Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wishing Kristy McNichol the Best on Her Birthday on 9/11

I've been hypothesizing again about a few who have a problem with my former fan website of Kristy McNichol, the former actress from the series Family in the 1970's thru '94 on Empty Nest. They've gone so far as to create elaborate blog articles about me and spread a lot of malicious lies.

I wouldn't have ever wanted to be a famous person in this culture, especially after having gotten a little taste of what it's like to have complete strangers being aware of a lot of information about one's life. It's not easy at all being a celebrity; people become jealous of fame, beauty and fortune and it surely must be difficult to find true friends.

We're living in even more vicious times then years prior where today many middle aged frustrated men seek to unload on their various female targets on-line. Their pattern of behavior is developed through their anonymity on the Internet over a span of many years as they perfect their psycho sadistic cyber hunting skills.

Kristy McNichol once had a very serious dangerous stalker back in the 1990's who ultimately went to prison for having cut her phone lines at her home. That very act of wanting to cut off one's communications with the outside world is similar to the domination and control issues I've encountered on-line. Two cyber stalkers have been contacting such sites as Scribd, YouTube, Zimbio and any others they've discovered I use, with phony complaints to prevent me from using them.

A few months ago I discovered YouTube hasn't been allowing viewer counts to exceed 300 views on all my latest music videos. In addition, I tried to upload something last night and I couldn't. The uploader froze half way into the upload. I was able to upload the video fine on another video site. I believe cyber stalkers have flagged my videos so many times YouTube placed my account in some kind of problem status. It's all too obvious my account has been affected by cyber stalker's activities, jealous men who wish to dominate and prevent me from using the Internet.

We're living in an age of Phillip Garrido's, the "age of creeps". The prison system is overpopulated and California's deep in debt. In spite of all the horrendous things going on in the world, and the fact 9/11 will forever be considered one of the worst days in American history, I hope Kristy McNichol can find peace and happiness on her b-day in part knowing she provided a lot of happiness to her fans in their youth and even adult years.