Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Difference Between Defamation and Opinion

Here's the difference between defamation and opinion:
Defamation: "She's a wrinkly old maid" (I have the skin of a 35 year old)

Opinion: "I think she's got wrinkly old skin" or "she looks to me to have wrinkly old skin" (people are entitled to their opinion stated as such)
This is just one example of unprovoked defaming comments after the deposition was taken posted on USENET by Edmond Wollmann.

Can I lawfully refer to Edmond Wollmann as a loser without it being defaming? This is the blog question today; does Edmond Wollmann fit the description of a loser enabling this label to be lawfully applied?

Generally, a loser is someone who. . .

  • drops out of high school having nothing to do with belonging to a military family.

  • is a divorcee from the 80's who had a son he exploits as part of his cover-up criminal activities and harassment of his victim.

  • gets evicted for non-payment of rent.

  • gets taken to small claims court by San Diego State University.

  • gets kicked off of various email services for abusing their terms and conditions.

  • owns a cheap mobile home in the middle of nowhere in New Mexico as his only home ownership late in life.

  • spends much of his time on USENET forum boards where he proudly claims he's resided for 15 years, overlooking he's received various kook awards from his participation.

  • his enemies take great amount of time to document on various websites - example:

  • been convicted of public nuisance within the past 7 years.

  • in the 90's called the police on his former petite girlfriend accusing her of battery for slapping him for his obnoxious behavior.

  • writes his own fantastic self published book reviews on Amazon while complaining for their allowing any true opinions of his book.

  • complains to the FBI about his enemies having displaced his web site's top Google position.

  • threatens the life of a woman plaintiff with an Alice Cooper poem he violated copyright on one of his forum posts.

  • has such a hard time with reality he falsely writes he deposed the person who deposed him.

  • attempts to drape himself with labels of integrity and empowerment in vain.

  • lives in denial he has any problem whatsoever; no self-reflection applies.

  • puts up a cowardly anonymous libelous blog about a woman he's been cyber stalking and harassing for two years.

  • over the years various people make long laborious lists about their experiences with.

The term "loser" applies here.