Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Liberal Fascism is For Real

I recently read the #1 New York Times bestseller Liberal Fascism and couldn't agree more with Jonah Goldberg's assessment. Some people who claim to be liberal ARE fascists who apply a double standard, one set for them and their friends and another set for the others. Liberals claim to be the side that upholds the First Amendment but I find that not to be true at all. Many only value their own rights of free expression.

I've been accused by cyber stalkers who set up libelous blogs accusing me of being a racist, among other things, simply because I referred to people as "Asians" or "African Americans" in some of my articles. I believe being in denial of people's race and cultural origin is kind of evil in itself. If you can't acknowledge another person's cultural heritage and associated race that comes from ancestral migration from another part of the world, then in effect, that's much like claiming gays and lesbians don't exist either.

All races would be "closeted" under such racial denial for fear of being different from the amalgamated masses. It's like not being able to ask "are you Italian?" because someone has a heavy accent. "OMG, Italian? We're all one! We're all the same, what are you asking me, are you a racist?" What's wrong with delineating a person's cultural heritage and ancestral geographical migration orientation? Why are fascist liberals trying to make it taboo to delineate people's cultural origins?

Based on cyber #2's assessment of me, I'm not supposed to acknowledge anyone as an African American or Asian in my articles because this denotes a form of racism. I actually think they're racist to be making an issue of it at all. If I were racist, I wouldn't be living in one of the most diverse cities in the world in San Francisco the past 16 years, I'd be out in the suburbs sheltered in such places as Walnut Creek California.

If I were a racist, I wouldn't have lived with an African American lady for three years under the same roof without ever having called the police on her regardless of opportunities she presented to do so. If I were a racist I wouldn't appreciate nor enjoy many Motown groups of mostly African Americans I grew up listening too. Most all of my favorite groups and female vocalists were from the era I grew up listening to are African American. I've had dates with wealthy black men back in the 80's, dated including a film editor for Norman Lear.

The cybers' ridiculous claims I'm a racist comes from their own racist beliefs of which they attempt to politically ostracize. If you can't even acknowledge others' cultural heritage claiming it doesn't really exist, that's a form of denial and racism in itself in my opinion.