Sunday, September 27, 2009

Perjury Games About to End - Male Domination Issues Exposed

A fictitious George Orwell sent me an email this evening reminding me of an upcoming hearing on October 15, 2009. I had requested the hearing to correct an injustice committed against me by a fraud - Cyber #2 who was recently given a three year restraining order on September 23, 2009. Someone flew out from Vancouver Washington to testify they sent something I was accused of sending postmarked from there. I originally believed sworn affidavits were enough but it turned out only an appearance is considered real testimony.

Since I obtained a restraining order against Cyber #2 with much effort of having to have two witnesses, it was rather pathetic the ease of which this fascist walked into his small town court with no evidence in failing to meet the statutory requirements. Without any counsel, Cyber #2 falsely accused me of stalking his ugly girlfriend 18 times. His evidence wasn't any police reports, since he didn't have any, but his perjury testimony. His other alleged evidence was what he scribbled on a piece of paper as follows:

This was the pathetic complaint of a mentally ill person of an alleged "threat" sent. This lazy note caused a slew of legal documents to be filed and of people to testify. The outcome is still pending of the initial filing.

Attorneys make money on this kind of thing and apparently the court is trying to suck innocent people into the system with virtually no evidence. It's a real shame they think nothing of trying to ruin someone's life over a Pacific Heights type of nutjob's false accusations. I live in an entirely different county of this person and knew nothing of his girlfriend.

I recently learned Cyber #2 had the audacity to go file a police report against the process server who he chased out to his car after he was served. This is the server's declaration affidavit.

A process server's declaration statement will be held with greater credence then Cyber #2's recent fraudulent criminal complaint accusing him of vehicular assault.

An attorney's letter was drafted on June 22, 2009 addressed to
Cyber #2's former name. When we learned there had been a name change it delayed
the letter's delivery weeks.

This is an evil game men play. It's interesting the extreme extent they go to cover-up their being rejected by a woman to make her look crazy and like a Glen Close Fatal Attraction character.
This man had no evidence of my ever contacting him because I hadn't. An attorney from Parker Stanbury LLP had even drafted a cease and desist letter. Unlike Cyber #2, who committed perjury and covered up his cyber stalking activities as such, I was following the law all the way.

Now I have some nutjob George Orwell sending me more emails. The fact is, I am innocent of this vicious man's false accusations. He is a mentally ill Pacific Heights character role who two witnesses, including a former friend, can attest to as such.

So this is the perjury game this vicious individual Cyber #2 plays. Perjury is common in the courts. You have to present hard evidence, like depositions and IP addresses, etc., to prove your case over perjury these days.

Cyber #2 believes he can do anyone wrong he so pleases that he's above the law and he can lie and get away with it. . . ..for now.