Sunday, October 18, 2009

Obama Ready to Cede US Sovreignty to World Government

In December, 2009 Obama's set to cede US sovereignty by signing a climate treaty in which 1. a world government is going to be created, 2. to transfer wealth from countries of west to third world countries in satisfaction of a climate debt, 3. purposes of enforcement will be carried out. The treaty will overrule the US Constitution's powers forever.

It's interesting to note what Obama's reading which says a lot about where his head is at. He's reading Fareed Zakaria's,
The Post-American World. Now we know why Obama had problems with saluting the American flag and wearing a flag pin. (I see there's some kind of pin on him in this photo though, can't really see what it is.

Americans have been fooled by Obama and face a grim future of world government rule in which tyranny will take hold of the world. Americans are asleep at the wheel too busy watching their sports or doing video games to realize America's about to end.

This video by a global climate expert Lord Christopher Monckton is intriguing and worth watching. Meanwhile latest news on the dollar being dropped by countries should be enough to send alarms across the sleeping nation to wake them the hell up. Alarm bells should be going off everywhere in this country right now!