype of one you'd expect to have committed the brutal crime and cover-up of Yale graduate Annie Le. My head's been spinning all day after I heard the news the killer was arrested.

I would have guessed the nature of the individual who could have strangled and stuffed a beautiful little woman into a wall would have fit the bill for a former prison convict, rapist or drug dealer with a motive. However, witnesses allege he merely seemed a control freak who may have felt Annie Le had violated his workspace territory. A guy with a similar mental problem on a lesser level might have considered concocting some story against Le so he could get a restraining order. This guy Clark just decided to get her out of the way and stuff her in a wall, then hide as the authorities ran their tests.

This sounds like something out of a horror movie really, to imagine a normal kind of guy like this suddenly flipped out that some pretty little thing was in his way in the workplace. Whatever happened to cause this man to flip out, it's a testimony that anything can happen and the dangerous looking person on the street is far less dangerous than Raymond Clark III was one particular day. It's true the ones you'd never expect, the clowns in high school as this guy was, can have a dark side to them.

Authorities say they have overwhelming forensic evidence to overcome any lack of motive for the gruesome murder of Annie Le. Clark also wasn't too bright considering he had to swipe his magnetic card to get into rooms in the building where he was tracked.
Clark had moved around the laboratory area quite a bit that day, including entering rooms that he normally would not be expected to enter, the source said.

Clark also used his card to go to another area, the place where Le's body was found Sunday -- the day she was to have been married -- stuffed into a 2-foot crawl space behind a wall. - LA Times.
This kind of shocking murder event is really getting to be an epidemic in our country. I don't understand why these guys who seem to have so much going for them suddenly flip out and feel a need to do something so brutal. Maybe they wouldn't even contemplate their crime if they didn't think they could get away with it? What caused this guy Raymond to think he could get away with something like this?

This just proves my case that the nicest sweetest guy in the world can be a brutal murderer on the inside.

What an utterly shocking and disgracefully sad story.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Liberal Fascism is For Real

I recently read the #1 New York Times bestseller Liberal Fascism and couldn't agree more with Jonah Goldberg's assessment. Some people who claim to be liberal ARE fascists who apply a double standard, one set for them and their friends and another set for the others. Liberals claim to be the side that upholds the First Amendment but I find that not to be true at all. Many only value their own rights of free expression.

I've been accused by cyber stalkers who set up libelous blogs accusing me of being a racist, among other things, simply because I referred to people as "Asians" or "African Americans" in some of my articles. I believe being in denial of people's race and cultural origin is kind of evil in itself. If you can't acknowledge another person's cultural heritage and associated race that comes from ancestral migration from another part of the world, then in effect, that's much like claiming gays and lesbians don't exist either.

All races would be "closeted" under such racial denial for fear of being different from the amalgamated masses. It's like not being able to ask "are you Italian?" because someone has a heavy accent. "OMG, Italian? We're all one! We're all the same, what are you asking me, are you a racist?" What's wrong with delineating a person's cultural heritage and ancestral geographical migration orientation? Why are fascist liberals trying to make it taboo to delineate people's cultural origins?

Based on cyber #2's assessment of me, I'm not supposed to acknowledge anyone as an African American or Asian in my articles because this denotes a form of racism. I actually think they're racist to be making an issue of it at all. If I were racist, I wouldn't be living in one of the most diverse cities in the world in San Francisco the past 16 years, I'd be out in the suburbs sheltered in such places as Walnut Creek California.

If I were a racist, I wouldn't have lived with an African American lady for three years under the same roof without ever having called the police on her regardless of opportunities she presented to do so. If I were a racist I wouldn't appreciate nor enjoy many Motown groups of mostly African Americans I grew up listening too. Most all of my favorite groups and female vocalists were from the era I grew up listening to are African American. I've had dates with wealthy black men back in the 80's, dated including a film editor for Norman Lear.

The cybers' ridiculous claims I'm a racist comes from their own racist beliefs of which they attempt to politically ostracize. If you can't even acknowledge others' cultural heritage claiming it doesn't really exist, that's a form of denial and racism in itself in my opinion.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lehman Brothers Fall Worldwide Impact

I was listening to trend researcher Gerald Celente who says the Fed thus far has covered-up the economic depression by pumping trillions of dollars into the system as a temporary fix. He claims the depression started in March, 2009.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Another China Dog Culling Spree Set To Start in Qinhuangdao

People around the world are extremely upset China's Hebei's Province near Beijing has again started beating to death thousands of pet dogs to allegedly control the spread of rabies. A few years ago 40,000 dogs were senselessly beaten to death on China's streets over a handful of rabies cases. Even pet owners are being asked to kill their own dogs including those who qualify for death because they stand more than one foot tall.
"To pick this time to enforce the dog regulation, it is obvious that Qinhuangdao hopes to 'clean' the streets and put on a good show for China's National Day on October 1st. But, by inflicting cruelty on animals, the city is doing the exact opposite. Mass killing of dogs is going to generate outrage from people all over the world, damaging China's image of a harmonious society," said Grace Ge Gabriel, the International Fund for Animal Welfare's Asia Regional Director.
Chinese dog death squads began their terror against innocent defenseless pet dogs on September 10, 2009 to the horror of pet lovers around the world.
The Chinese government is a heartless, souless creature; a killing machine! If this government can do this to people's pets it can easily turn against people in the blink of an eye. Imagine if the US government began knocking on doors to kill our pets what the reaction would be.

Horrors of all horrors! A prediction by a Russian professor, Igor Panarin, better not come true that the U.S. will fall in 2010 and China will make California
one of its new provinces. Many Americans would rather die than surrender part of their country, not to mention their dogs and cats, to the brutal Chinese government.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Violet Blue's Considering Torture and Rise of Harsh Bondage

Sex writer Violet Blue, 36, who writes for the San Francisco Chronicle and for the Open Source Sex column is the initial sadistic sex pervert who placed my email address on her sex blog in 2007 for her fan Edmond Wollmann to contact me with.

On May 23, 2007, Wollmann sent me an email with a deceptive "Your Jazz Singing!" heading. This entire issue with Edmond Wollmann began with Violet Blue's posting of my email address from a comment attributed to Cyber #2 and his obsession with honey bees based on his former web domain

Blue is obviously a sex maniac whose involved in fantasizing in the kind of sex torture we read about from such sadistic bondage criminals as Phillip Garrido. Blue is trying to make sexual sadism and torture accepted as the norm in mainstream journalism writing about it consistently to the embarrassment of many San Franciscans. Whose to say men don't get ideas from Blue's column to go out and kidnap, tie up and rape a woman or even a little girl for that matter? Look it all I've been through resulting from Blue's activities with my email address?

Violent Blue's recent article Considering Torture, and the Rise of Harsh Bondage was particularly booed by most SFGate readers in the comment section. Here are a few of their comments about Violet Blue and/or her article:

Then the rest of the 300+ comments posted on the article fade into personal discourse forum discussions ignoring Violet Blue's article all together.

Back in 2007, some guy on behalf of Blue called my home late on the evening of the cyberstalker's using my email account to say "we can see it in the headers" over the email sent to them. I responded "I'm not interested in giving you or anyone else head, leave me alone!" and hung up on him. Imagine Violet Blue's comrade in sexual bondage calling your home late at night accusing you of sending her an email, then posting it on her sex blog for every sex criminal to read. The nerve!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wishing Kristy McNichol the Best on Her Birthday on 9/11

I've been hypothesizing again about a few who have a problem with my former fan website of Kristy McNichol, the former actress from the series Family in the 1970's thru '94 on Empty Nest. They've gone so far as to create elaborate blog articles about me and spread a lot of malicious lies.

I wouldn't have ever wanted to be a famous person in this culture, especially after having gotten a little taste of what it's like to have complete strangers being aware of a lot of information about one's life. It's not easy at all being a celebrity; people become jealous of fame, beauty and fortune and it surely must be difficult to find true friends.

We're living in even more vicious times then years prior where today many middle aged frustrated men seek to unload on their various female targets on-line. Their pattern of behavior is developed through their anonymity on the Internet over a span of many years as they perfect their psycho sadistic cyber hunting skills.

Kristy McNichol once had a very serious dangerous stalker back in the 1990's who ultimately went to prison for having cut her phone lines at her home. That very act of wanting to cut off one's communications with the outside world is similar to the domination and control issues I've encountered on-line. Two cyber stalkers have been contacting such sites as Scribd, YouTube, Zimbio and any others they've discovered I use, with phony complaints to prevent me from using them.

A few months ago I discovered YouTube hasn't been allowing viewer counts to exceed 300 views on all my latest music videos. In addition, I tried to upload something last night and I couldn't. The uploader froze half way into the upload. I was able to upload the video fine on another video site. I believe cyber stalkers have flagged my videos so many times YouTube placed my account in some kind of problem status. It's all too obvious my account has been affected by cyber stalker's activities, jealous men who wish to dominate and prevent me from using the Internet.

We're living in an age of Phillip Garrido's, the "age of creeps". The prison system is overpopulated and California's deep in debt. In spite of all the horrendous things going on in the world, and the fact 9/11 will forever be considered one of the worst days in American history, I hope Kristy McNichol can find peace and happiness on her b-day in part knowing she provided a lot of happiness to her fans in their youth and even adult years.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Edmond Wollmann Files Google DMCA Claiming Monkey Likeness Violates His Copyright

A few posts ago I posted about how Edmond Wollmann flings virtual shit on the Internet like a monkey; one he apparently didn't like. I just learned Wollmann complained to Google I had somehow violated his copyright to post the photo of his likeness. I apparently had forgotten to "link" to the likeness photo as such. So, here's a repost as link to the infamous photo Edmond Wollmann complained was a copyright violation.

Mr. Wollmann clearly doesn't understand copyright law. If one is providing an "opinion" of someone's statement in the body of the article presenting a quote from already published email on-line such that was on (for many years I might add), it in no way constitutes a violation of copyright. In fact, it is a violation of the law for Mr. Wollmann to claim my posting a quote of one of his posts is a copyright violation. As I wrote before, Mr. Wollmann clearly can't take what he dishes out to his victims anonymously!

A few months ago I justifiably had dozens of my photographs removed from Mr. Wollmann's anonymous site at

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

World Exclusive: Alex Jones is Losing His Marbles!

I really didn't want to write this article but felt I had too. Yesterday I learned Alex Jones of Prison, had a huge announcement set to be groundbreaking today. According to him, it was going to be revolutionary and the biggest thing he's ever done in his career. This is his video heads up about his announcement:

Out of curiosity I visited his site to learn his huge announcement appears to be actor Charlie Sheen wrote some dribble fictional transcript of his imaginary meeting with President Obama to ask him questions about 9/11 and provide his own feedback. It was presented as a "world exclusive" as if Charlie Sheen really did have an interview with Obama. At the very bottom of the transcript are in small italics "note, this really hasn't happened yet."

These comments were posted on YouTube; examples of many shocked & disappointed AJ Supporters

Out of our amazement at the stupidity of such a hyped up non-event, I and others began posting our displeasure with Mr. Jones on his forum only to learn our comments were being removed! Alex Jones' site moderators were censoring people's criticism of the announcement and story. I tested it several times and it is clear negative comments are being removed. It appears Alex Jones has lost his grasp on reality and that's a sad, sad commentary because the man showed a lot of promise.

Like Geraldo Rivera, all it takes is one big farce to set a career back for decades. It appears thus far Alex Jones has a huge fiasco on his hands:

In April 1986, Rivera hosted the syndicated special The Mystery of Al Capone's Vault, an ill-conceived adventure where Rivera excavated what he had been told was the site of Al Capone's buried treasure trove. Rivera broadcast live as the site was excavated, fully expecting to find a store of the former gangster's wealth. The show was heavily advertised, particularly on Chicago's WGN television station. A medical examiner was brought along for the excavation in case any dead bodies were excavated. The show was on air for several hours, displacing regularly scheduled programming, as Rivera's team penetrated the vault he was sure would yield the famed loot. Ultimately, the vault was found to contain a few broken bottles. Rivera held one of these bottles aloft for the camera and excitedly stated that it had once contained "bootleg moonshine gin". -Wikipedia
Honestly, if Alex Jones doesn't come up with a real story today of what he's been hyping, he will lose a lot of viewers who won't stand for these Geraldo type gimmicks to get their attention. I do hope I'm wrong and have somehow misinterpreted this.

Alex Jones is very talented and has shown a lot of promise over the years to be truly unique from the crowd. If this farce sensationalized announcement is true, it seems his career and credibility will ultimately suffer for years to come. It appears Charlie Sheen is using Alex Jones for publicity for his acting career and nothing more, much to the discredit of both.

What an ego Charlie Sheen has to think his fictional little transcript of his imaginary meeting with the President has any earth shaking revolutionary news worthy value! My guess is the media will largely ignore it. I really believe this farce is the end of what has been Alex Jones' growing momentum. I do hope I'm wrong.

Looks like I was unfortunately correct that the media largely ignored this Charlie Sheen story seeing it for what it is. It made it to one paper, the and that's all that shows up in Google. ****2ND UPDATE*** The next day on 9/9/09, at 7:45 am PCT, PrisonPlanet had made a press release picked up by Reuters. I counted a total of "4" newspapers recognizing the news,, The Portland Mercury, and Houston Chronicle. The other articles were on blog's and Prison Planets own articles. Google News Search refuses to acknowledge it has a disaster on it's hands and is maintaining a bubble world of disbelief posting this ridiculous article documenting media coverage.

One other note, Cyber #2 is sending me email complaints I don't approve his comments and that I even recently disabled comments all together on To Cyber #2, that makes me a hypocrite with regard to this article. Sending unlawful obscene messages to a woman you personally attack and harass for no legally justifiable reason is quite different from making a constructive criticism or opinion in writing of a public figure's judgment such as Alex Jones. It's clear to me by now that Cyber #2 lacks sound reasoning and critical thinking skills.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Cyber #2 Chased a Process Server Into His Car, Threw Papers

I've been hypothesizing from a pattern of behavior of lying males who have control issues with women in particular. They commonly use false accusations and spread lies as a control device. In order to be a strong self-confident woman, it becomes necessary to challenge the intent of such individuals. What it essentially boils down to is their own personal insecurity.

Cyber #2 has been projecting his insecurities onto me in an obsessive form on the Internet and in the form of comment or contact forms. He's even sent a post card to my residence and has made threats to sabotage what was really a "test" business entity of mine. I intentionally let the site exist on the Internet in limbo a while to see if it would be sabotaged.

Cyber #2's a complete stranger who got my IP and email address, and eventually my name, from Craigslist in 2006 when I responded to his upsetting bait email about the late Chancellor Denice Denton. Even after he's been informed such as in my last post, that his anonymous proxy comments to my blog aren't being read, he still continues to post like a brain dead machine.

A Process Server's Affidavit of Reasonable Diligence Regarding Serving Cyber #2 with Legal Documents

Cyber #2 was recently purported a couple weeks ago to have chased a process server to his car then throwing the papers at his windshield:
"Cheryl, I wanted you to know we'll never serve Cyber #2 again", a frantic lady phoned. "Why?", I asked "He attacked my process server!" the lady said. "Oh my God! I'm so sorry, is he okay?", I replied. "Yes, but Cyber #2 yelled at him when he told him he could ask for witness fees. He said 'what the hell is this?' when he was served and ended up chasing my server into his car who had to lock the door. He then threw the papers at his windshield."

"Oh my God! I'm so sorry, I don't even know this guy, he's a complete stranger, he's absolutely nuts!", I said. "I know, he's totally crazy!", she concurred. "It totally freaked out the server, next time you're going to have to get a sheriff to serve this guy, he's dangerous."
It turns out, in reality Cyber #2 has a restraining order hearing, a deposition and another hearing to attend all in September. There's even a subpoena filed with AT&T over his cyber stalking he received notice of. If he doesn't stop with his extremely serious activities, more will follow for him in the future. Yet, he still continues to post harassing messages under his anonymous proxy. Even after my last post message declaring they weren't being read, he posted two more messages. More people are witnessing Cyber #2's insane behavior and testifying to it.

It's really sad Cyber #2 doesn't have the good sense to stop these activities before they get him into serious trouble. He seems to think of himself as super human and on the level of a police officer who can get away with unlawful activities being above the law.
In fact, one of his former victims claims he impersonated a police officer from Novato, CA. Cyber #2 is so delusional he probably thinks he has a right to be chasing process servers because in his mind he's a cop.

These are big red flags, warning signs! Cyber #2 can't handle reality, so he continually plays out his abnormal behavioral maladies on-line. Now we can observe how far he goes into the physical realm of chasing after people performing their jobs.

Cyber #2 is the author of the blog "" and has authored similar blogs, though less intensive, on his other victim. He pulled much of his information from Rip-Off where he cyberstalked my member name to find various reports I filed over the years. Much like Edmond Wollmann, another complete stranger, Cyber #2 writes as if he knows me and probably thinks he does in his mind. Now I know what celebrities go through.

Cyber #2 responded to this article within a couple hours with an obscene anonymous remailer email. He claims he can't hold a job, that he's a loser and that he can't maintain relationships with others.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Message to Anonymous Proxy Cyber Poster(s)

ANON PROXY TAKE NOTE: I only read whatever comments get posted to my songchannels blog from traceable IP addresses for the purpose of possible additional subpoenas. This means when you use your anonymous proxy address to ramble on with your pathetic senile dribble, it doesn't get read. It means you essentially are deluding yourself anyone is paying attention to what you write. You're essentially sitting there at your keyboard talking to yourself, delusional what you write has any affect on reality.

I don't care what you write using your anonymous proxy because I can't use it to convict you so it simply doesn't get read. So get a grip on yourself because no one is reading your messages. You might as well be on Mars typing your nonsense in hopes of reaching aliens. There's no human being on the other end to read your materials.