Friday, October 30, 2009

Judge Mark Ciavarella Was Paid to Imprison Innocent Youth

Talk about corruption, this story is absolutely mind boggling! The Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled Thursday to dismiss thousands of juvenile convictions issued by a corrupt judge. Judge Mark Ciavarella admitted to getting a payoff, along with another judge, of $2.8 million to send many innocent kids to a juvenile camp facility.

Those who doubt the judicial system can involve bribes should reconsider after reviewing this case.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

I Once Adored Al Gore

I used to adore the Al Gore of the 90's. Gore was in my opinion one of the most adorable handsome politicians since John F. Kennedy and RFK. Today I think it's a no brainer what happened to turn Gore into a hideous creature whose been promoting the New World Order using the environmentalist movement.

When Gore lost the Presidency to Bush it clearly pushed him into a mid life crisis the likes of which hasn't ended. Gore's had to deal, not only with the loss of the Presidency and his imagined future, but with the loss of his good looks. Let's face it, Gore's not aging well. Women w
ho used to drool over him are now horrified I'm sure.

Not only has Gore lost his looks, but he's lost his dignity as he's being exposed as a New World Order infrastructure promoter through carbon taxes he's facilitated to profit from along with the Rothschild family. I'm not going to go into details, but it's clear Al Gore is a whore businessman who sold out America for a New World Government.

Years ago a coworker told me they thought Gore was sleazy greaseball and I just couldn't understand why. Now I know Gore is a huge con artist who can't be trusted.

For more on Gore's greed and personal gain using the environmental movement, see Alex Jones' film Fall of the Republic provided in the sidebar. Hitler was an environmentalist by the way.

Monday, October 26, 2009

End the Fed Rallies November 22, 2009

It's no coincidence they chose November 22nd the anniversary of JFK's assassination. JFK was ready to abolish the Fed which is one of the reasons why many believe he was murdered. The Fed was created in 1913 under Woodrow Wilson's watch. It's run by a small group of Rockefeller, Rothschild etc. family owned banks who rule the world and fund wars, always profiting from death.

The Fed prints out the money for the U.S. Government and have had a stranglehold on our country for a long time. Our gov't was supposed to print out its own money backed by silver and gold. JFK saw the evil of the Fed which is why he tried to abolish it.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Man Charged for Having Coffee Naked in Home

Eric Williamson just wanted a cup of coffee in the raw in his kitchen early one morning. A cop's wife trespassed on his property with her 5 year old son and, when she saw him twice through the window, called the police.

In San Francisco men randomly stop to pee in the planters on the streets in nice neighborhoods and there are no police to deal with it. Quite a contrast.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Surprise! Attorneys Think Nothing of Perjuring Themselves

Yesterday I participated in my first Court Call regarding a Motion to Compel Discovery I filed in San Diego Court last month. It's really revolutionary that judges allow people to dial into their court for $50. Instead of paying an airfare, you can have someone file the papers and then call in to your hearing depending on if the court participates in court calling.

Unfortunately, I didn't discover until too late I needed one more document, a Declaration, to complete the Motion. I tried filing it the morning of the court hearing, but it was too late. This missive gave the opposing counsel an opening to lie in court claiming he never received any of my correspondence about discovery. It doesn't even matter if he didn't get my letters, he was still late and I have the evidence recorded in a deposition on Sept
ember 15, 2009. I could refile the motion and prove I didn't have the discovery if I wanted to.

The interesting part of this story is Wollmann's attorney didn't have to lie whatsoever. He didn't have to claim I never sent him any request because my not providing a decla
ration with the motion made everything moot. The attorney was deliberately lying as psychological warfare in court. He also created an illusion he wasn't late on getting discovery to me when in fact it was definitely late.

All this info is still useful as it gave me a little preview of how the attorney for Edmond Wollmann is willing to commit perjury on his client's behalf. I have the header from the email forwarded to him with the discovery deadline pdf. The letter I sent by US mail was never returned. He definitely got the requests. Next time opposing counsel w
ill be process served to avoid any of these kinds of dirty tactics claiming he never got my extension of the deadline. They were late by two weeks to provide discovery and never communicated about it with me.

The topic of lying in America has been addressed in recent newspaper and magazine articles primarily due to the recent film The Invention of Ly
ing. What lying mostly boils down to is money, the root of all evil. Would Wollmann's attorney be in court lying if he wasn't being paid? Wollmann's attorney is his whore. If they think they're eventually going to charge me for these legal expenses, their plum out of their minds.

Next time there's a problem with getting discovery to me within the 30 day time allotted by law, I will file another Motion to Compel with the required declaration and it will most definitely be approved by the Judge.

As far as the habitual lying, it's true that lies eventually trip people up. Subpoena results don't lie however.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Night Stalker Richard Ramirez Still Among Us Twenty Years Later

While I'm on the subject of torture (see my last post), I thought I'd pose a question since a story came out at yesterday about serial killer Richard Ramirez. Ramirez was the Night Stalker who terrorized primarily Southern California back in the early 1980's. Apparently Ramirez also stayed in San Francisco in which a cold case murder was recently reopened.

It took another twenty years before San Francisco police reopened a case of the murder of Mei Leung, in which they are currently seeking Ramirez' DNA. The first question that came to mind was, why is Richard Ramirez still alive on death row? Why does California allow this serial killer to live for twenty + years after his conviction? Why are they allowing this monster Ramirez who killed and even tortured over a dozen people to remain well fed and taken care of in our world?

Richard Ramirez committed his heinous murders way back in the early to mid 1980's. He was convicted in 1989. Why is he still on death row? Do the people who oversee this death penalty think it somehow serves our society to allow these kind of men to exist for 20 years after they were sentenced? How can this be considered the death penalty? Richard Ramirez shouldn't be living in our world right now. I want to know why he's still among us.

Could it be because Ramirez was such a high profile media figure those in the system were hoping for a new murder to come up so they could rehash it all over again and make tons of money in doing so? It seems to me they kept him alive in order to resurrect him so they could squeeze more money out for their legal system. This guy Ramirez should have been put to death a long time ago. The fact they're talking a possible trial over the murder does support my theory it's about money. The man was convicted to death. Why would they need a trial again?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

U.S. Musicians Concerned Their Music Used as Torture Device

I don't think a few of these musicians and rap artists who are inquiring as to torture in the use of their music at Guantanamo care about it being torture to many Americans' ears. In order to go out into public one must endure their musical garbage forced on the population each day. For many such as myself the music is pure torture, and I'm not kidding!

It's a good thing musicians care about their music being used to torture Guantanamo detainees. While their at it caring so much, they should also be aware many people such as myself have to literally run out of stores with their hands over their ears, or purchase ear plugs for public places due to the horrendous sounds they produce that are unfit for human consumption.
"From the National Security Archive. Washington, DC, October 22, 2009 - On behalf of a coalition of U.S. and international musicians, including R.E.M., Pearl Jam, Tom Morello and Jackson Brown, the National Security Archive today filed a series of FOIA petitions requesting the full declassification of secret U.S. documentation on the strategy of using music as an interrogation device at Guantanamo and other detention centers. The Archive also posted several declassified documents and published reports that refer to the use of "loud" music to "create futility" in uncooperative detainees at Guantanamo.

A 2004 Defense Department report on abuses at the military base in Cuba, for example, stated that the "futility technique included the playing of Metallica, Britney Spears and Rap music." Archive analysts filed the FOIA requests with the CIA, U.S. Special Operations Command, and the FBI, among other agencies, requesting all documentation pertaining to how the music was chosen and the specific role it played in interrogations of detainees at the Guantanamo base. "At Guantanamo, the U.S. government turned a jukebox into an instrument of torture," said Thomas Blanton, the Archive's executive director. "The musicians and the public have the right to know how an expression of popular culture was transformed into an enhanced interrogation technique".
" Visit the National Security Archive Web site for more information:

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Nutjob Cyber #2 Harasses Law Firm of Parker Stanbury LLP

Last night I got a frantic phone call from attorney Ric Mercardo at the law firm of Parker Stanbury LLP. Mercado said the guy who he had only drafted a cease and desist letter to back in July has been repeatedly calling him. Cyber is apparently calling to complain about my allegedly posting stuff about him! Funny, I don't recall writing about Cyber #2 in a long time and certainly not by name. Cyber got the attorney's name from an exhibit I provided to the court.

Maybe it was the LAWSUIT I filed against the Cyber on October 16, 2009 for intentional infliction of emotional distress and defamation that made the Cyber somehow think it was a post on my blog? On Sunday when Cyber shut the door in the server's face and wouldn't accept the lawsuit, was that my posting about him? I'm not aware of any article I've written about the nutjob in a long time, and certainly not ascribing to his name. It apparently exists all inside his head and that's a scary, scary thing.

Cyber #2 is so delusional and out of his mind, he doesn't heed when the attorney tells him "I'm not representing her." According to Mercado, he's been contacted three times now.
Instead of calling attorneys to harass them, maybe Cyber #2 should get a grip on reality and get his own attorney? He'll certainly need one considering I've collected most of my discovery already that will prove to a jury he's guilty as hell. While he's at it Cyber #2 should get medicated by a psychiatrist because he's clearly imagining my posting stuff about him.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Obama Ready to Cede US Sovreignty to World Government

In December, 2009 Obama's set to cede US sovereignty by signing a climate treaty in which 1. a world government is going to be created, 2. to transfer wealth from countries of west to third world countries in satisfaction of a climate debt, 3. purposes of enforcement will be carried out. The treaty will overrule the US Constitution's powers forever.

It's interesting to note what Obama's reading which says a lot about where his head is at. He's reading Fareed Zakaria's,
The Post-American World. Now we know why Obama had problems with saluting the American flag and wearing a flag pin. (I see there's some kind of pin on him in this photo though, can't really see what it is.

Americans have been fooled by Obama and face a grim future of world government rule in which tyranny will take hold of the world. Americans are asleep at the wheel too busy watching their sports or doing video games to realize America's about to end.

This video by a global climate expert Lord Christopher Monckton is intriguing and worth watching. Meanwhile latest news on the dollar being dropped by countries should be enough to send alarms across the sleeping nation to wake them the hell up. Alarm bells should be going off everywhere in this country right now!

Friday, October 16, 2009

What Happens When Someone Commits Perjury Against Me?

The penalty under perjury clause which allegedly causes people to tell the truth has proven to be a farce time and time again in our court system. Most people know by now, unless it's a high profile important case, a lower court won't bother to question perjury testimony. This means it's up to the accused (and their attorney if they have one) to eventually bring the truth out. It may be too late at one point of a particular battle, but the fact there was damaging deception and a series of lies can ultimately be brought out by other means.

I'm quite relieved that I now have the legal tools and skills available to me to rat out those who commit egregious perjury against me. I have the legal skills of filing lawsuits, conducting depositions and using subpoenas, even those records I seek from out of state! For instance, I was able to get AT&T's records of their customer's Internet account that also proved they were dishonest during a deposition. I gave AT&T the time and IP address and voila! They faxed over their customer's name and address within 30 days of my subpoena request.

I don't need an attorney to make things happen. The average person on the other end as a defendant will have to invest thousands of dollars in an attorney. So you want to quash that subpoena because you're a little embarrassed of your on-line behavior? You'll have to pay an attorney to try to negotiate who may ultimately have to file a motion to quash the subpoena. It will cost you $2,000 to quash a subpoena at the very least.

Anyone who thinks they can walk into a court room and fool the judge with perjury against me will be sorry because I won't hesitate to drag them through muddy legal waters. I will subpoena records, I will conduct depositions of themselves and non-party witnesses, I will do whatever I need to do to rat out the liars and bring them to justice.

So I guess the moral of the story is, if you really want to accelerate the problems in your life, go into court and lie about me. If you want to pay out $15,000 in attorney's fees in a matter of a few months, just keep up the perjury and lies because I can make it happen for you. Imagine the wonderful cruise you could have taken for $15 K the attorney will take on your behalf!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Little Secret About Health Care in America

For those who haven't figured it out yet, if you don't have health insurance it's a good thing. It means many good hospitals will give you free care and write it off. If you're self-employed, unemployed or have no insurance, good hospitals will treat you for emergencies and serious injuries, ask for a little money you can pay, and write off the rest.

I've heard a few stories about free hospital care for serious burns requiring a two week hospital stay for just $5,000. Another story was recently brought to my attention of a man who needed heart surgery who had no insurance. He got free care from Stanford's hospital.

If you have health insurance and a job you'll end up paying more in monthly fees and for deductions for long hospital care. Not a good thing. Check it out, there's free health care in America already. The middle class needs to get a grip on reality.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Revisiting My 2008 Hives

I had an extreme case of hives last year I'll never forget. This condition I hadn't experienced since I was 13 was brought on by stress. I actually had a 6 month old frozen corn chicken dog prior to the outbreak but seriously doubt that caused it.

At o
ne point I thought my body was on fire and I wasn't going to survive. I actually considered checking into the burn ward of a local hospital. Here are the gross photos of my poor body being engulfed in virtual flames. The condition lasted a few days.

Click to enlarge photos. I don't know where the bruise came from either.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Carly Simon Sues Starbucks Over Clouds In Her Coffee

I'm feeling bad for 70's/80's singer Carly Simon because she's apparently in la la land about her marketability in today's music market. Carly apparently expected Starbucks to promote her CD This Kind of Love like they're her record label. Apparently because Starbucks the coffee company didn't treat Carly like the 70's and 80's hit songwriter she's accustomed to, she sued them.

If I were Carly, here's what I would have done.
I would have promoted the concept of her hit "You're So Vain" with her memorable lyric "clouds in my coffee" to promote Starbucks and the various narcissism organizations. Narcissism is on the rise in America in epidemic proportions. Books are being published, blogs are being created on the topic. Carly could have fit in with promoting a good cause along with Starbucks coffee to promote awareness of the narcissism epidemic.

Apparently Carly couldn't think of the N idea because she's still apparently narcissistic herself to think she's marketable and competitive in today's music market. Her music is outdated and her voice is shot. She apparently didn't work as hard
and tour enough in her career to connect with a large enough fan base.

I don't mean to sound too harsh on Carly Simon, but her glory days are over and she should get over herself now. I mean, c'mon, Carly Simon was never that great of a singer to begin with, especially according to today's standards. It was a combination of her talent, beauty, songwriting and social connections that made her successful in the 70's and 80's.

Today, Carly would do herself a tremendous honor by getting upcoming singers to perform her material while removing herself from the spotlight. Carly looks like a tragedy about to happen.

Carly Simon Sues Starbucks Over Failure of This Kind of Love

Lowest Approval Rating for California Governor in 50 Years

In a true sign of trouble brewing in California, Governor Schwarzenegger's recent approval ratings were polled at a 50 year low - 27% only taking a backseat to Gray Davis' 22% in 2003. The California legislature got even lower ratings at 13%. These are dismal numbers that reflect voter's frustrations over the mismanagement of California's economy.

There's a good chance Governor Schwarzenegger could become the first governor in US history whose state went bankrupt. Way to go Arnie!

One can observe in the type of laws the Governor signed yesterday as to why California's in trouble:
* Make it a crime, punishable by a fine of up to $50,000, for a person to take and sell unauthorized photos of celebrities and others or their children in "personal or familial activity." AB 524, Assemblywoman Karen Bass (D-Los Angeles.)

* Prohibit elective cosmetic surgery unless the patient first is cleared by a physical examination. AB 1116, Assemblywoman Wilmer Amina Carter (D-Rialto).

* Proclaim gay rights activist Harvey Milk's May 22 birthday as a day of recognition and encourage schools to consider commemorating his life. SB 54, Sen. Mark Leno (D-San Francisco).

* Create a pilot program in four counties, including Los Angeles, that will permit first-time DUI offenders to drive only if they pass a test on a breath-testing device installed on every vehicle they own. AB 91, Assemblyman Mike Feuer (D-Los Angeles).

So these are the kind of laws the legislature's coming up with at this dire time? Harvey Milk day? Cosmetic surgery issues? Celebrity photos?

Monday, October 12, 2009

Overtly Political People Are a Sign of Low Intelligence

I'm not claiming to be a worldly smart person but do think I have some intuition about a few things. The first is that our culture has become over politicized and therefore apt to delusional thinking. For instance, people are searching for political supporters when they're not even running for office! A political mind over politicizes everything to its favor. Politics should really be called reality warping.

Perverts of reality are going to distort whatever facts are thrown at them as if they're in the middle of a campaign for reelection. Like geez, you were evicted 5 times in 5 years, failed to pay rent an entire year and you're calling the police on someone whose working long hours at a law firm? You're visiting with the neighbors trying to gang up on this hard working person, someone who had landlord references who had never been late on rent in her life never mind having never been evicted before? You don't think you pose a problem to your roommates as if you're some queen whom no one should question for turning up the heat on an 80+ degree day?

Or, geez, you're an admitted gun owner who posted a veiled death threat to shoot me dead? You think the post is perfectly okay and appreciate the police visits so you can warp the spoon with your mental powers so to speak, to pervert reality even more. You think police are on your side now and that they've been corrected to see how you're really a victim of the person who called them. You poor, pathetic man. Just can't handle reality, can you?

Perverters of truth try to manipulate others' perceptions to get what they want. They're called politicians and criminals. This is what criminals do best. They think they're clever and have the world on a string as their puppet because they can make anyone believe what they want. Many of these type of political people developed this skill to avoid having to do real work.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

What of the US Dollar?

I don't really know what I'd do if the US dollar died. I have some kind of barter plan happening (I can trade 5 pine nuts for one almond) but obviously there's only so much one can do when the monetary system changes. People wouldn't be able to conduct business as usual if the US dollar goes bust.

For instance, if California goes bankrupt, will there be a functioning state government? What will it all really mean? How will it affect Californians to live in a bankrupted state? Would it mean the local courts would shut down? Would the prisons close and let go of prisoners? Would it mean Mexicans would cross the border and take over cities? Would it mean food would be cut off? Would it mean PG&E would shut down and AT&T wouldn't be available? If the dollar collapses; if California collapses, what will this all really mean?

I know the quality of American men is really low these days. I can't imagine the average American male doing much about Mexicans taking over our cities. I don't think the U.S. stands much of a chance, especially when so many people from other countries are here already who could care less about maintaining the status quo.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

California May Fall Into Ocean After All As America's First Failed State

Turns out the old myth we used to laugh at as kids of California breaking off into the sea wasn't that far fetched after all. My home state California is on the verge of collapsing and I'm not too surprised. The 8th largest economy in the world is set to be the first state of the union to fail. This is what happens when a state is mismanaged by greedy politicians and the people are asleep at the wheel over who they elect.
But the state that was once held up as the epitome of the boundless opportunities of America has collapsed. From its politics to its economy to its environment and way of life, California is like a patient on life support. -Guardian UK
China is even forecast by a Russian Professor, Igor Panarin, to be waiting in the wings to make California and the rest of the US west coast part of their communist republic in 2010. My former roommate from Michigan would fit in quite well with that socialist scenario seeing how she believes tax payer subsidized programs should pay for her rent and $90,000 Ph.D education. Two California bankruptcies later, she still thinks she deserves to remain in my native Golden state in one of the most expensive cities in the world enjoying all the benefits while priding herself as part of the middle class.

Yup, this is the lady who unjustifiably called the police on me continually to force me out of one of the best lease deals in San Francisco in 1999 during a housing shortage. She obtained the entire lease this way after five evictions i
n five years. Prior to getting the lease, she hadn't paid rent an entire year before being evicted from a tax payer subsidized Mary Beth Inn in San Francisco. She abused police services to get her way and took advantage of the race card. An attorney also helped her attain the lease by fraud. What Happened 1999

California is also one of the big prison states in the country. They kept building prisons instead of attending to schools and education. Whatever was given to education was looted from within the system in many cases. I really have nothing more to say except I've noted a long time how mismanaged the state has been in its allowance of people from all over the country to migrate to it with such ease. Other states encourage their natives to remain and build communities. Such communities make it difficult for new comers to plant roots unless they have something to really contribute.

Of course another issue is the fact there are so many attorneys draining the state charging enormous fees for doing very little on people's behalves. California has been host to some huge law firm collapses the likes of Heller Erhman and Brobeck among others. California deliberately made its bar exam one of the toughest in the country due to there being too many attorneys who wish to practice here. There are still too many attorneys that doesn't make for a well rounded culture.

The state reelected Arnold Schwarzenegger to a second term as a sign of how bad things have become. When California fails, the rest of the country, not to mention the world, will feel the effects of its collapse. California could become the first metaphorical black hole in the US that begins collapsing everything into itself.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

La Mesa Police Pay a Visit to Edmond Wollmann

I spoke with an officer of the La Mesa Police Department yesterday who told me they sent someone to speak with Edmond Wollmann about his gun shot death threat (second post on string) he posted on USENET's astrology forum on September 9, 2009. I was grateful they considered it enough of a threat to investigate a former public nuisance and trespasser convictee. As was expected, Wollmann attempted to rationalize his behavior bending the officer's ear in an attempt to get a reprieve as if he's just an innocent victim of a woman stalking and defaming him.

The photo was taken by the process server Edmond Wollmann was evading who had to stake out his apartment.
The server, who had the court's summons and a lawsuit to serve, had initially called
Wollmann whose the property manager for a very small apartment complex. The server said he was lied to that the man on the phone said that "he spoke with the corporate office and Edmond Wollmann no longer worked there". The server quickly deduced he had actually spoken with Wollmann after he compared his voice mail greeting message at his astrological business.

Sadly, the server had to stake out the property at night and eventually served Wollmann who mysteriously opened his door right when the server approached. Wollmann then slammed the door in the server's face when he was
being informed of being served with legal documents.

Since 2007 I've been unable to locate Wollmann behind his PO Box address. All public records of him the past 15 years did not show any valid address that stalled the lawsuit process considerably. I conducted plenty of due diligence to show I've been searching for this man's true address for a year prior to an anonymous person sending me a link to a website denoting he managed a property.

Edmond Wollmann's a gun owner as he admits in this USENET post of two years ago. This information of gun ownership, coupled with his recent veiled threat to shoot me dead, was enough for me to file a police complaint. Having no shame for his behavior, Wollmann made excuses to the officer trying to rationalize my previous voo doo post article as giving him the right to post a death threat. Wollmann tried to politicize the matter and attempted to get the officer to sympathize with him that can be expected based on well documented patterns of his on-line behavior.

I got the gun shot threat via email sent to me by a fictional person ID from USENET, one of dozens I've received the past few weeks. I believe I was getting them because I was largely ignoring Wollmann on this blog ever since conducting a deposition on September 15, 2009.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Preparation for Calamity 101

I thought I'd continue from my last post about my preparation for the next wave of disasters up ahead. Yesterday when I posted the Alex Jones' Fall of the Republic info, the dollar plummeted causing gold to skyrocket to a historical high. I recouped a bit of what I had previously lost after having trusted Midas Resources' Ted Anderson's radio shtick earlier this year. Midas marked up my gold coins by 45% when I could have gone down to my local coin dealer for the same coins at a mere 5% mark-up and without shipping fees.

I was listening to Midas's Ted Anderson's con job on Alex Jones' listeners last night and it was making my stomach turn. The guy is misrepresenting information and making many unprofessional irresponsible predictions. I'm glad my Midas warning post is way up there in Google's first page now. Coin broker Ed Stately at Midas sold $5 gold liberty coins at $400 per coin in January and $429 per coin February, 2009 in which they offered to buy at only $233 per coin a few months later in August revealing their extremely inflated mark-up.

I understand that the laboratory manufactured Swine Flu vaccines are now arriving. It's been purported by various sources, including concerned doctors and nurses, that the nasal spray version is actually designed to spread the Swine Flu to others faster. The vaccine has the strain of the flu in it as a double edged sword. When you take it as a nasal spray it actually spreads the flu faster. One thing people can do is buy a Particulate Respirator Mask from my favorite disaster supplier I've purchased all of my supplies from Nitro-Pak and they're a great outfit.

Government supported biological warfare of
manufactured viruses unleashed on the population is really the final nail in the coffin for America. Pharmaceutical companies are going to profit hugely from this scam while actually spreading the virus with their nasal spray vaccines. The government wants to force us to take the vaccine and will have severe penalties for those who refuse to do so. This will eventually tip the scales into a martial law fascist dictatorship according to many familiar with patterns in history.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Discovery and Bates Numbers Technology with Easy Bates

I was very happy to hear it's easy to generate bates numbers on the thousands of discovery documents I am in the process of burning onto a DVD or CD ROM. What it all comes down to is, whatever Wollmann has written about me, whether it's in the form of an anonymous blog, USNET forums or what not, has all been documented and bates stamped using the latest software technology. With Easy Bates software all you do is drop the PDF's into the software and it will bates stamp each document. It's that easy.

So I say let a jury decided whether Edmond Wollmann is guilty or not. It's out of my hands. I've done everything I can to show this man refuses to leave me alone and stop writing lies about me on a blog and USNET (and emails sent to me through anonymous remailers). His insecurity drives him to continually accuse me of serious crimes I'm innocent of.

In his defense, Wollmann claims some crazy story that someone has impersonated him and is attempting to frame him no intelligent jury would believe. The impostor comes to his victim's defense of course, revealing his true name and he and Mr. Wollmann engage in a conversation "wait till she sees its really you whose been stalking her." Impersonators don't give out their true name they could be sued for, espcially if they're stalking someone, nor do they defend their victim. It seems Mr. Wollmann would have made a good puppeteer at the circus under these circumstances.

I'd like to see what a jury will say after it has to go through literally thousands of pages of documents documenting Edmond Wollmann's on-line character and malicious activities. They'll be saying life is too short for this garbage they were called into a jury box for and won't take long to come to a verdict.

The way this individual sets up sock puppets to talk to himself on forums to build a false reality is a symptom of his illness. The way he creates fictional characters he alleges are impersonating him especially goes to the core of his illness.

In this email on USNET, Edmond Wollmann attempts to make it seem he is writing his impersonator whose been stalking me for two years, ie., one of his other personalities "Edward W. Ollmann":
If you think she's acting crazy now, wait until she discovers that I am NOT you and that you have been stalking her for 2 years, not me.

And that I haven't had the email you stole from me for 10 years at least. (note:

Especially after it hits her that she has slandered and defamed me and my companies (and companies I work for) all over the internet with unbridled clear insanity creating a huge case for damages from all over.

The meltdown will be something to see. I wonder if she will blog THAT?
Signed by Edmond Wollmann on USNET forum post.

Mr. Wollmann obviously envisions my having a meltdown of some kind. He must think a jury and judge, let alone his attorney whose making thousands of dollars on his case, would be stupid to buy his alibi.

Friday, October 2, 2009

American Police Force Tip Toes Not Into Montana

Alex Jones at and is having a hernia over a group calling itself the American Police Force that was trying to pose as the Hardin Montana city police force. Hardin City has no police outfit having a very depressed economy. There's a recently built FEMA encampment facility and thousands of militants are going to be trained there soon according to a spokesperson.

American Police Force placed police emblems on their vehicles denoting Hardin City police when in reality they're a private militant police group encompassing foreigners including Germans.
Alex Jones claims they are foreign troops coming to American soil arriving to kill and enslave Americans during martial law. Their emblem is from the Serbians. Their leader is a 16 time felon convict.

Alex Jones claims foreigners have been contracted to come into
America because the US military is less likely to kill Americans for the new world government. He also says APF is a front for the military contractor Blackwater that changed its name to Xe after it got bad press for rapings, killings overseas.

I take whatever Alex Jones says with a grain of salt because I think he over sensationalizes things and has cried wolf too many times. However, this story does seem a bit significant and has been picked up by the national media.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Difference Between Defamation and Opinion

Here's the difference between defamation and opinion:
Defamation: "She's a wrinkly old maid" (I have the skin of a 35 year old)

Opinion: "I think she's got wrinkly old skin" or "she looks to me to have wrinkly old skin" (people are entitled to their opinion stated as such)
This is just one example of unprovoked defaming comments after the deposition was taken posted on USENET by Edmond Wollmann.

Can I lawfully refer to Edmond Wollmann as a loser without it being defaming? This is the blog question today; does Edmond Wollmann fit the description of a loser enabling this label to be lawfully applied?

Generally, a loser is someone who. . .

  • drops out of high school having nothing to do with belonging to a military family.

  • is a divorcee from the 80's who had a son he exploits as part of his cover-up criminal activities and harassment of his victim.

  • gets evicted for non-payment of rent.

  • gets taken to small claims court by San Diego State University.

  • gets kicked off of various email services for abusing their terms and conditions.

  • owns a cheap mobile home in the middle of nowhere in New Mexico as his only home ownership late in life.

  • spends much of his time on USENET forum boards where he proudly claims he's resided for 15 years, overlooking he's received various kook awards from his participation.

  • his enemies take great amount of time to document on various websites - example:

  • been convicted of public nuisance within the past 7 years.

  • in the 90's called the police on his former petite girlfriend accusing her of battery for slapping him for his obnoxious behavior.

  • writes his own fantastic self published book reviews on Amazon while complaining for their allowing any true opinions of his book.

  • complains to the FBI about his enemies having displaced his web site's top Google position.

  • threatens the life of a woman plaintiff with an Alice Cooper poem he violated copyright on one of his forum posts.

  • has such a hard time with reality he falsely writes he deposed the person who deposed him.

  • attempts to drape himself with labels of integrity and empowerment in vain.

  • lives in denial he has any problem whatsoever; no self-reflection applies.

  • puts up a cowardly anonymous libelous blog about a woman he's been cyber stalking and harassing for two years.

  • over the years various people make long laborious lists about their experiences with.

The term "loser" applies here.