Monday, September 21, 2009

Edmond Wollmann Embarrasses His Son at Deposition Admitting Public Nuisance Conviction

It would be difficult having any father who lacks common sense not to know when enough is enough. It takes a lot of stupidity in this day and age for a non-homeless well fed clothed educated person to get a public nuisance conviction in San Diego California. Such a person who received a public nuisance conviction was Edmond Wollmann in 2003. Wollmann actually had two counts against him as one was dropped.

A normal son of such a person might think the following to himself watching his father have to answer questions he was also asked to video tape at a deposition for him:
"Yup, that's my dad alright, the criminally convicted public nuisance. He's been convicted of trespassing and obsessively writes crazy things on USENET that's gotten him various kook awards. He calls Pluto a planet and the constellation Orion a star in his historical (i.e., hysterical) writings. He writes his own shining Amazon reviews for his self-published book. He'll even file a Google copyright violation for posting his email as if you've copied a literary giant's writing material. Yes, my father is quite desperate to save face and impress me." - Family Video Series #1
It's no wonder Edmond Wollmann is very sensitive to what his son, Nathan Wollmann, thinks of him that he feels a need to obsessively personally attack and lie about others on the Internet for his honor. "My son's my best friend" Wollmann writes. "He video taped the Merrill deposition." No, Mr. Wollmann, it wasn't the Merrill deposition, it was the Wollmann deposition. You were the one deposed, not me. Your recent publicly stated written opinions of me during the deposition have absolutely zero relevance in the matter other than adding to my discovery.

Wollmann's personal insecurities with saving face with his son have been unlawfully transferred onto me in this matter. He needs to stop sending me anonymous accusatory emails and posting his libelous garbage on USENET trying to beat up on a woman on-line.

Here's a glimpse of a typical email I get from a perverted sick man:

I get several dozen anonymous rude emails like the one above each month many of which I believe are generated by Edmond Wollmann.