Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Message to Anonymous Proxy Cyber Poster(s)

ANON PROXY TAKE NOTE: I only read whatever comments get posted to my songchannels blog from traceable IP addresses for the purpose of possible additional subpoenas. This means when you use your anonymous proxy address to ramble on with your pathetic senile dribble, it doesn't get read. It means you essentially are deluding yourself anyone is paying attention to what you write. You're essentially sitting there at your keyboard talking to yourself, delusional what you write has any affect on reality.

I don't care what you write using your anonymous proxy because I can't use it to convict you so it simply doesn't get read. So get a grip on yourself because no one is reading your messages. You might as well be on Mars typing your nonsense in hopes of reaching aliens. There's no human being on the other end to read your materials.