Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cute Guy Raymond Clark III Turns Into Brutal Murderer Overnight

Raymond Clark, III, 24, had a bright future ahead in life with a good education, fiancee and a love for his dog. Witnesses said he was a nice man and his former peers remember him as a comedic clown in class. So, let's face it, this guy doesn't fit the stereotype of one you'd expect to have committed the brutal crime and cover-up of Yale graduate Annie Le. My head's been spinning all day after I heard the news the killer was arrested.

I would have guessed the nature of the individual who could have strangled and stuffed a beautiful little woman into a wall would have fit the bill for a former prison convict, rapist or drug dealer with a motive. However, witnesses allege he merely seemed a control freak who may have felt Annie Le had violated his workspace territory. A guy with a similar mental problem on a lesser level might have considered concocting some story against Le so he could get a restraining order. This guy Clark just decided to get her out of the way and stuff her in a wall, then hide as the authorities ran their tests.

This sounds like something out of a horror movie really, to imagine a normal kind of guy like this suddenly flipped out that some pretty little thing was in his way in the workplace. Whatever happened to cause this man to flip out, it's a testimony that anything can happen and the dangerous looking person on the street is far less dangerous than Raymond Clark III was one particular day. It's true the ones you'd never expect, the clowns in high school as this guy was, can have a dark side to them.

Authorities say they have overwhelming forensic evidence to overcome any lack of motive for the gruesome murder of Annie Le. Clark also wasn't too bright considering he had to swipe his magnetic card to get into rooms in the building where he was tracked.
Clark had moved around the laboratory area quite a bit that day, including entering rooms that he normally would not be expected to enter, the source said.

Clark also used his card to go to another area, the place where Le's body was found Sunday -- the day she was to have been married -- stuffed into a 2-foot crawl space behind a wall. - LA Times.
This kind of shocking murder event is really getting to be an epidemic in our country. I don't understand why these guys who seem to have so much going for them suddenly flip out and feel a need to do something so brutal. Maybe they wouldn't even contemplate their crime if they didn't think they could get away with it? What caused this guy Raymond to think he could get away with something like this?

This just proves my case that the nicest sweetest guy in the world can be a brutal murderer on the inside.

What an utterly shocking and disgracefully sad story.