Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Get Your Metal Vaccination Bracelet and Flu Shot or Go to FEMA Camp

The government has plans in place to vaccinate Americans by force all over the country. Oklahoma has already passed a law everyone must be vaccinated. Imagine the dollar signs in the vaccine manufacturer's eyes!

The logistics are in place that everyone will be provided with a permanent metal bracelet with an RFID chip denoting the vaccination was taken along with other personal information. This is obviously the first step of the ultimate computer chip implant.

Apparently, the FEMA camp and coffins are for the dissenters who will be dying in the camps. They plan on carting off Americans who refuse to take the vaccination to these FEMA compounds we've been hearing about the past couple of years.

The vaccination is considered a soft kill weapon which will be a slow death for many Americans according to several sources.
If you really think about it, this is the way to kill off a large part of the population and imprison the rest while making millions of dollars off of poison vaccine production. Sources say the swine flu was manufactured in a laboratory for this purpose.

For those who wonder why the government wants to kill off its population, it's due to the coming orchestrated dollar collapse, lack of manageability of the population as such, and a means to enforce a computer chip implant program by scaring the hell out of everyone.