Thursday, October 29, 2009

I Once Adored Al Gore

I used to adore the Al Gore of the 90's. Gore was in my opinion one of the most adorable handsome politicians since John F. Kennedy and RFK. Today I think it's a no brainer what happened to turn Gore into a hideous creature whose been promoting the New World Order using the environmentalist movement.

When Gore lost the Presidency to Bush it clearly pushed him into a mid life crisis the likes of which hasn't ended. Gore's had to deal, not only with the loss of the Presidency and his imagined future, but with the loss of his good looks. Let's face it, Gore's not aging well. Women w
ho used to drool over him are now horrified I'm sure.

Not only has Gore lost his looks, but he's lost his dignity as he's being exposed as a New World Order infrastructure promoter through carbon taxes he's facilitated to profit from along with the Rothschild family. I'm not going to go into details, but it's clear Al Gore is a whore businessman who sold out America for a New World Government.

Years ago a coworker told me they thought Gore was sleazy greaseball and I just couldn't understand why. Now I know Gore is a huge con artist who can't be trusted.

For more on Gore's greed and personal gain using the environmental movement, see Alex Jones' film Fall of the Republic provided in the sidebar. Hitler was an environmentalist by the way.