Saturday, October 3, 2009

Discovery and Bates Numbers Technology with Easy Bates

I was very happy to hear it's easy to generate bates numbers on the thousands of discovery documents I am in the process of burning onto a DVD or CD ROM. What it all comes down to is, whatever Wollmann has written about me, whether it's in the form of an anonymous blog, USNET forums or what not, has all been documented and bates stamped using the latest software technology. With Easy Bates software all you do is drop the PDF's into the software and it will bates stamp each document. It's that easy.

So I say let a jury decided whether Edmond Wollmann is guilty or not. It's out of my hands. I've done everything I can to show this man refuses to leave me alone and stop writing lies about me on a blog and USNET (and emails sent to me through anonymous remailers). His insecurity drives him to continually accuse me of serious crimes I'm innocent of.

In his defense, Wollmann claims some crazy story that someone has impersonated him and is attempting to frame him no intelligent jury would believe. The impostor comes to his victim's defense of course, revealing his true name and he and Mr. Wollmann engage in a conversation "wait till she sees its really you whose been stalking her." Impersonators don't give out their true name they could be sued for, espcially if they're stalking someone, nor do they defend their victim. It seems Mr. Wollmann would have made a good puppeteer at the circus under these circumstances.

I'd like to see what a jury will say after it has to go through literally thousands of pages of documents documenting Edmond Wollmann's on-line character and malicious activities. They'll be saying life is too short for this garbage they were called into a jury box for and won't take long to come to a verdict.

The way this individual sets up sock puppets to talk to himself on forums to build a false reality is a symptom of his illness. The way he creates fictional characters he alleges are impersonating him especially goes to the core of his illness.

In this email on USNET, Edmond Wollmann attempts to make it seem he is writing his impersonator whose been stalking me for two years, ie., one of his other personalities "Edward W. Ollmann":
If you think she's acting crazy now, wait until she discovers that I am NOT you and that you have been stalking her for 2 years, not me.

And that I haven't had the email you stole from me for 10 years at least. (note:

Especially after it hits her that she has slandered and defamed me and my companies (and companies I work for) all over the internet with unbridled clear insanity creating a huge case for damages from all over.

The meltdown will be something to see. I wonder if she will blog THAT?
Signed by Edmond Wollmann on USNET forum post.

Mr. Wollmann obviously envisions my having a meltdown of some kind. He must think a jury and judge, let alone his attorney whose making thousands of dollars on his case, would be stupid to buy his alibi.