Monday, October 12, 2009

Overtly Political People Are a Sign of Low Intelligence

I'm not claiming to be a worldly smart person but do think I have some intuition about a few things. The first is that our culture has become over politicized and therefore apt to delusional thinking. For instance, people are searching for political supporters when they're not even running for office! A political mind over politicizes everything to its favor. Politics should really be called reality warping.

Perverts of reality are going to distort whatever facts are thrown at them as if they're in the middle of a campaign for reelection. Like geez, you were evicted 5 times in 5 years, failed to pay rent an entire year and you're calling the police on someone whose working long hours at a law firm? You're visiting with the neighbors trying to gang up on this hard working person, someone who had landlord references who had never been late on rent in her life never mind having never been evicted before? You don't think you pose a problem to your roommates as if you're some queen whom no one should question for turning up the heat on an 80+ degree day?

Or, geez, you're an admitted gun owner who posted a veiled death threat to shoot me dead? You think the post is perfectly okay and appreciate the police visits so you can warp the spoon with your mental powers so to speak, to pervert reality even more. You think police are on your side now and that they've been corrected to see how you're really a victim of the person who called them. You poor, pathetic man. Just can't handle reality, can you?

Perverters of truth try to manipulate others' perceptions to get what they want. They're called politicians and criminals. This is what criminals do best. They think they're clever and have the world on a string as their puppet because they can make anyone believe what they want. Many of these type of political people developed this skill to avoid having to do real work.