Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Nutjob Cyber #2 Harasses Law Firm of Parker Stanbury LLP

Last night I got a frantic phone call from attorney Ric Mercardo at the law firm of Parker Stanbury LLP. Mercado said the guy who he had only drafted a cease and desist letter to back in July has been repeatedly calling him. Cyber is apparently calling to complain about my allegedly posting stuff about him! Funny, I don't recall writing about Cyber #2 in a long time and certainly not by name. Cyber got the attorney's name from an exhibit I provided to the court.

Maybe it was the LAWSUIT I filed against the Cyber on October 16, 2009 for intentional infliction of emotional distress and defamation that made the Cyber somehow think it was a post on my blog? On Sunday when Cyber shut the door in the server's face and wouldn't accept the lawsuit, was that my posting about him? I'm not aware of any article I've written about the nutjob in a long time, and certainly not ascribing to his name. It apparently exists all inside his head and that's a scary, scary thing.

Cyber #2 is so delusional and out of his mind, he doesn't heed when the attorney tells him "I'm not representing her." According to Mercado, he's been contacted three times now.
Instead of calling attorneys to harass them, maybe Cyber #2 should get a grip on reality and get his own attorney? He'll certainly need one considering I've collected most of my discovery already that will prove to a jury he's guilty as hell. While he's at it Cyber #2 should get medicated by a psychiatrist because he's clearly imagining my posting stuff about him.